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    FAQ/Walkthrough by D.Hill

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    Necronomicon Walkthrough Disk 1
    Version 2.0 4/22/2002
    By The Lone Gunman
    This document Copyright 2002 David L. Hill
    If youd like to put this FAQ on your site you MUST email me and ask, 
    and you may as well since I'll probably say yes, cause I'm good like 
    that.  Thanks.
    This walkthrough was written exclusively for GameFAQ and may not be 
    reproduced without my permission...enjoy, this makes #2 for me
    You really don't need to read the documentation for the game, its 
    really REALLY easy to figure out...its kinda one of the games that has 
    puzzles just for the sake of puzzling, so puzzle-solvers might enjoy 
    this.  Anywho...
    Version 1.0:  First draft of the walkthrough of the first disk, second 
    disk to come later, possibly on another FAQ file...we'll see
    Version 2.0:  Current version with both discs on one FAQ file.  If this 
    FAQ needs any improvement keep me apprised.
            The game begins at your home in your Living Room in Providence, 
    Rhode Island.  You hear a knock on a door to start out, so answer it.  
    It is your friend Edgar Wycherly, and he's here to give you a 
    mysterious pyramid...and a warning.  After he leaves, return to your 
    Living Room and when you hear a knock, answer the door again to meet Dr 
    Eagleton.  He gives you his phone number.
            Now you can return to your Living Room without distraction.  
    Move to the telephone and get the key.  Go to the desk in the corner of 
    the room and use the key on the center drawer after examining the desk.  
    Get the money and the keys.  Now go outside the house to your scooter.  
    Use the keys on the scooter and take the path to the right.  This will 
    take you to the picturesque town of Pawtuxet, R.I.
            Go down the street with the buildings on your left.  Pass right 
    by the General Store (it's the only white building in an otherwise 
    postcard town) 4 clicks.  Now look across the street and enter an 
    alley.  Continue down the alley until you meet an old woman.  Talk to 
    her and give her money.  She tells you to go to the General Store that 
    you just passed and surely wouldn't have entered if she hadn't told you 
    so.  Go to the dictionary and look up the word "linear".
            Anyhow...Proceed to the General Store and enter.  Crumb belts out 
    what would become my favorite line in the whole game.  Talk to Crumb.  
    Buy stuff...specifically a book of matches on the counter to your right 
    next to Crumb.  Having picked it up, go to your inventory and click on 
    your money.  Turn the cursor to Crumb and you'll see both the matches 
    and the money.  Click on him and you'll have bough the matches.  Now 
    talk to him and NOW he wants you to buy a map.  As he indicates, it is 
    next to him.  Buy it in the same way you bought the matches.  Crumb now 
    gives you information that you couldn't POSSIBLY have gotten from Dr 
    Eagleton, specifically, the location of Edgar's domicile.  Anyway, exit 
    the store and go to the map in your inventory.  Edgar's house is just 
    next to Pawtuxet.  Click on it and you'll be at Edgar's doorstep. Ring 
    the bell, get rejected and proceed to Dr Wycherly's house, which is 
    right next to yours on the map.
    Enter the house.
            Dr Wycherly leads you to the living room, then leaves to make 
    some tea.  The only thing you can do is to make a visual scan of the 
    room, since Dr Wycherly will return when you step near the painting 
    over the fireplace.  The doctor says a few words about Gregor Herschel 
    when you click on the painting, and then a few more when you leave the 
            Proceed to the next logical place (for some reason), the 
    General Store, and then talk to Crumb.  Give him money for his 
    information.  Notice that he says "Its cheap at half the price."  
    Understand why he's my favorite character in the game.  Go to the docks 
    and talk to the longshoreman.  A building will now show up on the 
    southernmost part of your map.  Go there.
