Soul Blade Cheats


  • Alternate Costumes

    At the character select screen, press the following buttons for the corresponding costume:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate default color costumeAt the character select screen press B Attack
    Alternate guard color costumeAt the character select screen press B Attack + Guard
    Alternate title screenBeat the game with all ten characters
    Default costumeAt the character select screen press A Attack
    Guard costumeAt the character select screen press A Attack + Guard
    Han MyongUnlock Soul Edge, then complete the game with Hwang, then again with Seung Mina
    New Soul BladeAt the character select screen press Kick
    Siegfried!Obtain Siegfried's 8th weapon.
    Sophitia!Obtain Sophitia's 8th weapon
    Sophitia!!Get every weapon for every character
    Soul EdgePlay the game for 20 hours without pausing, resetting or turning off the power
    Soul EdgeFinish arcade mode with all ten standard characters.

  • Alternate Endings

    To view an alternate ending, do the following for each character when the black lines disappear from the top and bottom of the ending cinema:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cervantes de LeonB Attack
    Hwang Sung KyungA Attack
    Li LongPress A Attack then B Attack repeatedly
    Mitsurugi HeijirohBeat Tanegashima by pressing Left or Right to avoid the bullet, then run forward and attack with B before he reloads
    Rock AdamsB Attack
    Seung MinaQuickly press down then up to make her dodge
    SiegfriedB Attack
    Sophitia AlexanderMove Right
    TakiPress Guard to block Soul Edge's attack
    VoldoQuickly press up then down until Soul Edge breaks

    Contributed By: ruhztee.

Easter Eggs

  • Namco Voice Trick

    At the beginning of the game you will hear a voice say "Namco". Hold L1 + L2 and then press Up for Sueng Mina's voice, Down for a quick voice, or Back for a normal voice.

    Contributed By: freakunique.


  • Ending Camera Control

    During an ending do the following for the corresponding effect:

    A = A attack
    B = B attack

    Hold A - Zoom in
    Hold B - Zoom out
    Up - Top view
    Down - Horizontal view
    Left - Spin counter-clockwise
    Right - Spin clockwise

    Contributed By: ruhztee.

Tekken 2 Cheats


  • Choose Victory Animation

    After winning a round and you see the replay showing, pressing each button( [X], [O], etc...) will result in a different victory animation. This also works when the opponent wins.

    Contributed By: red soul.

  • Fight as Kazuya in purple suit

    Highlight Kazuya and press start button.

    Contributed By: CJ800.

  • Misc. Codes

    In arcade mode while selecting your character hold Select and press XBig Characters
    Hold the select button while choosing your character, continue holding it until the match beginsBig Head Mode
    Highlight Roger and Press SquareFight as Alex
    Highlight Roger and press TrianglePick Roger in one player mode
    Different ColorsPress start when choosing a character.
    Unlock all characters, then hold Select + Up when choosing a character. Keep holding them until the fight begins.Sky Mode
    Unlock all characters, then hold L2 + L1 while selecting your character. Keep holding them until the match begins.Wire frame mode

  • Plump size character

    Press and hold the select button before the "VS" screen appears. Continue to hold the button until the match begins and your character will turn fat. If you do this trick again, your character will be even fatter in the next match.

    Contributed By: CJ800.


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AngelBeat the Devil with Kazuya. Press Punch for Angel
    AnnaBeat the game with Nina
    Armor KingBeat the game with King
    BaekBeat arcade mode with Law
    BruceBeat Arcade Mode with Lei
    DevilBeat the Devil with Kazuya. Press Kick for Devil
    GanryuBeat the game with Michelle
    KazuyaBeat Devil using any sub-boss and have every sub-boss unlocked
    KumaBeat arcade mode with Paul
    KunimitsuBeat arcade mode with Yoshimitsu
    LeeBeat arcade mode with Heihachi
    P. JackBeat arcade mode with Jack 2
    Roger and AlexOn stage 3 win the last round with 5% energy or less left
    Wang JinreyBeat the game with Jun

  • New Title Screen

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    New Title Screen (Kazuya's Face)Unlock all Sub Bosses including Alex and Roger

    Contributed By: MGRaiden.

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden Music tracks

    Put the game disk in a CD Player. The disk will have 3 tracks on it; tracks 1 and 3 are just be really long tracks that don't play anything, but the second is a hidden music track.

    Contributed By: XStationCube.

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