What does Godhand do???

  1. I know it stops Rikku from leveling up but it does nothing else it seems?

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    moup94 - 7 years ago

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  1. The most complicated sidequest in Final Fantasy X involves the actions that must be taken to obtain the "ultimate" weapon for each of the seven main characters.

    Godhand is the Celestial Weapon (The Ultimate Weapon) for Rikku.

    It does not stop her from leveling up.

    When you first get the weapon "blank" its capabilities are limited and experience points do not accumulate if you equip it. However, if you search for and get the Mercury Crest and the Mercury Sigil, you can use those two items to "power up" the weapon blank to produce the full capability weapon. Its powers are: Break Damage Limit (the character can inflict more than 9999 points and up to 99999 points of damage per turn); Triple Overdrive (the overdrive guage fills at triple the normal rate); Double AP (the character accumulates AP at twice the normal rate) and Gillionaire (twice the normal amount of Gil accumulates after each battle).

    Even finding the Crest and Sigil is not enough though. You must first get the Cloudy Mirror and then take it to a special spot in Macalania Woods to convert it the the Celestial Mirror and finally return there with the Weapon Blank, Mercury Crest and Mercury Sigil to create the "ultimate" weapon.

    There are posted FAQs that explain all of the details of getting all of the weapons. See, for example, the "Ultimate Weapons Guide" by CB! and/or the "Secrets/Sidequests FAQ" by !.ACA.! - both outstanding sources of information.

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