            Talk to the man at the desk.  Check every single drawer and 
    pick up everything you can.  Sometimes you need to manipulate a 
    stepstool which is on the floor and move it out of the way when you 
    need to check a drawer that its blocking, or stand on it when a drawer 
    is too high.  When you've checked all of the drawers, return to the 
    docks in Pawtuxet.  Talk to the longshoreman and when he's done 
    speaking, turn 180 degrees and proceed in that direction.  Knock on the 
    door and try to talk to the fisherman inside.  He won't talk to you 
    until you have a little something to lubricate his jawbone, so proceed 
    to the General Store and purchase some hooch.
            Return to the fisherman's house and give him the hooch.  After 
    a long FMV, talk to Arthur, who's sitting outside a bar between the 
    docks and the church.  He tells you to come back tomorrow.  
    Fortunately, Edgar Wycherly's place is now open to you.  Knock on his 
    door and talk to him.
            Return to your house and call Dr Eagleton with the number in 
    your inventory.  He comes to your house, and commits to having Edgar 
    committed.  Now its off to Dr Wycherly's house.
            Enter Dr Wycherly's house and talk to him.  After a revealing 
    cut scene, you may now proceed upstairs. Edgar's room is on the far 
            Now we explore the room counter-clockwise, starting with the 
    bookshelf between the door and the fireplace.  Look at it.  There is 
    only one book of importance, and its on the lower shelf.  Take it.  
    Proceed to the desk with the two chairs.  Open the third drawer from 
    the left and get the key.
            That's it...you're done with this room...yeah, I know...
            Now enter Edgar's place with the key you now have.  Enter the 
    dining room and proceed to the large case on the other side of the 
    room, as the armoires in the corners have nothing in them at the 
    moment.  Only the lower middle drawer has anything takeable.  After you 
    grab it, attempt to leave.  After you get a talking to, go to your 
    house, and talk to Dr Eagleton.
            After Edgar is committed, go to the davenport to the left of 
    the painting.  The lower drawer now contains a key and a map.  Return 
    to your house and click on the doctor while holding the map.  The 
    bungalow will now appear on your inventory map.  Go there.
            You are now outside the bungalow.  From here you can see a 
    rusted car on the right (assuming that your facing the house).  We'll 
    get to the car shortly.  In the meantime, move around the house to the 
    left (in other words, go clockwise around the house) until youre close 
    to a barrel, and under the pointed steeple of the house (there's only 
    one on the roof so it shouldn't been difficult to find).  Enter the 
    shed on the other side of the wall with the barrel.  Move the cursor to 
    the keys and get them.  Go to the trunk of the car I mentioned and 
    unlock it.  Get the crowbar in the trunk and use it to enter the front 
    door.  You're in.
            Now we're going to move counter-clockwise starting to the left 
    facing the door your just entered.  Turn to the desk against the wall.  
    Click on the folder.  Read it.  Proceed to the West Wall (assuming that 
    the door you enter is North).  Check out the astrological chart on the 
    wall.  Continue counter-clockwise past a flight of stairs (which you 
    cant use) and a door (which you can) along the South part of the room.  
    Check the table and you'll see only one paper respond to the cursor.  
    Take it.
             Head to the SE corner of the room.  Click on the server 
    against the E wall and it will move.  You'll eventually find a lockbox 
    in a secret compartment.  Fortunately, you have a key with which to 
    open it.  There are two item, a button and a key.  Take them.
            Well, that's all there is to do in this room, so go to the 
    South wall and enter the door.  Move to the barrel that sits to the 
    right of the window.  Move the barrel and it will reveal a trapdoor, 
    which will reveal a puzzle.  The solution should be available in your 
    papers/notes, or you can click until you can get the solution (and 
    there are 7^3, or 343 possibilities).  Anyway, the solution is:
    The Saturn symbol (you'll see it in the button you have)
    The Iron symbol (it kinda looks like a collision between a greater than 
    and less than sign)
    Slightly more obvious is the fact that, once you've given the proper 
    combination, you need the key you got in the other room.  Enter, and 
    prepare for a cut scene and a pixel hunt.
            Okay, you are now in a lit hallway.  This will change as you 
    progress, so equip the matches.  Move forward, then to the right.  
