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"If you can filter out the loads of crap, Playstation has some the greatest games ever made."

Ahhh, the Playstation. Who knew Sony would take over and beat out Nintendo? Maybe not sales-wise all the time, but in general there are a lot more Playstation enthusiasts then Nintendo. But then, there's a lot of controversy. Does the playstation provide the games? I personally bought the PS strictly for RPGs. There are a lot of companies developing games for the PS, and a whole lot or just.. well, crap. I had to develop a filter to enjoy Playstation's best, and you might have to as well. The PS has quantity for sure, but quality only some of the games. It's a CD based system, therefore it can hold more then cartridges, provide better sound and music, but you also get loading times and memory cards that don't hold too much space.

The actual system overheats quite easily (at least mine does.. : ) but there are some newer models that improve. Sometimes I woldn't play on my PS for weeks, and it would still be hot. There has to be an explanation for this.. maybe my sister is secretly playing Final Fantasy Anthology through the night? Anyways, the overall design isn't half bad, it looks like a box with a circle in the middle. But don't judge consoles by the way they look (although a flashier and more futuristic design attracts : ) judge it by its games and the rest.

On the PS you have a nice wide library of games to choose from. Unfortunately a whole lot of these are crap, and as I said earlier you'll have to be able to filter out the crap. There's an/are excellent game(s) for each genre, fighting, racing, RPG, party, you name it. The thing with the N64 is too many people simply don't want to play the kiddie games. There are several reasons why, whether they're embarassed to even think about trying them, or it just makes them sick - but just because they have a kiddish look, does that mean they're bad? Playstation has it's share of kiddie games (You can't forget about the little ones) but it has always been known for more ''mature'' gamers. The only thing the PS lacks is a good multiplayer experience, the N64 has always been known the be the best for parties. Sure the PS has the multitap, etc. but there just aren't enough party games.

The graphics of Playstation games definitely aren't so great compared to Dreamcast or sometimes N64, but back when it came out, blocky polygonal stuff was sweet. From the games I have, the Playstation is usually up to par with its 64-bit competitor, and the FMVs or CG sequences (which are included in only some games, not all) are just plain stunning. They aren't part of the game, but they add a lot to the experience. If you don't understand, or haven't seen an FMV yet - go buy or rent FF8 and start a new game. Watch the intro. This is the best FMV quality you can find on the PSX, although the older FMVs are still good.

If you want a great gaming experience, plenty of games to choose from, you aren't too big on multiplayer stuff, don't mind loading times, like FMVs or CG sequences, love RPGs, love Squaresoft, don't mind the fact that PS2 is coming and will be able to play most PS games (but it'll cost a LOT) then go buy a PS. The price has dropped since the DC came out, and there are a lot of games that are considered ''greatest hits'' and you can get them for a cheaper price. If you're unsure, rent it. Easy as that.

Overall : 8.5

Noteworthy games
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Anthology
Suikoden II
Lunar : SSSC
Tekken 3
Gran Turismo 1 or 2
Fear Effect
Front Mission 3
Final Fantasy Tactics
Resident Evil 1,2,3

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/02/00, Updated 05/02/00

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