Where can I find (Break HP limit)?

  1. where and how can i find break Hp limit.?

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    near001 - 7 years ago

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  1. Break Hit Point Limit is obtained by customizing armor using 30x Wings to discovery.

    You can get 30x Wings to Discovery by winning the Remiem Temple Race while opening three treasure chests (one time only).

    The Monster Arena Original Creation Shinryu will drop one (ordinary kill) or two (Overkill) upon each defeat.

    4 can be obtained on each bribe of the Malboro in the Calm Lands (approximately 540,000 Gil) and 8 on each bribe of the Great Malboro in the Omega Dungeon (approximately 1,280,000 Gil).

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  1. Also, an optional boss, Omega Weapon, who is found in the Omega Ruins may sometimes drop break HP limit armour when it is defeated.

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  2. nemesis from the monster arena drops break HP limit armor

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  3. Also all the dark aeons can drop break hp limit armor as well as ribbon armor sometimes even armor with both. Dark yojimbo in particular drops them quite often and as you can fight him as often as you want until you beat him the fith time in row he is the best bet for getting both abilities

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  4. Nemesis can drop the armor, you can kill Shinryu for 1, overkill for 2, the Omega Weapon sometimes drops them, you can bribe Malboro's for 540,000 for 4, or Great Malboro 1,280,000. You can also win 30 by hitting 3 chests and no poles on the Remiem Temple race, but thats a one time deal. It takes 30 Wings to Discovery to customize Break Hp Limit on armor.

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  5. Wings to Discovery
    1. Mix Item
    2. Customization:
    Triple AP: 50 Wings to Discovery
    Break HP Limit: 30 Wings to Discovery

    Buy: N/A
    Sell: 7,500 Gil
    Steal: N/A
    Drop: Shinryu - 1,2; , = Monster Arena
    - Capture 2 of each: Splasher, Achelous, Maelspike
    Bribe: Marlboro - 4 ( 540,000 Gil) = Calm Lands (135,000)
    Great Marlboro - 8 (1,280,000 Gil) = Inside Sin/Omega Ruins (160,000)
    Found: N/A
    Other: Prize - 30 = Remiem Temple - Chocobo Race, Win with 3 Chests & No Pole

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