    There's a torch on the right wall, so light it with the match.  
    Continue down the hall, where there's another torch on the right.  
    We'll assume that you know to light whatever torches may appear.  
    Continue.  Now the torch is right in front of you.  Continue to the 
    left.  The torch is again on the right wall.  Proceed, then turn around 
    so that you can see the path from which you came.  The torch is just to 
    the left of the entrance.  Continue down the hall just to the left of 
    the torch you just lit.  There are no torches here, so you must search 
    for an exit.  As soon as you find it and enter, move the cursor 
    slightly to the left and then down.  Proceed.  You can barely see a 
    torch on the wall, but our friend the cursor knows...it knows all....  In 
    any event, light it and you'll see that you are standing on a flight of 
    stairs.  Go down.
             There's no torch here either, but you can proceed anyway.  
    Proceed once more, and you'll find a torch on the left wall.  After 
    you've lit what is easily the best damn torch in the dungeon thus far, 
    continue.  Forward once more and you'll find yourself in front of a 
    gate.  To the left of the gate is another torch, and lighting it is the 
    only thing that allows you into the door to the right of the gate.  
    Enter the door.  Since you only have one more match, use it to light 
    the candlestand to the left of the door you just entered.  This, I 
    believe, is Gregor Herschel's study.
             Go forward towards the globe.  Turn to the wall and pull the 
    lever.  Change disks.
           Necronomicon Walkthrough Disk 2
            As you saw in the cut scene, you can now proceed down the hall, 
    but you can't exit.   Why not?  Who knows, it's not like the dungeons 
    was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or something.  In any event, you can 
    now take a pocket dragon (i.e. a lighter) from the table.  By the way, 
    notice that your entire inventory is gone except for Edgar's pyramid.  
    In any event, leave the way you came and go down the hall.  Now turn to 
    the left wall a light (and get) the lantern.
            Return to the room, you can now explore the area, taking or 
    examining everything except for the trunk next to the door.  We'll get 
    to that later.  Once you leave, go down the hall and enter the large 
    room where there's a less-than-pleasant surprise waiting for you.  You 
    lose your lantern and if you walk towards the hole one more time, 
    you'll fall in and die.  Oddly enough, when you DO fall in, you enter 
    the hole feet first, but plunge to the bottom headfirst.  Am I the only 
    who finds that odd?  Ah well, I'm a freak...
            Anyway, this next part requires a little pep in your step, so 
    pay attention.  Proceed to your right, hugging the wall.  And where it 
    gets dark, you'll have to hunt for a torch, which you can light with 
    your pocket dragon.  After you've lit the torch, proceed QUICKLY to the 
    centre of the room.  On the floor near the altar is an axe. Get it and 
    return to the wall quickly.  It's possible to make it to the wall 
    without the torchlight, but as you can guess, it's easier if you move 
    quickly.  Return to the lab and open the trunk with the axe.  Inside is 
    a key that opens the cabinet in the study and another lamp, which is 
    good because you haven't quite perused the study yet.  In the cabinet 
    you'll find an alchemical lab kit and a gas can.  Beyond that, I'll 
    leave it to you to explore the entire area, since there's nothing here 
    but papers to fill the library portion of your inventory.
             Exit the room and turn left and move towards the gate.  From 
    the gate, turn right and enter the doorway.  You'll see a fork in the 
    hallway.  Go down the right path, open the coffin, and click on the 
    hand.  Get the key.  Catch your breath, as this is probably the 
    freakiest part of the whole game.  Return to the room with the holes.
            Go around the room counter-clockwise until you come to a gate.  
    Sufficed to say, it should be much easier since you now have a lantern 
    that you won't drop down one of the holes.  Unlock the gate with the 
    key and go forward twice.  Welcome to the lab.
            First order of business is to give the room some power so that 
    can turn the lights on.  Go to the other end of the room, and to the 
    right you'll find a room with a furnace in it.  Not only is there a 
    furnace, but there's coal and a shovel.  Put the coal in the furnace 
    (You'll need to do this three times).  Now add more fuel from Professor 
    Gas Can (from the cabinet in the study).  Light it up with your pocket 
    dragon.  Close the door and open the vent by using the middle lever.  
