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    Enemy FAQ by percy boi

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    Nov/Dec 2004
    Tomb Raider 3
    In depth walkthrough on enemys by percy boi
    Let start the show...yeah!?
    Version History
    1.0 I have completed my guide with all the enemys,cheats and bosses revealed
    1.10 I have added my new email address to the party!
    Introduction to guide
    This guide you are reading is the key to defeating all enemys to Lara croft's 
    Tomb raider 3. The enemys will be divided into two sections (one is bosses
    the other is enemys). I will include in each enemys file(looks,attacks,best
    way to kill and where this enemy is found).
    Introduction to the game (This is from my own knowledge of the story.)
    Millions of years ago in Antartica, a metorite hit. It wiped out all
    life on the continent. Hundred years later in Anicent times, a tribe
    worshipped the mysterious metorite as a god claiming it had magical
    powers. In the present day the company RX Tech are researching the area
    where the metorite hit. There, they found anicent stautes and the grave
    of a english explorer. From the evidence of a diary it is belived that
    some english explorers came across the metorite and took four pieces from it,
    leaving a dying man behind (the grave). One of the pieces of the metorite is 
    in India where Lara croft (famous explorer) is currently working, the other
    pieces are in London, the south pacific and Nedvada. But RX Tech are becoming
    increasingly intrested in the metorite as well... for different reasons.
    Words of Notice
    I have some things to say about this walkthrough. Firstly, if
    this has affected you in anyway then email me, if it has helped, enraged or 
    anything else to you then I want to hear about. If you spot a mistake, chat or 
    even offend me then lets talk you loonies. Secondly, if you would like to use 
    my information in this walkthrough then I expect credit in the FAQ made and
    an email about it. I would not want to give you a booking in court for 
    copyright now would I?
    1a. Introductions
    1b. Words of Notice
    1c. Contents- The thing you are reading, dumbass
    2. Walkthrough- the main thing
    3. Legal stuff
    4. About the author/other FAQ's wrote/copyright/thanks
    5. The end- don't cry
    Walkthrough: READ THIS FIRST
    The enemys are listed as you encounter them not in alphabetical. If I have
    missed any enemys please let me know. Unlike my other tomb raider enemy guides
    you can travel to different levels of YOUR CHOICE. So I am doing each country
    as I did it. If you do travel to the countrys the same way, just scroll down
    until you find the country you are visiting. On the 'found' section, the number
    is the level number on that country (not overall). I HOPE I HAVE MADE THAT CLEAR!
    Section 1: India
    Name: Tiger
    Looks: This creature is orange and black, has four legs.
    Attacks: It jumps on you and scratchs or sometimes bites.
    How to kill: The best way to kill them is to stand from a high platform above
    and use your pistols to save ammo. If this option is'nt available to you then
    you need a powerful weapon like a shotgun to fire from close range.
    Found: 1,2
    Name: Monkey
    Looks: Small gray animal sometimes found in trees.
    Attacks: Crawls to your legs and scratches.
    How to kill: If you have trouble killing this then put this game down right now.
    It takes about four pistol shots to kill.
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Piranna's
    Looks: Small pink fish that travel in there hundreds 
    Attacks: eat you alive underwater
    How to Kill: You can't as there are so small and so many of them. If you see them
    get out of the water immediately. They are extremely fast and dangerous.
    Found: 1,2, possibly 3
    Name: Cobra
    Looks: A black snake that hides in bushes
    Attacks: Like many animals on this game, this is venomous. Once it bites you your
    energy bar will turn yellow and decrease. To cure a venom attack you must use a
    small medi pack.
    How to kill: Pull out a shotgun if you have a close encounter but a pistol will
    do from long range.
    Found: 1,2,3,4
    Name: Shiva Knight
    Looks: A tall blue knight with many arms and swords
    Attacks: Run towards you and swings his blades
    How to Kill: It can't reach high ledges so from here use pistols but if your
    ground use your most powerful weapon. Very difficult to kill as it can 
    occassionally block your bullets with swords.
