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    FAQ by khris81597

    Version: 2 | Updated: 02/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This document Copyright 2002  David Carter. You may use this faq if you email
    me, and ask me first. khris81597@attbi.com
    *From Software   *
    VERSION: 2
    This was all done with NO knowledge of the Japanese language, so most names of
    items are either, descriptive or from other_ King's Field_ games.
    This,glorified,item list is to get you out of a tight jam ect., it is not a
    full walkthrough.
    MENU: Here is an explanation of the in game menu.
    *ITEM USE  *
    *MAGIC     *
    *EQUIP     *
    *STATS     *
    *ITEM DROP *
    * LOAD     *
    *OPTIONS   *
    * END      *
    *LAYER 1*
    This is the only level with shops, so it is a good idea to stock up before you
    leave this level.
    Most of the weapons can be found that are in the shops, so with the exception
    of the Crecent axe, don't buy them.
    ---MAP #1: -Is at a dead end on a dead body, by a save point.
    ---GREEN jewel key:  You will find this on the floor around a bunch of
    ---GOLD CUP:   It's in the maze that has the Item shop , and the guy that is
    sitting by a fire. It is on a dead body, with a book and cane.
    USE: There will be a ledge in a pillar room, that has a picture of a dragon
    with a cup in his chest. Put the cup on the ledge. It will turn on the
    fountain. The fountain will restore your HP and MP. Also when you die, if you
    have a dragon crystal, it will teleport you there.
    ---CROSS:  Buy from the farthest shop from the begining.
    USE= Give to the priest, he will then give you the PENTAGRAM KEY.
    *LAYER 2*
    Before you come to this level it is a good idea that you stock up on HERBS, and
    to level up to like 10.
    The monsters on this level are twice as hard.
    ---TRUTH GLASS: In the treasure chest room (there are only two chests that have
    anything in them).
    USE= If you know  Japanese then it tells you things about the monsters and the
    level you are on.It also serves another purpose, you give it to a guy on this
    level to get the HARP.
    Use= You need this to get across the ledges on this level. Play it at a ledge,
    and a bridge will apear, hurry or the bridge will fall.
    ---JAIL KEY: There is a hallway that has 6 locked doors, use the PENTAGRAM KEY
    to open them. The key is in one of the rooms.
    ---FAIRY WAND: Through the barred room (use the JAIL KEY to get through) there
    is a room that has a  fairy in it. Talk to the Fairy, and she will disapear,
    behind her is the FAIRY WAND
    USE: The FAIRY WAND warps you to the begining of the layer.
    ---BLUE JEWEL: USE: use on pedistals in level 3
    ---BROWN JEWEL: USE: use on pedistals in level 3
    ---DARK ARMOR: In the treasure room (ROYAL KEY)
    !!WARNING!!: You can't use magic with it equiped.
    *LAYER 3*
    There are 4 pedistals each needing a jewel, find each jewel and place them on
    there respective pedistal, to gain acess to level 4. You can also heal yourself
    in the room that opened up.
    In a room with torches, sitting on high ledge, is a guy that will teach you
    FIRE MAGIC, you will have to level up to use it though.
    ---TRIANGLE JEWEL:  On this floor
    USE: On one of the four pedistals.
    USE:  On one of the four pedistals.
    ---STAR BRACELET: Dropped by a dragon in a secret room (Royal Graveyard). Also
    in a room locked by the ROYAL KEY.
    USE: Magic plus 8 (Equip)
    ---DARK HELMET: On this floor.
    !!WARNING!!: This helmet will drain your HP, so I can not recommend it.
    ---TRIPLE FANG: By the four pedistals, is a secret room that leads to another
    secret room.
    USE: Refills MP, and shoots magic when you use it.( press square button in
    *LAYER 4*
    There are three different golems on this floor, they are all tougher then the
    previous ones.
    My god, this is one confusing floor, be patient.
    ---BLACK DRAGON SHEILD: In the arrow room.
    ---DARK  SWORD: IN a maze somewhere you will find a secret room with a chest,
    in this room is another secret room , go through it, and yet another secret
    room . In this room is a special chest and some torches. In the chest is the
    !!WARNING!!: THIS SWORD WILL CAUSE IT TO BE DARK. Only use against a tough foe,
    for it is stronger then the swords you have now.
    ---ROYAL KEY: In the center hallway behind three Gold Golems.
    ---NEW MAP: Room with boulder flying in a circle, and regenerating steal
    This map is complete and very useful.
    ---STONE MOONLIGHT SWORD: A room to the bottom right of the center hallway
    USE: You can equip , but you still need to have it fixed (5th layer after you
    become a sword master)
    ---HOVER BOOTS: A little further up from the MOON LIGHT SWORD.
    USE: Equip to hover over the square pits.
    *LAYER 5*
    Before you come here, go to the first floor, and sell unneeded armor/weapons
    for dragon crystals. The monsters on this level are really tough.
    When you become a SWORD MASTER, go to the dragon doors to get the MOONLIGHT
    SWORD fixed.
    You will then have acess to the DRAGON DOORS in the other levels.
    On this floor is some warp things, use them to get to the final boss. After you
    beat the boss walk back to the warp point, to see the end.
    You can walk in thin air at the pit that has the torches in it.. With the HOVER
    BOOTS you can walk to the bridge to the right. (Thats where the warp to the
    final boss is)
                                                    THE END

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