How do I beat (nemesis)?

  1. how do I unlock nemesis I need help

    User Info: jessehibbert

    jessehibbert - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    It depends on how leveled your characters are. The easy answer is to have 255 Str and Agility and Auto-Haste on your main attackers (let's say Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku with their Celestial weapons for simplicity's sake - although you could substitute Wakka for Yuna if you didn't like or do Blitzball.) Auto-Haste is important! You'll get in more attacks. A really cool idea I've seen recently is to Use a Three Stars item. This will give all of your characters the ability to use magics and Quick Hit without using MP, but this isn't really necessary. If you have 999 MP, you won't need it anyway. Basic strategy goes like this:
    Rikku's OD should be set to Comrade...but Stoic would probably also work.

    Rikku : use OD for Hyper Mighty G on your attaking party - this will give them all Auto-Life, as well as Protect & Shell. Afterwards, you might want to Use some Stamina Tonics(? - or whichever item doubles your maximum HP for the battle.) After Hyper Mighty G though all you need to do is Quick Hit all the time, renewing Auto-Life as needed on your party when Nemesis kills someone - or Hyper Mighty G when he uses Ultra Spark or Armegeddon...which isn't TOO often. Granted, this uses up some rare items; but if you are powerful enough to be fighting Nemesis then it shouldn't be too difficult to kill some Monster Arena bosses and get more - they are not THAT rare.

    You may substitute Hyper Mighty G for an Aeon, as other posters stated. This will save your items, so its arguably better. Yet the above strategy WILL work...repeatedly. After you beat him, you'll get nice weapons or armor which you can further customize for better effect - break HP limit is definitely nice - and if your HPs are high enough you won't need to worry about Ultra Spark; this will make the battle go MUCH faster for you. He's not really that tough, just a pain in the @$$ 'cause of all the MP you need for all the Quick Hits and Auto-Life. Hope that helps a lot of peeps. Cheers and good luck! =3

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    jonniemike - 8 years ago

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  1. Well what you can do is just go to the monster arena faq guide on this site which will help you tremendously. One thing to help you beat the nemesis is have ultimate armours which are 4 slotted armours with the abilities just like this. Auto Pheonix, Auto Haste, Auto Protect, and Auto Potion. Auto Pheonix will help you ,revive someone without using a turn. Auto Haste will allow you to move quicker than the enemy. Auto Protect will help you tremendously with damage so when the Nemesis hits someone it will reduce it by half. And Auto Potion will help you heal you low hp character(don't have potions or hi potions in you inventory because if you do auto potion will use the lowest form of potion to heal yourself, so only have like x-potions and mega potions). Also have you 3 front line characters learn quick hit so you can get 3 times the amounts in which means triple damage. If you already unlocked nemesis then I assume that most of you chraracters if not all of them have most of their stats at least above 200 or more. Or if you don't want to use your characters you could certainly use your Aeons like the more powerful ones such as Anima, Yojimbo, Bahumut, and of course the Magus Sisters. Also having most of your ulimate weapons for your character such as Caladbolg, Nirvana, Godhand, etc. So as long as you have most of that stuff you should hopefully do really well. Although it might take a little while since Nemesis has about 10 million hp (10,000,000). Hopefully that helped and I hope you do well in your game jessehibbert::))

    User Info: Bissomoneybags

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  1. Not sure whether you're asking how to beat him or how to unlock him... to beat him the above poster's answer will work. To unlock him, you need to capture 10 of every capturable monster in the game and defeat all of the other monster arena bosses.

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    he has 10 million HP

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  3. ok my strategy requires training but it is almost unfailable WITHOUT auto-life. have 2 characters with 220+str 170+ agility high def, and high magic def just in case. use quick hit alternating turns until one character dosent have anymore turns before nemesis attacks. switch that character for yuna and summon valefor. he will die in one attack but it will switch to your turn. the armor i used on the 2 characters had Auto-Haste,Auto-Protect,Break Hp Limit, and Hp+30%. after using 7 aeons as sacrifices nemesis should die and you will get a break hp armor or break damage weapon

    User Info: Magiark1

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  4. You want everyone on your team to have max strength and agility at least. High defense and magic defense would help a lot, too. You want to keep using quick hit on it when you get the chance to attack. You also want auto protect, haste, and phoenix on all of your characters's armors, and break damage limit on their weapons. You don't have to have their ultimate weapons; I customized BDL on a few of my characters's. People will say you need auto-potion, but you really don't. I didn't any trouble at all without having it for any of the monster arena bosses, or anything else in the game. Anyway, Nemesis uses Ultima a lot, and he uses it in a pattern, too, so be ready to guard it somehow or just bring on of Yuna's Aeons out to take the hit. I haven't played FFX in forever, but I remember that much... Hope this helps!

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  5. To unlock Nemesis you need to capture 10 of EVERY fiend AND beat all of the Original Bosses. Once you beat him you can just pay Yojimbo All your money for an ista death attack which I forget the name of. Good luck!

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  6. Here what I use. Have 3 character with 255 str,255 agi. You don't need much hp and def. Have at least 1 of your character has Auto-Haste ability. First, cast haste to all of your character. Then, use quick hit which deal 99999 until nemesis turn come out. Then, summon any aeon as sacrificial. If your Yuna has grown, your aeon should has 1 or 2 turns to atk and will deal 99999 dmg. It helps little. Just do that until nemesis die.

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  7. Use hastega then attack until when nemesis is 1 turn away, then switch to yuna & call something stupid like ifrit so he can get killed by armageddon, then switch to anima & make it to hastega & you can use pain another 15 times then do the overdrive, which will total up to taking at least 2mil in dmg, depending on how strong your aeons are, then summon bahamut after he does armageddon on anima, then repeat the process with him & the other 3 aeons left (yojimbo is complicated & you have to b rich to use him, i just used him as a sacrifice) then do da same with the reg. characters casting hastega every 5 turns ensuring the turn lasts for like 15hits & that fight should be over in no time

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  8. I'm going for him too!But,this is what I will do.Lol.
    Have Auron,Yuna,and Rikku.
    Yuna=healing,sacrafice and horribly strong BLK magic.
    Rikku= Really useless,but somewhat useful.
    Auron=Main target and main damage.
    Auron should know Provoke and Quick hit and have good STRNGTH.Provoke Nemesis(If it even works!)and the quick hit...Rikku should have OD at beggining of the battle.Make a Hyper Super Mighty G (does it exist?I saw it in a youtube vid...)Cast Auto life on everyone with Yuna ASAP and whenever Nemesis goes to attack,summon valefor,ifrit etc.I use THE SISTERS(!) for MAJOR damage.But,hey.I'm technicly a beginner.Only played good enough to get 3 ultimate weapons to full power...

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  9. You can beat him with aeon sacrifice & using quick hit(your stats must be around 220) but if u want downed him so badly u must have agi,str,def and luck at 255 and have auto haste,auto protect,auto potion and defence+20%in your armor,sell all hi potion and potion.always have at least 2 character with auto life for his armagedon attack and just use quick hit .sit back and watch how u kick his ass

    User Info: Sir_Immortal

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