    Now click the dial next to the levers.  Return to where you started and 
    go left past the box on the wall.  You'll find a generator there, so 
    click on the crank.  Go back to the door, examine the box on the wall, 
    open it, and flip the switch.  The room should now be lit.  Enjoy.
            First, go to the sink, which is along the East Wall.  You will 
    find a syringe.  Take it.  Now go back to the other end of the room, 
    instead of turning right like you did to get to the furnace, turn left 
    to go to a machine with a brain in it.  It can talk a little.  Quite 
    frankly, it's an impressive little brain when you consider that ever 
    Einstein's brain required vocal chords and a voice box to communicate.  
    In any event, your task it to make it talk, and more than just a 
    little.  For this you need some sort of fuel to keep the brain going.  
    This can be found on the West Wall, assuming that the door you came in 
    through is on the North Wall.  Take the jar on the bottom shelf that is 
    as far to the left as any jar you can pick up.  Now do a 180 and put 
    the jar into a beaker that you see on the table.  Now turn back around 
    and take the third jar from the right on the bottom shelf.  Put it in 
    the beaker.  If it is the correct combination, you'll get a green 
    liquid, plus a little noise.  If it is incorrect, it will evaporate.  
    With the correct combination, use the syringe to transport the green 
    liquid.  Return to the brain machine and examine the contraption to the 
    right of the communicator.  Feed your mind using the syringe in the 
    little bowl on top of the contraption.  Now turn the crank.  After a 
    cool little cut scene, you can now pick your brain.
            Its time to invoke a spirit, so you'll need some herbs to do it 
    with.  Move along the East Wall past the sink and you'll find a cabinet 
    full of herbs of varying kinds.  The ones you'll want are charcoal and 
    euphorbia.  The literature you picked up will not only tell you why, 
    but will also tell you which soul you want to invoke.  The euphorbia is 
    in an unmarked drawer in the bottom right-hand quadrant of the cabinet, 
    above the garlic.  And when you open the charcoal drawer, get the 
    charcoal and the key that is revealed when you take it.
             It's time to leave.  To do so, go to the end of the room where 
    there's a puzzle similar to the one you used to get you in the dungeon 
    in the first place.  You can either solve the puzzle the same way you 
    did before, or just turn to Samuel, the symbol for Mars, and a symbol 
    that looks kind of like an arrow with two testicles.  Use your 
    imagination.  Anyhow, use the key form the charcoal drawer to open the 
    lock, and then move into the hall of cremated spirits.  You want to 
    find the ashes of Elias Levy, and the urn has his initials on it.  Go 
    forward 5 steps, then left to the wall.  Now turn right and go forward 
    once.  Examine a shelf with three brown urns on the wall and you'll see 
    one with EL on it.  That's the one you want.  Now get the hell out of 
    here using the exit on the opposite side of the entrance.  This place 
    freaks me out.
            Welcome to the Spirit Room.
             There's only one area you need to be, and that's between the 
    pentagram on the floor and the table.  First let's deal with putting 
    the items on the stand next to the table.  First use the charcoal, then 
    the styrax that is in your kit.  Now, with your pocket dragon, light 
    them.  Fortunately, you won't have to deal with any time limit like you 
    did in the Altar/Kennel room.  Now open the drawer in the table and 
    pick up the label for Elias Levy.  He's your good buddy, and he's who 
    we're going to call up.  Put the label in the pentagram along with the 
    ashes you picked up in the previous room.  Now you need the components 
    to actually raise the spirit.  For this you need the euphorbia and a 
    diamond that is also in your kit.  Burn it...BURN IT ALL!
            You are treated to a nice a chunky cut scene and at the end you 
    kill your buddy.  And no one comes, asks questions, or even notices.  
