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"It was revolutionary..."


Gangster rap was blastin' and gamers were being shocked and awed by the Sega Saturn and the Sony Playstation in comparison to the previous generation of systems, the 2 main being the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The ''Playstation'' was originally supposed to be an add-on to the Super Nintendo, much like the Sega CD was an add-on to the Sega Genesis, and we all know how that turned out. Somewhere along the line Nintendo and Sony split ways and in doing so subsequently the Playstation was released by Sony as a stand alone gaming system, and Nintendo went on it's own to release the Nintendo 64.

The Sony Playstation was not the first CD based system, it was however the most successful one. It ended up dominating the current competition, being the Sega Saturn, and eventually along with the Nintendo 64 putting that system to rest, leaving gamers with the Nintendo 64, and this great system, the Sony Playstation.

[Basic Layout of the System]

Gray rectangular system. Middle with a CD lid with the ''PS'' logo on the bottom-middle. Large ''power'' button with little green light above it and smaller ''reset'' button above it on the left, and a large ''eject'' button on the right. Simple console layout.

[Controller Layout]

Think skinny upside down ''U'' with a d-pad on the left, 4 buttons on the right, with 2 on each side shoulder buttons at easy reach of your index fingers, small rectangular ''select'' and ''start'' buttons in the middle. Quite comfortable I might add.


This is a CD based system, the sound is excellent. Of course it depends on the game and your taste in music, BUT, the sound and music are excellent for a majority of the games, most notably many of the Squaresoft games, remember, it isn't JUST the people who've made the music, it's also the system that processes it. [Final Fantasy VII] and [Xenogears] are just 2 of the many games on the PS that has wonderful music and sound.


Like all systems later in the systems life-cycle the graphics get better, that's just a fact. It was not the first system to have 3D graphics in it's games, but one of the systems to have done it quite well. Especially at the start of the system's life games like [Crash Bandicoot] showing you 3D graphics, it was quite stunning, such a leap from previous flat sprites, which was almost all you were seeing on previous gaming systems. Although there has been a huge leap, for instance, look at the 3D graphics of say, [Crash Bandicoot] then [Xenogears], quite a leap, no?


Mind boggling. There are hundreds if not thousands of games world-wide. Ranging from every genre, with games that will leave your jaw dropped. RPGs, so many wonderful wonderful RPGs on this system, and you have Squaresoft to thank for that, [Final Fantasy VII] [Xenogears], but it wasn't just Squaresoft, Enix had it's foot in the Playstation as well with [Star Ocean 2], and you cannot forget classic sports games from Midway or EA such as [NFL Blitz] or the [Madden] series, Adventure games? Try [Crash Bandicoot] [Croc] [Klonoa], Puzzle games? Try [Mr. Driller] an underground forever classic game. There are so many games to list, and not enough room, there are literally enough great games to keep you playing on this system for YEARS to come, that's why even today [2003] years upon years after the original release, companies are still releasing games for the Playstation today!


This helped revolutionize game systems. The Sony Playstations grip on the gaming market can only be compared to the late 80's when Nintendo has it's NES out on the market, forcing other companies to make great games. Because when you have a system that already has wonderful games, has the potential to have even more wonderful games, and is so good of a system, it is sucking up the market, it forces and forced other game system makers to create better games and better systems to compete. This system has so many games and is so wonderful, it's indescribable. You may have your PS2's, Gamecube's, and Xbox's today, but give me a PS and a copy of [Final Fantasy VII], and I'll take that over any other game system and whatever game you can give me. Well with the exception of Chrono Trigger and an SNES, but with the Playstation, you can pick up Chrono Trigger in [Final Fantasy: Chronicles] so, maybe not.


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Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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