Help me find the crests?

  1. I need to find the crests on final fantasy x if u help me please help me and thanks?

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  1. I have been thinking about how to address your question for a few days. I am going to assume that you are on your first play through and not very far along in the game at that. I also assume that you may wish to enjoy a voyage of discovery for your first play through rather than finding all things by consulting FAQs and or reading detailed answers on how to play the game. Thus I will answer in rather general terms by first providing context for the appearance of Crest Key Items and then attempting a pretty much "spoiler free" enumeration answer to your specific question.

    Crests are one of three elements involved in the most complex "puzzle" within Final Fantasy X. There are two companion Key Items (Sigils and Celestial Weapon Blanks) that when combined by use of another Key Item, the Celestial Mirror, produce the "Ultimate Weapon" within the game for each of the seven key characters. Getting all the items to obtain all the Celestial Weapons is a very complex process and probably cannot be accomplished by a first time player without use of a FAQ or two. That is the "bad" news. The good news is that you can play and complete the game without ever getting even one of the Celestial Weapons. So. on the first play through, the choice is yours. Play the game for the fun of it the first time and see how much you can do without consulting a walkthrough or FAQ or use FAQs and a walk through or two to be sure that you discover and use all of the interesting features to be found in the game immediately.

    If you want an excellent walk through that focuses on the Celestial Weapon quest, I suggest that my personal Favorite, "Ultimate Weaons Guide" by CB! posted on the GameFaqs Final Fantasy X site be consulted (The same FAQ was suggested by the prior responder).

    The Crests are, in my opinion, the easiest of the Celestial Weapon Key Items to find. However, even they can be tricky to locate. Here is a quick overview of how to find them.

    There are seven crests - one for each of the seven major characters of FFX. Each will appear in a treasure chest that will reveal a crest when opened. Their general locations are as follows:

    1. Moon Crest (Yuna) - Besaid Island "Hidden Beach" off to the right of the main beach when viewed from a position in the ocean looking toward the main beach.

    2. Jupiter Crest (Wakka) - Locker in Besaid Aurochs Locker Room in Luca. Will not appear until late in the game. If you look for it early in the game it will not be there.

    3. Mars Crest (Auron) - At the remote end of the Old Road portion of the Mi'ihen Highroad.

    4. Venus Crest (Lulu) - In the Farplane area of Guadosalam. Will not appear until you have left Guadosalam and returned at a later time after some amount of storyline progression.

    5. Mercury Crest (Rikku) - In a treasure chest in a "pocket" area in the northwest corner of the Sanubia Desert.

    6. Saturn Crest (Kimahri) - As you enter Mt. Gagazet, you will pass through a path between a double row of pillars at the bottom of the mountain. At the top of Mt. Gagazet, you will pass through a second, similar double row of pillars. Search behind the pillars on the left hand side to find the chest.

    7. Sun Crest (Tidus) - In Zanarkand you will fight a "final" battle against a fierce opponent. Once the opponent is defeated, exit the battle area and then immediately return to thoroughly explore and search the battle area. A chest will appear that, when opened, will be found to contain the Sun Crest.

    FFX is a really fun game but has some rather frustrating minigames to play. Watch out for lightning bolts, butterflies and chocobo races!

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  1. Read this:

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  2. Another option is reading the Celestial Weapons sticky topic, which includes links to pictures if that helps:

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