    Keep in mind that he was put here for his own safety, and now you've 
    killed him.  Keep up the good work.  In any event, search the body to 
    discover a key, and leave.  Once transported to your house, go to 
    Edgar's place.  You can now move to a door under the stairs and use the 
    key to open it.  There's lots of goodness here and you can get a little 
    head that sits between a small clock and an urn.  You can also get a 
    package on the other side of the door.  Finally, you can open a cabinet 
    on the other side of the room and pick up...THE CHROMONOMINOM!  Actually, 
    there are a couple other things that you will definitely want to pick 
    up in the house.  Go to the entranceway inside the house. You'll find a 
    note and a newspaper.  In the living room, you'll find a label sitting 
    on the bookcase near the fireplace. After all of this, talk to Dr 
    Eagleton, showing him the Necronomicon.  The Providence Library will 
    show up, and to there you shall go.
            First, go through the lobby.  There's no reason for you to 
    return to this room, so we can pretty much ignore it.  Let's refer to 
    the entrance as West.  Go all the way to the East-most area of the 
    library and turn right.  You'll see a door, enter it and talk to the 
    librarian.  Now show him the Necronomicon.  He will charge you with the 
    task of getting certain books to aid in his research.  The first will 
    come from the occult section, which is in the South-West section of the 
    library.  Look at the books below the window separating the two 
    sections and get the book from there.  Return to the librarian with the 
    book.  After each cut scene, read whatever book you give him and you'll 
    find out what book you have to get next.  Now, instead of going to the 
    library section, go forward from the librarian's office and enter the 
    door there.  Go down the hall and enter the door to the left.  This is 
    evidently the rare books section of the library.  Interestingly enough 
    the only security they have is making people walk down a spooky hall to 
    get to it.  This evidently deters a lot of people because all the books 
    are still here.  A little searching will make the Dragon book turn up.  
    Return to the librarian and give it to him.  Since your next assignment 
    is to find a book on ancient scripts, go to the Symbolism section, 
    which is right next to the Occult/Magic section.  As with the first 
    book, the book you're looking for it under the window between the 
    shelves.  Give it to the librarian.
            You must figure out where the six transmitters are (and 
    quickly!) and for this, you'll need to use the items you got from 
    Edgar's place after you blew him away (in self-defense, naturally).  
    First use the little head thing.  It goes between the 'S' and the 'O' 
    in South Atlantic Ocean.  The letter goes just to the West of the Black 
    Sea in Europe.  Think of Africa as a giant arm, with the NW section of 
    it being the shoulder.  The label goes in the armpit.  The Providence 
    Gazette goes (logically enough) on the southern tip of Greenland.  
    That's right, Greenland.  Finally, since you were too polite to open 
    Edgar's package after shooting him, you may as well put it on British 
    Guyana in South America.
            Now draw a Star of David (like a pentagram, but with six 
    points).  You're basically drawing two triangles to do this.  Oddly 
    enough, you only have 5 points to draw that symbol.  So where is the 
    sixth point?  That's right...its in Providence, and if you don't know 
    where Rhode Island is on a world map, then I will have to deliver a 
    serious beating unto you.
            Beatings aside, a new location will appear on your map.  Go 
    there.  No one will give you any advice.  No one will wish you good 
    luck.  Just saunter off, alone, to this forbidding area.  Don't forget 
    to have fun.
            This is the final area of the game.  To open it up you'll need 
    (finally) the triangle that you received at the beginning of the game.  
    Examine the triangle so that you know how to move the various objects 
    that will form the world's largest combination lock.  First thing we 
    need to do is create a reference point.  Assuming you haven't moved 
    since you got here from the Library, we'll call this point North-East.  
    Now move counter-clockwise along the circle just once and you'll be in 
    front of this object that you can click on.  Click on the circle until 
    it matches the shape seen on the triangle.  Move counter-clockwise 
    twice more and turn in the direction from which you just came.  There 
    will be another object that you can click on and shape the match the 
    picture on the triangle.  Finally, there is another object on one of 
    the South-West points that you can shape.  This will cause an 
    indentation near where you began.  Its easy to find, so go to it.  
