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    Ayane by ATadeo

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                                      A Y A N E
                          Ayane Character Guide Final Version
                   Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for Sony Playstation 2
                                North American Version
                                    By: “A” Tadeo
                                Created: June 3, 2001
                               Date last Updated: n/a
                         Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
    This FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it for anything 
    that gains profit. Specifically Magazines, Game Guides, Commercial Web Sites. 
    You’re also not allowed to rip off part/s of this FAQ and put it on your own 
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    You also cannot use this FAQ as a guide for you to make your own FAQ, you 
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    You can put this FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web site provided 
    that not a single character has been edited or removed and you MUST have 
    permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of the 
    entire FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes. 
    Remember “You don’t have to steal, just ask.” - B.O.F.III
    Once more, hello again! =) This will be my first Playstation 2 guide. Dead or 
    Alive 2: Hardcore is such a great game with ultra-flashy graphics and intense 
    gameplay. Compared to the previous versions of Dead or Alive 2 (US/JAP 
    Dreamcast and JAP PS2), this one includes new characters and new costumes. 
    Seeing that I made a guide for its ancestor, Dead or Alive for the 
    Playstation, I decided to create characters guides for DOA2: Hardcore. I’ll 
    be concentrating on the ladies first and then I’ll create guides for the men. 
    After all, DOA is famous for its gorgeous and sexy women. =)
                         I.     Updates/Revisions
                         II.    Guide Info
                         III.   Profile/Story
                         III.   Ayane’s Special Moves and Combos
                         IV.    Throws/Holds
                         V.     Tag Battle Tips
                         VI.    Survival Tips
                         VII.   Individual Character Guide
                                a. Kasumi
                                b. Tina
                                c. Lei Fang
                                d. Ayane
                                e. Helena
                                f. Hayabusa
                                g. Jann Lee
                                h. Zack
                                i. Gen-Fu
                                j. Bass
                                k. Ein
                                l. Leon
                                m. Tengu
                         VIII.  Costumes
                         IX.    FAQs
                         X.     Gameplay Tips
                         XI.    Credits
    Final Version (Started: July 10, 2001)
    Here we go! The final version of the guide. Thanks for reading!
            - Strategy again Bayman
    Version 1.1 (Started: June 4, 2001)
            - Profile and Story
            - Complete costumes for Ayane
                                     GUIDE INFO
    For this guide, I’ll be using these to represent the different movements or 
    positions for the moves.
    u  = Up                   BT = Your back turned (back faced from opponent)
    uf = Up and Forward       OC = Opponent is Crouching
    f  = Forward              P  = Punch
    df = Down and Forward     K  = Kick 
    d  = Down                 F  = Free Button
    db = Down and Backward    OD = Opponent is Down
    b  = Backward             WR = While Rising
    ub = Up and Backward      HD = Hold down button preceding this symbol
    W  = Execute next button after .5 seconds
    NW = Next to Wall
    BE = Backs turned against each other
    CB1= You’re crouching with your back facing opponent
    CB2= Opponent is crouching and his/her back is facing you
    Now, I’ll try to explain the difference between uf+P,P and uf,P,P. In the 
    first one, uf and Punch should be pushed at the same time then press another 
    punch. For the second one, push uf first then press Punch, and then Punch 
    Country:          Japan
    Fighting Style:   Ninjitsu
    Age:              n/a
    Height:           5’2”
    Weight:           104 lbs.
    Vital Statistics: 37”! 21” 33”
    Affiliation:      Japan
    Ayane is the master of the Mugen Tenshin Hajin Mon fighting style. Her 
    fighting style is one of the 2 sides of the Mugen Tenshin Style. She has an 
    unbelievable power and rumored to have magical abilities. Although, she is 
    good at fighting, she is one of the “runaway shinobi” who are doomed from the 
    shinobi tribe. 
    Let’s talk more about her personal life. It seems to me that she has an 
    affection to Ein, otherwise Hayate. She is also related to Hayabusa. He is 
    her brother. On the other hand, living a life of an assassin will bring you 
    up to many opponents. One of which is Helena, the new character in the DOA 
    series. Ayane was supposed to assassinate Helena but her mother stood in the 
    way and got killed.
    But at the end, Ayane journeys to prove to many that she is the most powerful 
    ninja ever. Will her skills bring her to victory? Or will her dark background 
    succumb her into those who see the light?
