How do I beat seymour and anima at macalania?

  1. I keep fighting him but he keeps killing me with anima.

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  1. First off, note that S. casts his spells in a specific order- Blizzara, Thundara, Watera, and Fira. Always, no matter what. Having Yuna cast Nulfrost, Nulshock, Nultide, and Nulblaze will keep your party from being injured by his spells. Have Rikku steal from the two Guardians, and then beat the crap out of them.

    Anima is summoned once S Man has lost 3000 HP. Make sure you're healed up before that point, and have any Nulspells on that you can.

    There are two several good ways to take down Anima, but this is the best if you're having trouble.

    Summon Yuna's new aeon (????, or Shiva). Attack Anima and have her cast Blizzara on herself once her HP hits critical. Because she is an ice aeon, it will heal her back to full HP. When Shiva has a full overdrive, use Diamond Dust while Anima is in boost. It will deal 1.5x the normal damage, and it should deal 9999 damage. You should have enough MP to stay healed the whole time. Dismiss Shiva once Anima is defeated, or she'll probably be killed by level 3 elemental spells.

    So now he's back with his 6000 HP restored and now he casts Multi-spells. They're still in the same order, though, and he won't cast a spell on the same person twice unless they're the only one alive. Have Yuna continue the Nulspells. Haste her with Tidus or Rikku (a Chocobo Feather if you have one) if you can, that will help wonders.

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  1. Seymour is also vunerable to Slow and Poison, they both help quite a bit.

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  2. BBK_Kid and na-mi-da make good points, but they forgot to mention that Seymour has an ability called Banish which instantly defeats any of your Aeons. He has this ability in each of his battles (Seymour, Seymour Natus, Seymour Flux, and Seymour Omnis), and will use it the first chance he gets if Yuna has an Aeon active. Your Aeons' Shield and other abilities do not protect them from Banish, so if you're going to use Aeons against Seymour, they'll only get one turn; use it to nail him with an Overdrive. You can only use the Magus Sisters against Seymour Omnis, and I have not yet confirmed whether Seymour Omnis Banishes the Magus Sisters all at once or one at a time.

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  3. At Macalania Temple, he does not use Banish.

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  4. Be sure to use Tidus' trigger ability to talk to Seymore. He will get a significant power boost. Also, Seymore Omnis does not use banish.

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  5. To get rid of the guado guardians have rikku steal from them that will stop there auto potion then seymore will summon anima summon ???? attack normally use ice spells on her when health is low to heal her when you get the over drive use it then keep doing the same thing over again dimiss her when anima is dead seymore will then use multiple spells keep using nullspells with yuna then attack with auron and lulu (reconmenmded) to defeat him

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  6. Just teach kimarhi stone breath and have a full overdrive. Also have a strong aeon with all the nul spells(if you can). When the fight starts, let kimhari use stone breath, and the gurads die. Then beat up seymore till anima shows up. Let your strong aeon use all the nul- spells and THEN beat up anima. AFter anima dies, he will usually kill of your aeon with a -ga spell, but with nul on, he cant. This lets you live for 4 extra turns, scince he never uses the same spell twice.(i know you have probobly beat this boss at this time, but i can still write this for those poor souls that are at this boss now(wait till they get to gagazet)).

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  7. Also, try and learn Zombie attack for the 2 Guardians.

    The Nul-Spells are your best frined but if you have a lot of healing items then using reflect is even better.

