How do I beat Magic Urns?

  1. I've trying to get 10 of everything captured and I know you cant capture an urn in the cavern of the stolen faith.... BUT ALL I RUN IN TO IS MAGIC URNS!!!! Is there anyway to destroy them and actually make them worth something or are they really in this game just as an annoyance? I know in FF VII you could give them an elixer and get MASSIVE EXP so I was just curious

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    Phoenixrefire83 - 9 years ago
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    Well actually as far as tonberrys are concerned... CB!'s guide to the hunting here on gameFAQs said that there is a room to the right of the first 4 way intersection where supposedly the encounter rate is higher.... known as the "green room" this is because when ever you get attacked the floor turns green... ANYWAY I know this may sound VERY specific but any other way and I didn't run in to as many... Run counter clock-wise around the chest in that room.... I ran in to 2 of them back to back and 5 with in an hour... however if I switched direction I ran in to Malboro's instead go figure... Also I understand that Magic Urn can't be defeated... I was just wondering if there was a point to fighting them AT ALL... all I ever get is Phoenix downs or high potions... AT BEST maybe a silver or gold hourglass... if thats it then why the hell did they even make the game LMAO... I mean a monster that you attack til you get it wrong and instead of common item prizes you get hit for 2000-3000 points of damage all around.... seems kinda off to me... just searchin for an answer

    User Info: Phoenixrefire83

    Phoenixrefire83 - 9 years ago

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  1. As far as I know, it's unavoidable. Magic urns, if you really hate to fight them, just use flee. And the fact you're just running into them 90% of the time is probably you're unlucky, try reset the game. Also Magic Urn is not apart of the catch group, so don't worrie about catching them. And catching Tomberry is going to be very annoying, you will spent at least 6 hours just catching 4-5 Tomeberrys.

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  1. Magic Urns can't be defeated. Yojimbo's Zanmato is the only way to kill it. It doesn't drop anything however

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    slyfan926 - 9 years ago 0 0

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