                              SPECIAL MOVES AND COMBOS
    For the description of the moves (as well as the other sections of this guide 
    that has a description column in it), I just invented some of the names 
    (applicable to those that I’ve discovered). 
    Note: Juggle means to attack you opponent continuously while he/she is still 
    in the air. This is nice to look at and very damaging. Combos are a series of 
    moves that damage the opponent successively, making him/her unable to 
    retaliate quickly.
    Motion                 |  Description
    P,P,P                  |  Sosho
    P,P,K,K                |  Renten
    P,P,f,P,P              |  Koei
    P,K                    |  Hajin
    f+P,K                  |  Koeiga
    f,f+P,f+K              |  Soha
    df+P,b+P               |  Fuzan
    df,df+P,(HD)d,K        |  Jirai
    b+P,K                  |  Rijin
    b+P,(W)K               |  Hishu
    b+P,d+K                |  Riji
    b+p,(W)d+K             |  R.Hien
    uf+P,P,P               |  F.Sosho
    uf+P,K,K               |  F.Renten
    (HD)db,P,K             |  Sajin
    K,K                    |  Renkyaku
    f+K,K                  |  Ryuso
    f+K,d+K                |  Roso
    u+K                    |  Soten
    uf+K                   |  Ryubi
    ub+K                   |  Shugetsu
    b+K                    |  Fujin
    F+K                    |  Retten
    df+F+K                 |  Rekku
    d+F+K                  |  Roso
    P+K,P,P                |  E.Hajin
    P+K,P,K                |  E.Fujin
    P+K,P,b+K              |  Hajinsai
    P+K,P,d+K              |  Hajin
    d,df,f+K,K             |  Genmu
    d,df,f+F+K             |  Fujinsai
    b+F+K                  |  Sho
    (WR)F+K                |  Genwaku
    (BT)P,P,P              |  R.Sosho
    (BT)P,P,b+P,P,P        |  R.Eiko
    (BT)P,P,b+P,P,K        |  R.Fujinsai
    (BT)P,P,b+P,P,ub+K     |  R.Eikosai
    (BT)P,P,b+P,P,d+K      |  R.Eikogeri
    (BT)P,P,f+P,K          |  R.Rijin
    (BT)P,P,f+P,(W)K       |  R.Hishu
    (BT)P,P,f+P,d+K        |  R.Riji
    (BT)P,P,f+P,(W)d+K     |  Rahien
    (BT)P,P,(HD)db,P,K     |  Rasajin
    (BT)u+K                |  Fusai
    (BT)ub+K               |  Shugetsu
    (BT)b+P,P,P            |  Z.Rajin
    (BT)b+P,P,K            |  Z.Fujinsai
    (BT)b+P,P,ub+K         |  Z.Hajinsai
    (BT)b+P,P,d+K          |  Z.Hajingeri
    (BT)(HD)db,P,K         |  J.Sajin
    (BT)ub+P               |  Embushu
    (BT)d+F+K              |  Enshusen
    (BT)F+K                |  Kokuso
    (OD)u+P+K              |  Hyomu
    (OD)d+P                |  Kawara
    u+P+K                  |  Hyomu
    d+P                    |  Kawara
    b,f,b+F+P+K            |  Taunt 1
    d,d+F+P+K              |  Taunt 2
    u+P                    |  Haijin
    ub+P                   |  Kazemai
    (BT)f,f                |  Furo
    (BT)f,(HD)f,(W)(HD)f   |  Renpu 1
    (BT)df                 |  Oroshi
    (BT)(HD)df             |  Shimo
    (BT)df,(HD)b           |  Oroshiryu
    (BT)df,(HD)db          |  S.Oroshi
    **TAG TEAM**
    f,f+F+P+K              |  M.Tensho (paired with Ein)
    f,f+F+P+K              |  Ayase 2 (all other characters)
    **MORE MOVES**
    df+P                   |  Spin Hand Chop
    P+K,K                  |  Super Spin Kick
    u+K,u+K                |  Soten Combo
    u+K,u+k,ub+K           |  Super Soten Combo (oftentimes work)
    d+K,u+K                |  Double Kick Combo
    u+K,P,P,K,K            |  Juggle Combo
    u+K,P,P,K              |  Juggle Combo
    u+K,u+K,f+K,K          |  High Kick Combo
    u+K,b+K                |  Spin Kicks
    P+K,F+P                |  Spin up Kick
    f+K,(W)P,K             |  Custom Combo
    To be able to pull off the throws and holds, you must be right beside and as 
    close as possible to your opponents. Remember that, you cannot use the throws 
    without the (OC) if the opponent is crouching and vice versa.
