Are the Celestial items (weapons, crests, sigils) missable?

  1. I kind of put off trying to get the items, but now I'm thinking of trying to get them. I just got the Airship (before Evrae attacks) and I'm suddenly worried that I may have lost some of those items permanently.

    Is it still possible for me to get them? And what's this I hear about "coordinates"?


    User Info: somerndmguy

    somerndmguy - 7 years ago

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  1. Right. None of the weapons, crests, or sigils are missable.

    One thing quasi-missable at that point is recruiting Wakka for your blitzball team. Your next chance for that is also not until you obtain permanent control of the airship. Blitzball is how Wakka obtains his weapon, overdrive reels, and sigil. For quick tips on getting all that:

    For more on coordinates, passwords, and celestial weapon stuff, try !.ACA.!'s Secrets/Sidequests FAQ. Mostly spoiler-free but thorough, and one of the few guides to actually explain the passwords.

    User Info: falconesque

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  1. You cannot miss any of the legendary weapons, you can always take the rquired steps later...this is not really the point where you have full control of the airship..that comes much later after zanarkand and you will then be able to put in the coordinates when you speak to cid. as well as chose to go to any location in spira..there are also 3 passwords you can enter..they are godhand, victorious and murasame.

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  2. None of the Weapons, Crests or Sigils are missable like falconesque said.


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