How do I beat divine beast Dran?

  1. How many times will it take to beat Dran in the cave if my weapons arent very strong?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    User Info: pieLOVER1234567

    pieLOVER1234567 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, depends on the weapon, and how powerful it is. Here's how you beat him. I had.....
    25 attack 50 endurance 50 speed Ice 15 (was set as it)
    (Sling shot)
    10 attack 25 endurance 40 speed Wind 10 (set as it)

    1. Switch to Xiao and shoot Dran
    2. It causes him to fall, run over to him
    3. Swtich to Toan when you get over there and attack him
    4. Repeat

    He will shoot fireballs(or something like that)that makes holes in the stage. Make sure you watch out for these. Also Dran likes to hit you when he flys back up after you hit him with Toan. So bring about 12 bread tops. If you have lower weapons like in the teens you should be able to beat him no problem. Probably 1st or 2nd time you should kill him.

    User Info: fusionbolt2

    fusionbolt2 - 7 years ago 0 0

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