How can i unlock don tonberry?

  1. How can i unlock don tonberry and how can i do the AP trick?

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Sry, the area I meant was in the cavern of the stolen fayth.
    Should have mentioned that haha

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  1. To unlock Don tonberry one must capture at least one of each monster from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. These are: Epaaj, Imp, Yowie, Thorn, Dark Element, Nidhogg, Valaha, Ghost, and Tonberry. Imp, Nidhogg and Valaha also appear on Mt. Gagazet and, if you capture them there, they count towards meeting the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth requirement.

    With the Don Tonberry AP trick one can gain up to 99 Sphere Levels in a single, approximately 2 minute, battle. in overview the steps are as follows:

    1. Unlock the Species Creation One-Eye for the Monster Arena.

    2. Battle One-Eye until you get one (or more) Triple AP weapon(s) with two empty slots.

    3. Customize the Triple AP weapon(s) by adding Overdrive -> AP to each weapon.

    4. Customize the Triple AP weapon (s) by adding Triple Overdrive.

    5. If you have not done so, unlock Don Tonberry for the Monster Arena.

    6. Equip the customized weapons and fight a preliminary battle with Don Tonberry.

    7. Choose a "sacrificial" characterusing the battle results and be sure that the Don Tonberry Karma attack does at leat 80,000 hit points damage to that character.

    8. Put your sacrificial character in the "Stoic" overdrive mode and your other two battle party characters in the "Comrade" overdrive mode.

    9. Fight the "99 Sphere Level" battle with Don Tonberry by attacking Don Toberry five or six times (being sure that the "sacrificial" character receives at least 80,000 hit points of damage), then fleeing from battle.

    For details on how all of this is to be accomplished, read Chapter 20 of the posted "Secrets/Sidequests FAQ" by !.ACA.!

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  1. It's kind of difficult to locate the tonberry, as he's rare, but if you look in the little square area with the chest , he appears there more often. Just flee from fiends you already captured. (unless you need to level up) I caught the 10 I needed in a half hour there.

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