    Motion                 | Description
    F+P                    | Momiji
    f+F+P                  | H.Embu
    (NW)f+F+P              | Hikari
    b+F+P                  | Kirimadoi
    b,db,d,df,f+F+P        | Tosenka
    (NW)b,db,d,df,f+F+P    | Baisenka
    f,f+F+P (W) u+F+P      | Tsurara Throw Combo
    d,df,f+F+P             | K.Gengi
    d,db,b+F+P             | K.Ranmu
    (BT)F+P                | Namigatana
    (BT)f+F+P              | Yamigarasu
    (BT)F+P                | Ryusa
    (BT)f+F+P              | Tsubaki
    (BE)f+F+P              | Urayami
    (OC)d+F+P              | Setsuna
    (OC)db+F+P             | Kamiyo
    (CB1)d+F+P             | Syusui
    (CB2)d+F+P             | Muso
    (CB2)db+F+P            | Tenbujin
    ub+F                   | Kamiyoi (Hold)
    b+F                    | Ayase (Hold) counters punch
    b+F                    | Fubujin (Hod) counters kick
    db+F                   | Kogarashi
                                   TAG BATTLE TIPS
    Ayane is quite an effective tag battle character. She is very useful in 
    switch attacks. When you’re using her partner, combo the opponent and press 
    switch at once. At that exact moment, you can use Ayane’s devastating back-
    facing attacks to deliver punishment to your opponents. Use the tag attacks 
    (f,f+F+P+K) wisely as smarter computer opponents (level 4 and 5) will be 
    quite hard to throw. If you’re at a corner using Ayane, you can get out of it 
    effectively in 2 ways. First, be aggressive and attack your opponent until 
    he/she moves away. The best attack for this purpose is the d,df,f+K. If 
    successful, you’ll hit your opponent plus you’ll be away from the wall. If 
    not, you’re out of the wall anyway. Finally, you can use throws to escape the 
    wall. Just remember that tag battle has infinite possibilities. You can 
    invent your own attack anytime.
                                    SURVIVAL TIPS
    Ayane, in my opinion, is one of the best characters to be used for Survival 
    Battles. Ayane has some useful attacks (u+K, ub+K, uf+K, b+K, f+K) that can 
    easily surprise your opponents and render them helpless, therefore making it 
    easier and faster to beat them. It is suggested that you do not use combos 
    too much as it won’t be that effective. Out of the blue power attacks, see 
    the examples above, will be the most useful attacks for surviving this game 
                             INDIVIDUAL CHARCATER GUIDE
    These are my observations for the different characters while I’m playing as 
    Ayane. I’ll be included some strategies that I’ve seen that is most preferred 
    against a particular character. If you have some very helpful strategies, you 
    may tell me about it.
    Kasumi’s moves very fast and her attacks are very unpredictable. When you 
    successfully pulled-off a combo, block low at once because she will 
    retaliate. Your best bet would be using combos and countering her moves. Good 
    attacks and counters are u+K and the b+K. Back Facing attacks by Ayane are 
    also effective against Kasumi.
    You can always use d+F+K to render your Kasumi helpless. Vary your attack 
    from high, middle, and low. Do not be very aggressive though as she is very 
    good at counter attacks.
    Tina loves to throw her opponents and loves to counter her opponent’s moves. 
    Just stay a few steps away from her and counter her moves with the P+K 
    attack. also, vary your moves so that Tina won’t be able to predict your 
    moves. The basic rule of the thumb against Tina would be attack while 
    preventing being thrown. Low attacks will be very effective against Tina. 
    Just remember that she can surprise you with the tackle at any time. It’s 
    quite devastating and annoying.