    Examine it and it will open to reveal a keyhole.  Fortunately you have 
    such a key:  The Key of the Ancients.  Its in your kit, so use it.  
    Notice that, in your kit, there's room for two, but there's only one.  
    Anyway, using the key reveals ANOTHER keyhole, and this time your key 
    is the triangle.  Insert it and take the three triangles on each side 
    of it.  After a brief cut scene, move to the stone triangle on the 
    South-West corner of the circle and click on it.
            You have now opened the City of the Ancients.  Enter.
            Move forward until you have three triangle-shaped paths.  
    Choose the centre one.  Continue down this path until you actually have 
    a choice.  You'll see a circular stone with markings on it, and you'll 
    want to go towards it.  The stone has four symbols on it, one of them 
    being an arrow almost at a right angle with a line through it.  Go down 
    that path and choose the leftmost path hugging the left wall, until you 
    come to the end of what looks like a flight of stairs.  From there, 
    take the path 2nd to the right among available paths.  Continue in that 
    direction until you go down.  You'll have two choices, left and right 
    (going forward will put you smack into a wall...its not a choice anyway, 
    but it might be useful to you as a point of reference, since this maze 
    is very VERY confusing).  Take the left path and continue going left 
    until the only room available is a green path.  You are done with the 
    maze.  Applaud yourself.  Applaud me since I had to write all of the 
            There's some good news and some bad news about this next room.  
    The good news is that its simple to figure out if you know what you're 
    doing.  The bad news is that its on a timer.  First thing is to open 
    the room that allows you to set the timer.  Click on the column in the 
    middle of the room and press all of the buttons in the middle.  When 
    you go through a door after the timer is set, the only door that opens 
    is the one that corresponds to the button you pushed.  In other words, 
    you make the maze, and you'll want it to be a simple as possible, 
    especially in light of the LAST maze you went through.  Anyway, the 
    gate opens after you've pushed the fifth button.  Go through the gate 
    on the right.  Now click on the time on the left wall.  The gate will 
    close and its time for you to go.  Keep going until you return to the 
    room that you started in.  In addition to closing the gate, the timer 
    also opens the central door.  Go through it for a long, long while.  
    You might want to look around a bit, because its pretty cool.  Keep 
    going until you can see the City of the Ancients.  Go down the stairs 
    to the left until you can actually proceed towards the City itself.  
    You'll notice that the cut scene has you running after a man that is 
    undoubtedly Gregor Herschel.  Chances are they decided to cut the 
    confrontation from the game but forgot to change the cut scene.  Too 
    bad, since it would probably have been a very cool scene.  Anyway, move 
    all the way around to the back of the tower.  Enter and continue until 
    you see a panel with 3 triangles on it.  Remember how many you have?  
    Perfect, its time to solve another puzzle/maze.
            Actually, its really not that difficult.  Just click on the 
    buttons until you find the one that opens the door to the right.  Keep 
    doing this until you get back to the room you started at, and you can 
    tell because it's the only room that lets you leave the citadel.  Now, 
    instead of going to the right, go to the left and look carefully at the 
    right wall until you see a door that is now opened.  Go through it and 
    continue until you see a panel.  Place the triangles in the panel to 
    open the door.  You can pretty much mix and match until you get it 
    right, and unlike the puzzle for the trapdoor, where there were 343 
    different possibilities, this time there are only six.  Go through the 
    door, this dog's almost over.
            This final maze is actually simpler than it looks.  Whenever 
    you're given a choice, click the left button and go through the gate.  
    Eventually you'll get to the final puzzle.  This would normally be a 
    good puzzle to figure out, except you only have about 2 minutes to do 
    so.  Quite frankly, that sucks, so I'll tell you which panels to push 
    for the 'good' ending.  Assuming that the leftmost one is 1, press 2-3-
            After all this, you open the door that takes you directly to 
    none other than Gregor Herschel himself.  So ends the game.
    This was my second FAQ, so I hope you had fun.  *bow*

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