    Found: 2
    Name: Vulture
    Looks:A brown feathered bird that is always moving in the air.
    Attacks: Flys down towards you and pecks your face
    How to kill: It rarly attacks you when you are against a wall so its best to
    use a pistol from this position.
    Found: 1,2,3
    SECTION 2: South Pacific Islands
    Name: Tribesman
    Looks: Basiccally naked accept covered in red wax and plant pants
    Attacks: Carrys a poisonous dartgun and fires at you. Like the cobra he can
    poison you and like the cobra simply use a small medi pack to cure it.
    How to Kill: The bad thing about this dude is that once he dies, you piss
    off the other tribemen causing a shootout of poison and bullets and if you
    run out of small medi packs to cure poison you in the craps. The best thing
    to do is to jump everywhere to stop darts hitting. Use pistols to gun em down.
    Remember to use a pack after the tribesmen are dead or the medic are a waste.
    Found: 1,4
    Name: Crocodile
    Looks: A green reptile with four legs, they swim underwater as well as on land
    Attacks: Swim or crawls towards you and bites, he is quite slow when in the
    water but faster on land
    How to Kill: They can't climb so try to use above ledge like every creature
    and try to use uzi's or a shotgun to take care of this pest
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Anicent Warriors
    Looks: I am not quite sure (i will check)
    Attacks: Not sure
    How to Kill: Kill like a Tribesmen but use a shotgun or machine guns 
    Found: Not Sure
    Name: Baby Raptors
    Looks: Small dinosaurs light pink)
    Attacks: Jumps and scratches your arms, legs everywhere really
    How to Kill: Blast it into pieces with a pistol but beware, they always
    attack in numbers
    Found: 2
    Name: Raptors
    Looks: A black and orange patched dinosaur, about the height of lara
    Attacks: Runs at you really fast and bites you (I hope he dosent have scabies
    or nits). It attacks in packs.
    How to Kill: Pull out a shotgun idealy as it takes just a few shot to bring it
    down. Hurry up when doing this because if it is too close you may not get a
    shot. Like many animals in this game it can't reach high ledges so use
    pistols to save ammo if you have a shot from above.
    Found: 2
    Name: T-Rex
    Looks: What the hell does a big green T-Rex LOOK LIKE! If you are that dumb
    please read this?!
    Attacks: It has many attacks such as swinging his tail at you, stamping on
    you and biting you.
    How to kill: Pull out your best weapon and stand as far away as possible, then
    just blast it like hell. If he is'nt dead when he reaches you roll so you back
    is facing him and start backfliping and shooting until you as far way as
    possible then shoot again. Repeat this sequence until he is dead.
    Found: 2
    Name: Kimodo
    Looks: Red dragon monsters (quite small)
    Attacks: breaths poison and scratchs you
    How to kill: Always stay back and cap him with pistol shots
    Found: 6,7,8
    SECTION 3:Nevada
    Name: Rattlesnake
    Looks: Exatcley like a cobra
    Attacks: like a cobra
    How to kill: Kill this creature the same you would a cobra
    Found: 1
    Name: MP/ Thug
    Looks: Has the intilas MP on his back (white) and has black trousers and
    Attacks: Sometimes has a bat or pistol
    How this kill: Just step back and shoot with pistols! He can't shoot far but
    be on your toes anyway
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Doberman
    Looks: A black and orange patched dog.
    Attacks: Runs at you really fast and bites you (I hope he dosent have scabies
    or nits).
    How to Kill: Pull out a shotgun idealy as it takes just one shot to bring it
    down. Hurry up when doing this because if it is too close you may not get a
    shot. Like many animals in this game it can't reach high ledges so use
    pistols to save ammo if you have a shot from above.
