1. I really really want to play this to fight penance and all the dark aeons, BUT, I don't know if i can just play it on my PS2. Can someone please tell me what I need in order to play the international version? And the cost too please :)

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  1. I can't tell you exactly what the cost is, but in order to play it, you'll need ONE of the following:

    1) A Japanese PS2 (for International version) or a European/Australian PS2 (for PAL version) - this may in turn require a voltage convertor to run off your power supply
    2) A modchip for your PS2
    3) Swap Magic discs

    Swap Magic discs are definitely the cheapest option, unless you already have one of the two others.

    You can get either the PAL version (Europe, UK, Australia) or the International version (newer Japan releases, other parts of Asia). If you have the choice, I'd reccomend PAL version. International version has a glitch with Dark Valefor sometimes, and the Crest/Sigil names are all mixed up (the location you get the ones for each character does not change, only the names do, this still may cause difficulty with using FAQs however).

    The main differences from the American version are:

    1) Dark Aeons and Penance
    2) "Ribbon" armour ability
    3) "Distil ______" weapon abilities (same as the Distillers you can buy in shops, but as weapon abilities)
    4) A few new skills on the sphere grid, none of them are that great except Quick Pockets (like Quick Hit but for using items)
    5) Quick Hit is not as fast and costs more MP
    6) Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon are stronger
    7) Anima's Oblivion, Magus Sister's Delta Attack and Auron's Tornado all hit multiple times

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  1. So, firstly, if you don't know of a local importer then Playasia is a popular choice;


    The Japanese version is more expensive than the Korean/Asian versions were, but it seems they're out of stock. Just find the cheapest version available; so long as it say's 'International' after the title you're good to go.

    But DO NOT get the PAL (European) version whatever you do, especially if you live in the US. It runs at 50hz and is a terrible conversion. Besides, it will be likely be incompatible with your TV. Stick to the Korean/Asian/Japanese versions. On each version the whole game can be played in 100% English of course, speech and text.

    A very cheap way to play is by purchasing Swap Magic discs. Sometimes they are sold on their own and sometimes with the necessary 'tool' you need to use them. Make sure you buy the correct Swap Magic disc's for your region PS2 (so NTSC US if you live in the states and have a NTSC US PS2). Also ensure you get the latest version (it was version 3.6 when I used them)

    Which tool you use to be able to use the Swap Magic discs is up to you. Each sort of 'tool' (Slide Card/No-Solder chip/flip-top lid/slide card etc) only requires some small external modification to your PS2 and is very simple to do. When I had one I used the 'slide tool' but there are better methods (after a year, using the slide tool ruined the disc tray on my PS2 because you use the slide tool to pull the tray out manually. Doing this over and over eventually caused the disc tray to not work at all. But bear in mind I used it hundred's of times over the course of a year for many imported games. I'm sure it would be fine just to use for one game as a short tern solution. But I would still suggest a different method)

    Of course, that is a very cheap way to be able to play games from other regions but having an original Japanese PS2 is even better!. They are available to purchase from Playasia but a lot more expensive than the swap discs obviously. But anyhow, check out the Cinnabar Red version here;


    Cool huh?.

    For further information on the Swap Magic discs and tools just Google. You'll find plenty of info on how to use them, what tools are available to use with the discs etc and with a bit of searching you can find somewhere that sells them closest to you. They aren't a perfect solution but alternatives are costly, and at least they are reliable and will play all PS2 games from different regions without any problem whatsoever. UNLESS the game is on what's known as a 'dual-layer' disc. Not many PS2 games are (just a few, like Xenosaga for example). Tthankfully, FFX is NOT dual layer and will play perfectly.

    The International version is amazing by the way. If you haven't played the it, then you haven't really played Final Fantasy X. You're in for quite a treat :-)

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