    Lei-Fang is quite quick in her moves and very agile. To counter these moves, 
    back-facing attacks of Ayane will be very effective. Just stay a few steps 
    back and counter or hold her moves. Just remember that Lei-Fang is a master 
    of strong and quick punches. She is very slow in terms of combos. With this 
    knowledge you can predict her moves most of the time. Don’t be fooled by her 
    stance, middle-holds will be adequate for her attacks. This will ensure your 
    Now that’s a versatile character. Ayane is fast and varies her moves from 
    time to time. Although you are using Ayane yourself, her moves will be 
    unpredictable too. The best thing to do is to stay away from her and wait 
    until she attacks and then counter her moves or just hold them off. There are 
    also some other things that you can do against Ayane. You can block off her 
    combos and you can stay near her and keep on attacking. Don’t worry about 
    throws, she doesn’t like throwing very much. You can also counter her moves 
    if you’re quick. The uf+K or the ub+K are good counter attacks. Stay away 
    from her then when you see her move, counter at once so that you’ll have a 
    better chance of pulling the counter off.
    Helena’s kicks are very very quick. She can pull-off 3 kicks in a second. The 
    trick is to Hold her kicks in the middle section. If you want to counter 
    Helena, use the b+K move. This move catches her off-guard most of the time. 
    Now, when you successfully did a combo, or even if she blocked you, press 
    Hold afterwards because she oftentimes attacks a follow-up punch or kick. Use 
    Ayane’s back facing attacks most of the time as I find it really very 
    effective against her. Just remember that Helena will always try to come near 
    you and either attack or throw you. Use the uf+K move to stop Helena’s 
    attacking stance.
    Hayabusa is fighting with strategy so you might have problems with him. When 
    you attack him and you are blocked, most likely he will throw you. Vary your 
    moves and attack high, low, or middle and stay close to him, but not too 
    close. Ayane’s back facing attacks will do him in. The u+K and b+K moves are 
    also effective. Do not be very aggressive though because Hayabusa’s Hold 
    attacks will definitely bring pain to Ayane. His combo throws are quite 
    inescapable so try your best to avoid it.
    Unlike before (DOA for PS), Jann-Lee will pose as a major problem to you. He 
    can pull-off out-of-nowhere punches and kicks so be alert. Stay away from him 
    and counter or block his moves. Watch out for the flying kick as he uses it 
    most often, especially when you’re far away. Also, use the u+K to counter and 
    surprise him. He also uses quick but strong punches. To block them, use the 
    ub+F hold. This will catch his attacks most of the time.
    Zack will be quite easy. You can predict his moves and easily hold or counter 
    his attacks. Just be aggressive and keep on moving towards and away from him 
    to confuse him. Use b+K to counter him or just simply surprise him. Beware 
    though as he likes to hold you or throw you. 
    Gen-Fu is versatile, he can pull-off punches very quickly. Use kicks to 
    counter his attack. When you attack, also take note that he will counter your 
    moves. If you plan on being aggressive, wait for the opportunity when he puts 
    down his guard. But his weakness is his middle attacks. He will oftentimes 
    use middle punches and that makes it easy to hold then counter attack. Final 
    note, counter in the middle section and use f+P as it will hit most of the 
    Talking about throws, Bass does this a lot. Just stay away keep on moving 
    towards and away from him and attack his lower extremities. The f+K, u+K and 
    b+K moves will be very effective as an offense or a counter. Just be 
    aggressive and keep on attacking. If he gets near you, attack him until he 
    moves away, his intentions are clearly to throw you. But the main trick here 
    is to stay away and analyze his moves. If he begins to kick, get ready for a 
    middle or a low hold/counter. If he begins to move towards you, and it seems 
    that he has something bad in mind, you can do 2 things. Either stay low, or 
    go to him and pull off a throw yourself before he does.
    Although Ein is strong and quite fast, you can easily counter or hold off his 
    moves. You can also block or hold especially in the middle and lower 
    extremities of his body. Beware also that he is an expert in counter moves so 
    vary your moves so that he’ll be confused. Another good move is to use b+K 
    after you successfully blocked his moves. Most of the time, this one hits 
    him. To make him suffer, use low attacks when he is open. You can pull this 
    off, right after his attack or right after holding or blocking. Here’s a good 
    tip, Ein can easily be thrown. Just time it right or else you’ll receive his 
    Like Bass, he likes to throw you and hold off your attacks. The main 
    difference is, Leon can do more than throwing. He can pull off nasty combos 
    so stay away from him and counter him when he attacks. If he goes near you, 
    try your best to stay way from him. Use b+K to keep him at bay and prevent 
    those body-wrangling throws. Also, one way of effectively beating Leon is to 
    analyze his moves just like Bass. Stay away for a while and see what he’ll 
    do. If he starts to attack, prepare a middle hold. If he starts to come to 
    you, quickly go to him and throw him or better yet, attack low and do your 
    combos afterwards.