    Found: Level 2,3
    Name: Turret
    Looks: Attached to the wall behind corners
    Attacks: Shoots at you when you walk through traps
    How to kill: Don't step on traps for one, jump everywhere if it shoots and
    try to get behind and shoot with pistols while it turns around
    Found: 2,3
    Name: Sniper
    Looks: Men with big guns in army suits
    Attacks: Use has big laser sight gun to pop caps in you and just one can take
    quite a lot of damage, they sometimeshide in the dark
    How to kill: The Mp3 is your only gun, use the above ledge method if available,
    if you can't then just keep moving and shooting (never stand still) and you can
    see him because his laser glows in the dark.
    Found: 3
    SECTION 4: London
    Name: Rat 
    Looks: Small crawling black mouse found in dark corners
    Attacks: Nibbles your feet
    How to kill: Kill it the same way you would a small spider
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Crow
    Looks:A brown feathered bird that is always moving in the air.
    Attacks: Flys down towards you and pecks your face
    How to kill: It rarly attacks you when you are against a wall so its best to
    use a pistol from this position.
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Constable/Gangster
    Looks: Just like a mp
    Attacks: Just like a mp but always armed
    How to kill: Just like you would with a MP
    Found: 1,2,3
    Name: Frogman
    Looks: A man in a scuba kit
    Attacks: Fires harpoons with his harpoon gun. Found underwater and only attacks
    when you are underwater as well.
    How to kill: There are many ways to kill frogmen. If you a have harpoon with 
    at least three harpoons you can take one down when underwater. They are 
    usually in packs so six or more harpoons are needed. Another way of 
    'disposing' of them is to go towards them, turn around swim up and down to
    dodge their arrows, climb out of the water and use your pistols. You can also
    hear them breathing if they are close by.
    Found: not sure (sorry)
    SECTION 5: Antartica
    Name: RX Workman
    Looks: Dreesed in a red jacket and carry pistols
    Attacks: Just blasts and you
    How to kill: Take him down with a shotgun or uzi, when he dies he may shoot
    you before you hit the ground.
    Found: 1,2,3,4
    Name: Huskie is exactly like a doberman so read about his file in the Doberman
    Found: 1,4
    Name: Flamethrower
    Attacks: A good thing about this guy is he kills other monsters before you but
    he is still extremely dangerous. He fires flames at you and if touched you will
    die about 3 seconds.
    How to kill: Don't! Just don't touch him and he will leave you alone! If you do just
    run away and cap him.
    Found: 2,3
    Name: Ground Muntant
    Looks: Red fleshed and very slow
    Attacks: Crawls to your knee and poisons you
    How to kill: Just shoot him from a far distance with pistols but if he's close use
    a powerful weapon.
    Found: 1,2,
    Name: Wasp
    Looks: Black flys that glow(about the size of lara head)
    Attacks: Flys towards you and bites you
    How to Kill: Just shoot them with pistols but they do keep appearing from a nest you
    can't reach. After a while no more will come but if you leave a area without killing
    them all they will reappear.
    Found: 2,3
    Name: Guardian and Mutant Kings
    Looks: The Guardian is black and fires green balls and the Mutant Kings are like
    Ground Mutants but bigger
    Attacks: They are basically the same but guardians are more powerful, they will
    either hit you with green balls or crush you, either way are dangerous
    How to Kill: Side Jump everywhere, don't let it near you. Always use the grenade
    launcher or desert eagle at least. Try to find the a upper ledge for advantage
    of height and just pray. 
    There are only four bosses on the game so I though I'd mention em.
    Boss 1: Mad Willard Friend (Tony)
    Looks: Wears and a green flease and you encounter him in the temple
    Attacks: Fires energy balls which are dangerous and trys to get you into the
    water which will instanly kill you. His energy sets you on fire.
    How to kill: Jump constanly, from ledges around you shooting while in the air.
    He should never hit unless you stop of course. Trust me, i followed this method
    and completed the boss first time. Remember that there are goodies around the
    room if your brave enough to get em. Once he's dead pick up the artifact and the
    level ends.