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  8. haste on tidus, then make tidus talk to seymour dont talk to the guado guardians cause they wont say anything and when you talk to seymour youre attack will increase.. kil the guardians, make rikku steal from them so they stop using auto potion. after that hit seymour till his hp run below 3000 then he'll summon Anima. Anima uses pain [death and damage] so be careful. just keep attacking Anima but before you do this use protect on your party and dont forget shell when Anima has boost he'll be taking more damage but the overdrive wil fill easier. so when he's about to use it press triangle for defense then just keep doing that till he dies and when he dies seymour will use multi spells. this is where shell comes in handy. Now just keep attacking till he dies. and if you need it use the nul spells. now... if you use aeons i recommend using Ixion or Shiva.. they have the "ara" spells [thundara blizzara etc] let the aeon you use keep attacking [dont use your spells] then when the aeon's hp is low use the ara spell on yourself so you will heal [ixion = thundara] [shiva = blizzara] when Anima is about to oblivion you [his overdrive] use shield. now then Seymour... just remember the spells he casts in order is blizzara thundara watera and fira remember that then when the anima battle is over keep using the nul spells that is next. hope this helps :P

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  9. Seymour omnis uses banish,but rarely.Now,any armor that has an sos nul ANYTHING will help signifincly.Make sure Lulu has bio or have a poison fang around.have all but 1 aeon at overdrive,but save it for after anima.Have Yuna with high mana.Have your best weapons and armor on.Now,when the battle starts,i start with Yuna,Rikku and Tidus.Use Yuna nad Tidus to talk to Seymour.Then use Rikku to steal(mug) potions/hi-potions from the gaurds and use Tidus to kill them.Quickly bring in Lulu and cast reflex or focus.Then substitute Lulu for Auron and attack seymout till he summons Anima.Make sure Yuna is in the party.When Anima is in,use Yuna's overdrive to summon Shiva,????,or just regularly summon her.overdrive or heavenly strike.Blizzara to cure Shiva. Soon Anima will go down,and Shiva will fall to Seymour's -ga spells casted with doublecast.Be ready.Bring Lulu in and poison eymour and bring in Kimarhi.Attack Seymour and then bring in Wakka.Attack Seymour and summon Valefor.Use overdrive and when he falls,cast haste on Tidus and Yuna.keep your party in tiptop shape and summon aeons to use overdrives,heal,attack,re-nul,heal,attack etc.and don't forget to steal from him before he falls.He should fall quickly like that.Hope that it helps.(p.s. Seymour starts casting -ara,-ra this order.Blizzara,thundara,watera,fira.Remember after Anima he switches to -ga same order,but 2 spells per round.:))

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  10. I forgot,one thing,have as many people at overdrive as possible.sorry.

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  11. Macalania temple ?

    First go for the guards at all Haste, than change your character's to the ones who have the stronger magicks, then when he sends anima just sent Shiva,



    with that there will be no problem !

    2 Shiva's overdrive and that's the recipe to clear Anima !

    Save some aeons for the way out

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  12. First,ask Rikku to steal all the potions from the two guardians and then kill them....after that

    ask Yuna to cast the Nul-spells to protect themselves from Seymour's spells and hit

    Seymour till he summon ask Yuna to summon the aeon ???? ask

    aeon ???? to use boost on herself....let Anima damage her once and then heal herself

    with Blizzara...repeat the process till she get her overdrive....make sure that ???? HP is full

    before executing the Anima damaged ???? use Blizzara to heal

    herself again until her HP is full..???? don't need to use boost again since her overdrive is

    almost let Anima damage ???? at least one or two more times and use Blizzara to

    heal herself finish Anima by unleashing her overdrive...then use Nul-spells

    again to protect themselves from Seymour's spells again and hit Seymour till he dies...

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  13. If you can get to Anima, then heres what you want to do. Summon your new Aeon, ?????, aka Shiva, and build up her overdrive. If her HP gets low, use blizzard spells on her to hold her HP up. DONT USE SPELLS ON ANIMA. That would just waste your MP, and when you do charge her overdrive, make sure to use it while Anima is in boost. Repeat again, and Anima will be killed.

    When you kill Anima, Seymour will jump back in. When that happens, dismiss Shiva. make sure Yuna is on the battlefield the entire time. At this point, it will be easier to choose 3 characters (one of them Yuna) to finish the battle. When it is your turn, select attack and hover over seymour, but don't hit X. On the info bar along the top, it will list the order Seymour casts spells. Use yuna to cast the appropiate Nul-Spell before he uses it. Repeat until you complete the battle.

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