Where can I find Fortune Spheres?

  1. I know that they're usually in chests and whatnot, but I was wondering...do any fiends drop them?

    User Info: AlixZOMBIIE

    AlixZOMBIIE - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I believe there are only 4 locations to find Fortune Spheres in treasure chests, and more or less the same amount for the related Luck Spheres, and I'm sorry to say that I don't remember where they are at this time.
    However, Fortune Spheres and Luck Spheres are dropped by two Original Creation monsters in the Monster Arena: Earth Eater drops (more or less) two Fortune Spheres when defeated, and Greater Sphere drops (more or less) two Luck Spheres when defeated. Each costs 15,000 Gil to battle one of them at a time, neither can be bribed, and both are EXTREMELY powerful (perhaps more powerful than Sin (with Overdrive: Giga-Graviton), Braska's Final Aeon, or Yu Yevon), to the point where you will NEED extremely high stats (if not maximized at 255 each), Auto-Abilities such as Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Potion (with 99 X-Potions and NO standard Potions or Hi-Potions), Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, One MP Cost (or better yet, Three Stars items), Break HP/MP/Damage Limit, stats high enough to use these Auto-Abilities, and Command Abilities such as Auto-Life, Quick Hit, Ultima, Holy, and Full-Life simply to survive. Since you only get 2 spheres per victory, you will have to fight the Earth Eater and Greater Sphere MANY times (even for MONTHS ON END) in order to maximize your characters' Luck stats at 255. I mentioned Luck Spheres in addition to your request of Fortune Spheres because there aren't enough Luck nodes on the Sphere Grid as it is to maximize even a single character's Luck; you will need Luck Spheres to fill in empty nodes on the Sphere Grid so that they can then be activated with Fortune Spheres.
    I don't know at this time the exact requirements to unlock Earth Eater and Greater Sphere for battle in the Monster Arena, but I do know these abilities of the monsters: Earth Eater has Auto-Reflect and can use Megaton Punch (I think that's what it's called) as a standard physical attack against a single target, and when knocked onto its back like the Chocobo Eater will Counter your attacks and spells by casting Flare on itself (which, due to its Auto-Reflect, bounces to hit one of your characters for heavy damage); Greater Sphere has a standard physical attack against a single target, Counters ANY attacks, spells, or abilities such as Steal (but NOT Overdrives) by casting Ultima at your entire party, and Counters Overdrives (Both of characters and Aeons) with Hydraulic Press, a physical attack that hits your entire party. Fortunately for you, since these are Monster Arena battles, losing the fight will NOT cause a Game Over, but will instead leave you at the Monster Arena with your "front-line" characters at 1 HP each. Remember to heal after the fight using the Save Sphere.
    I hope this information helps you.

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