    Found: Level 4 (India)
    Boss 2: Puna
    Looks: He sits on a throne, other than that i am not sure
    Attacks: He turns his chair around and fires fire balls at you which kill
    you instanly.
    How to Kill: As soon as his throne turns, side jump left and right giving him
    at least one rocket. Then pop your best weapon into him (still sidejumping)
    he may spawn a Kimodo on you so take it down aswell, pop it some more with
    bullets until he summons another. Once you killed it take out your rocket or
    grenade launcher and pop his ass. But be careful when sidejumping to not fall
    off the platform.
    Found: Level 4 (South Pacific)
    Boss 3: Sophia
    Killing Sophia is more of a walthrough and thats not my cup of tea if you know
    what I mean. So for a fantastic guide to it check out MHamlin Guide on GameFAQS
    where you found this. (Found London Level 4)
    Boss 4: Dr Willard (Spider)
    Looks: What in the hell does a big tranctula with 8 legs look like!
    Attacks: Has three deadly attacks that will kill you instanly. 1) Chase you and
    squish and eat you. 2) Fires a bolt of lightening if your too close which WILL
    kill you instanly or 3) push you of the edge of the circular platform. Every way
    you will die
    How to Kill: Okay, follow this very carefully. At the start go the way he ain't
    comin and once your about half the platform in front of him cap him with 2 rockets,
    do this once more to make him fall to the ground. Now roll and run down a corridor
    and grab a artifact, if you put down the spider right next to you, then when you
    come back he will there waiting to kill you. Do this again for the other three
    artifacts, you can tell if a artifact is down a corridor because the corridor glows.
    If you run out of rockets then use everything you got to bring him down. Once all
    the artifacts have been collected pop him 4 more times with rockets to make him
    die. Ci a Nara Spider!
    Found: Antartica (Level 4)
    If you don't think you can beat these enemys then hear is some cheats to lend a
    helping hand. You enter these cheats during SECLET (INVENTORY) If they have worked
    you will hear Lara Moan, say no or Scream!
    Level skip: L2,R2,L2,L2,R2,L2,R2,L2,R2,L2,L2,L2,L2,R2,L2,R2,R2,R2,R2,L2
    All weapons and Ammo: L2,R2,R2,L2,L2,L2,L2,R2,L2,R2,R2,L2,R2,R2,L2,L2,R2,L2,L2,R2
    All Keys and Secrets: L2,L2,L2,L2,L2,R2,L2,L2,L2,R2,L2,R2,L2,L2,R2,L2,L2,R2,L2,L2
    There is a cheat to replenish your health but its easier just to use one of the
    50 small or large medi packs your given with the All Weapons and Ammo Cheat.
    Thats it for my walkthrough but there still a few things to get out of the way.
    Legal Stuff
    1. This can only be posted on www.gamefaqs.com (THATS IT)
    2. This should not be changed in any way shape or form unless you email me and 
    3. More info is on Words of Notice on the top of the page.
    About the author (Hey that's me)
    Percy boi AKA Josh Pearce. I am 14 years of age and I am interested in sports 
    and as you guessed games. I would describe myself as funny, silly and err 
    really silly. I like mod music. I would type more but I don't won't to lose 
    track of anything else. Let me point out my other FAQs which are Robot Wars,
    Gran turismo concept and  The simpsons road rage and Tomb Raiders 1 and 2
    PS: I do have a social life and I have friends etc.
    I thank only three people and one thing, they are...
    The inventor of the PC
    My friends
    My parents
    Myself and GAMEFAQS
    -PERCY BOI ,2004-
    The End
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is that time again. For me to close 
    the curtains, shut the door or end the show. I hope this has helped you in 
    someway. Cheers. Goodbye, bon voyage, Auf Weidersen or See ya later. Here is
    some nice advice. If you ever find yourself falling from a cliff remember to
    enjoy the view.
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