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"I can feel my boots diggin into my heel"

Halt, who goes there?

Cain Morgan is the name, Eternal ring is the game.

Eternal ring is the first action, first person RPG on the PS2. It is done in a real-time from the first person perspective that combines fast paced sword play and magic spells. Along the way Cain will encounter many blood hungry monsters and cleverly placed traps that lurk about to destroy the non-astute adventurer. Cain will be guided through one of the most beautiful and deadly islands ever created. Dripping with detail, the Island of No Return awaits its next adventurer to push Cain above and beyond the obstacles that lay ahead.

As you progress in your adventure do not forget… these word, my words

This game will not hold your hand in any way. There are many, many, many cheap deaths in this game; water is one that will kill you instantly. In order to survive the adventurer must be meticulous to all the surroundings. Pay attention, or suffer the death many careless adventures before have suffered. Several times you will die because you weren't paying attention or just did not realize what you are getting into. It's better to be safe than to be sorry is simplest way I can explain the adventure ahead. I want to clarify that this adventure is not as treacherous as the King's Field series but there is still plenty of hidden threats. Speaking of threats, I mentioned monsters earlier so please follow me. There is something important I need to show.

Four Strategic Fighting Rules for Newcomers to the Island (please read)

1. Poke ‘em (sword)
2. Burn ‘em (spell)
3. Burn ‘em and Poke ‘em (mixture of spell and sword)
4. If you keep dying. You're doing it wrong!

Of course these are generalized rules based on previous adventurer tales. For example the early levels will require you to run up to a monster and poke ‘em with the sword. The later levels require you to side-step or even circle around the enemy before swinging away. The sword is a great companion in the beginning but later its use becomes less and less useful requiring spells to become the adventurer's main way of attacking. That doesn't make the sword completely useless but don't expect it to have that great of an impact as it does in the beginning. Think of the sword like icing on a cake, sure the cake is good by itself, but with the icing the cake becomes a much sweeter treat. The sword works the same way, and will be used later in the game to compliment magic damage.

Magic is the bulk of the combat system. After a little time to get use to swinging a sword, magic will become available to Cain. Once Cain has access to magic there begins a new quest to create powerful magical rings. Throughout the Island of No Return Cain will find magic rings scattered around as well as magic gems from killing monsters. With these gems and the help of a friend Cain can fuse the gems into the newly found magic rings to create several different kinds of magic rings. There are mainly two types of rings, magic and stone. The magical rings are mostly offensive with some support and healing. The stone rings are used to increase elemental damage as well as increase resistance to elemental damage. Overall there are six different elements earth, wind, fire, water, and heart… GOOO PLANET just kidding, but seriously the last two are light and dark. This is the standard run of the mill elements with all the same generic weaknesses we have seen many times before such as fire > water, wind > earth, light > dark and vice versa.

The magical wonder of magical bliss how come I need gems to create rings like this.

The interesting thing about making rings is the gems received from slain enemies and the dais in which the gems are set. There are a total of six spaces for gems with three slots on the left and three slots on the right of the magic ring which sits in the very middle of the dais. The gems that will be used are graded according to level, the higher the level of the gem the stronger the magic ring will be. The left three slots indicate the total Elemental level of the ring and the three right side slots will determine the level of spells received from the newly created ring. For example, by placing fire gems in both the left and right the ring can be a level 1, level 2, or level 3 based on the total number from the gems and same thing applies for the right except this determines which fire spell will be received after the creation of the ring. Each element has three low level spells, two high level spells, and two special spells; one being a summon spell. Cain can create high end spells that literally smash, break, cripple, burn, and destroy the enemy into bits and pieces. Make sure to try out as many combinations as you can because you never know which spell will come in handy!

Bizarre Dreams, Lost Allies, The Eternal Ring, and One Big Ass Island!!

Cain Morgan born in Solcia remembers a dream when he was young and how he was all alone. At that time the neighboring country of Aldine unexpectedly attacked Solcia, but Cain doesn't recall the war and only remembers the simple phrase “Everyone went to the Island”. Now in the present Gliam Morgan, Cain's adopted father, captain of the royal guard is upset with the King's secrecy of his true motive behind sending people to the island. He persisted with the King only to find out that the ring that holds eternal power is sleeping on the Island of No Return. Gliam pleaded with the King to send Cain to the island along with the Heingarian soldiers, but the King refused Gliam's request in front of an audience. A few days after the incident with the King, Gliam covertly sails for the island of no return hiding Cain and a secret letter from the King.

Beautiful songs of epic portions

The music is incredible! Each score of music falls nothing short of beautiful. Every piece is almost perfectly crafted for a specific area or the mood of the story. The songs are mainly orchestrated and range from dark to light-hearted. The music perfectly paints a picture with songs, and really sucks the gamer into this fantasy adventure. I found myself humming, tapping random controller buttons, and occasionally tapping my controller as if I was the conductor of the orchestra. As the game progresses many new pieces are introduced as well as some older pieces get a nice makeover. If the game doesn't interest you, you should at least check out the soundtrack to this one.

Buy, borrow or rent- what to do when I feel bent and all my money is spent?

I liked this game so much I ended up buying it twice. The first time was when it first came out and then about a year ago. I lent my friend this game and apparently he liked it so much he moved away with. In the end I ended up re-buying this game for about six bucks off ebay. If you have friend that still has this game ask them to borrow it at least you can get a general idea about it and how it plays. I rarely doubt you can rent this game any more seeing as the PS3 has all ready hit the shelves for quite some time. But, if you are like me than you will probably search the game out and end up adding it to your almost complete RPG collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/27/10

Game Release: Eternal Ring (US, 10/24/00)

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