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"A manager game that contains music?"

Popstar Maker is unique in many ways, and that its the first of its kind is one of them. You see, Popstar Maker is a cross between Music 2000 and LMA Manager with pop music in it.

Eidos have come up with a manager game that lets you have full control over all most everything.

Firstly you must choose applicants for the band, each with different characteristics. When that has been taken care of a name is needed and then your on your own.

You have a diary and that must be filled with song releases, TV visits and live performances, don't forget training your band is very important.

To make this manager game come to life, Eidos have included a music editor where you can create your own songs to release and hope to top the charts.

It also includes songs to get off other people if your not confident to release your own yet, but like most things in life, it costs. Yes you have a bank balance and while creating songs, recording gigs you must try to keep your balance as high as you can.

Don't expect your songs to get straight away, Popstar Maker is very realistic, you need the public on your side you need them to buy your songs. IT WON'T BE EASY.
As well as making your songs, you get to watch your band preform your song.

There's really only one real problem with this game and thats after a while it will seem to drag on a bit, it'll get very repetative.
After you have your continent to your advantage the world will be drugged by your songs and you'll finally be a Popstar***

There's mainly just menus and text but it is really colourful and the animation is done quite well. The stages and characters could of been better designed.

Well being a music game, Popstar Maker offers a variety of sounds to choose from for your songs, including options like drums, guitar, bass, syth plus more.

What's the life span of a pop carrer? well this game has a lot of replay value, because you can just create a new song. BUT it does get repetative quickly and may be boring for some.

If you like popmusic then this is game for you and should be at the top of your shopping list, but really this game won't appeal if you like Rock or Rap music.

A pretty good game with outstanding replay value, but gets repetative quite soon.
Also you must be patient it takes a couple of hours to get into it properly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/02, Updated 03/16/02

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