    Tengu isn’t as hard as you think. He will be smarter than all of your 
    previous opponents though. But hey, holding his attacks is very easy. Most of 
    his attacks will be in the middle so prepare for a middle hold or counter. If 
    he is far from you, he’ll start to stomp on the ground right? Just block this 
    attack. Now, after blocking, it is most likely that he’ll do another one. So 
    when he starts to stomp again, run up to him and punish him by using a 
    powerful attack or combo. 
    Take note also that Tengu is quite good at juggling combos. Therefore, try 
    your best not to get caught unprepared by his attacks. And the first thing 
    you should remember that you need not be aggressive. He is good at holding 
    and countering and that makes your punches and kicks rather useless. You can 
    do attacks though if you can catch him off-guard.
    Just like Leon, Bayman has powerful punches and kicks. But most importantly, 
    he is also a master of throws. Once he gets hold of you, most likely, he’ll 
    do a chain throw combo that will cut off at least 50% of Ayane’s life. To 
    prevent this from happening, stay a bit away from Bayman and wait for him to 
    attack using Punches and Kicks. This time, you can just hold off or counter 
    those attacks with your own attacks. If he doesn’t attack and is going 
    towards you, he is preparing a throw. So, be aggressive this time and keep 
    Bayman at bay.
    These are just some brief descriptions of Ayane’s Costumes. These are also 
    those that I’ve discovered and I’ll add more when I find some.
    #1:  Blue Female Ninja Outfit, Big Red Ribbon behind
         - acquired automatically
    #2:  Red Female Ninja Outfit, Black underpants and a Blue Ribbon
         - acquired automatically
    #3:  Purple Ninja Overall Outfit  
         - Finish Ayane in Story Mode
    #4:  School Outfit (casual Japanese Style)
         - Finish Ayane in Story Mode w/o continues
    #5:  Winter Outfit (blue motif in mini-skirt)
         - Use Ayane 50 Times
    #6:  Backless Ninja Outfit
         - Use Ayane 100 Times
    #7:  Sexy Casual Wear (stockings, mini-skirt, and sleeveless shirt)
         - Use Ayane 150 Times
    #8:  Very revealing black outfit (same as swimsuit)
         - Use Ayane 200 Times
                         FAQs - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    1. Where can I find this FAQ?
       This FAQ will be updated and posted mainly at http://WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM and 
    at vgstrategies.about.com/gamewinners.com. Both sites are the 2 BEST FAQ 
    sites I’ve ever seen. Their webmasters are really very responsible and are 
    dedicated to their web site.
    2. How often do you update the FAQ?
    I’ll continue to update this guide until it becomes complete in time. If 
    there are MAJOR corrections, this guide will be updated.
    3. Do you need to unlock Ayane in the game?
    No, Ayane will outright selectable once you start playing the game.
    4. How many costumes does Ayane have in this game?
    Ayane has a total of 8 costumes all in all. The costumes for her, as well as 
    the other girls, are not the same as the first DOA (in terms of being sexy 
    and so on). They are still very pretty in their new costumes though. =)
                                 GAMEPLAY TIPS
    1. Try to master the Hold Button. Countering an opponent is always a key to 
    winning the battle. Remember that Holding off opponent’s moves can be done in 
    High, Mid, or Lower sections.
    2. Master also the throws. These give off a very big amount of damage to the 
    3. If a punch or a kick of an enemy can’t reach you, try to counter it with a 
    punch or kick of your own. 
    4. Master Ayane’s u+K, b+K, f+P moves. It can be used in many ways such as a 
    counter and a combo starter/launcher.
    - Thanks to Tecmo for bringing yet another visually stunning game with 
    excellent gameplay for the best gaming console (PS2)! The girls are very 
    cute! Even cuter than the first one.
    - Thanks to the readers of this FAQ. This won’t be called such without anyone 
    using it. Thanks very much!
    - Thanks to my Sis for waiting patiently for me while I’m typing and playing 
    the PS2.  
    - And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
    view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 
                            Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore(tm)
                       is a registered trademark of Tecmo (tm)
                   Playstation 2, Playstation and its accessories
            are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, inc.
                              The Ayane Character Guide
                                 (c)Copyright May 2001
                                     “A”  Tadeo

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