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Reviewed: 07/19/01 | Updated: 07/19/01

A Beautiful and Very Fun Action/RPG.

Gameplay - Dark Cloud is an action/rpg with several different elements mixed together to create on excellent game. In Dark Cloud you play as Toan, who along the way meets allies which you can also control. The game has you venturing into dungeons, finding pieces of the a town and then putting the town back together. When putting the town together you must talk to the people and learn how they would like their house to be arranged. About half way through each dungeon you meet an opponent who you fight in a duel. A duel is won by pressing the buttons as they are shown on the screen, this takes fast reflexes and is one of my favorite parts of the game. At the end of each dungeon you also fight a boss who is large and must be defeated by figuring out the correct method. After you beat the boss and complete the town you get to move on to the next town that needs your help.
The controls are very tight and intuitive. You move with the left stick, and attack with X. Square uses your active item which is selected with the directional buttons. Circle is used to target your enemy. With an enemy targeted you can press L1 to switch targets or R1 to block an attack.
Dark Cloud is a very fun, highly addictive game. You can upgrade your weapons and upgrade yourself (like your thirst and health meters). Their are even fishing ponds in which you can, well, fish! You can trade in your fishing points for items to upgrade weapons or even for better weapons.

Story - Dark Cloud is the story of a dark genie who has destroyed towns all over the world. Luckily just before he destroyed them, the fairy king sealed each of the towns’ pieces in mysterious balls called alta. With his altamilla bracelet given to him by the fairy king, Toan must retrieve the alta that were scattered when the genie disrupted the towns. As Toan moves farther along his quest he meets allies from different towns that help him in retrieving alta to restore the world to peace.

Audio/Video - Dark Cloud’s music is well suited to the game’s moods. During walking in the calm towns serene music plays, and while fighting monsters you here faster battle music. While turning a corner just before seeing a monster you will know it is there because of the music change.
Graphically this game is beautiful. The water is amazingly realistic. All the textures of rocks, grass, and everything are high in detail. The characters are all well animated and they look fanciful and fantastic.

Replayability - This game takes a long time to finish. You can customize hundreds of weapons, as well as go fishing and explore side dungeons not relevant to the quest. After beating the game you also receive an extra vert large dungeon to explore to your heart’s content.

To buy or rent? - This game is an amazing game. I recommend a purchase to anyone who likes role-playing games that are more action oriented. I don’t think this game will disappoint.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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