Butterfly Minigame - Can't get Saturn Sigil?

  1. I have found all 7 butterflies in both games, but no chest appears - either a Teleport Sphere or a Saturn Sigil.

    Looking at other answers leads me to believe that the countdown is supposed to stop once you get blue butterfly #7, allowing you to backtrack and grab the chest. But mine keeps going and fades me back to the beginning before I can reach where the chest is supposed to be. Is this a glitch?

    Other info: Playing American version, only played the butterfly minigames after getting airship.

    User Info: Tomecko

    Tomecko - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I have caught all 7 in each game. I made sure to count myself, and after catching the 7th one, all the butterflies vanish. But the timer still doesn't stop, and I am booted back to the beginning with no treasure.

    User Info: Tomecko

    Tomecko - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Following your suggestions, I was finally able to get my Saturn Sigil tonight! Thanks for the help. I believe I was counting the original rainbow butterfly as one of my blue ones by mistake (and I did run off the screen after winning at least once).

    Now off to dodge 200 lightning bolts...

    User Info: Tomecko

    Tomecko - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This discussion assumes use of an original disk - not some bootleg copy.

    First, know that there are two butterfly mazes. Each has three appearances. Once before Sperimorph, once after Spherimorph and once after you get the Airship. In the final appearances, the maze "closest" to the Macalania Travel agency will yield a treasure chest containing a Teleport Sphere. The Maze "farthest" from the Travel Agency (closest to the entrance) will yield a treasure chest containing the Saturn Sigil. At your point in the game, the maze "closest" to the Travel Agency has a "tricky" start that requires you to move "backwards" to get the first blue butterfly. The maze "farthest" from the Travel Agency has the final blue butterfly located at a point very close to the exit to the first pathway section into the Macalania Wood.

    When you collect all seven butterflies from a maze you will get a "flash" after getting the seventh one. That signifies that the treasure chest "prize" has appeared. If you don't get the "flash" you have missed one or more butterflies. The red butterflies do not immediately vanish once you get all seven of the blue ones. Also, when you get the "flash" you are not returned back to the beginning of the maze but remain at your "current" position in the maze. The countdown timer will continue its countdown to zero after the "flash" but not to worry about the countdown after the "flash" for its only important while collecting the seven blue butterflies.

    From your description, you haven't completed a butterfly maze hunt yet. You may have done part of one only or, possibly parts of two thinking you were in a single maze. When you do complete a single maze, to be sure and get the treasure, be careful.

    When you get all of the butterflies, immediately STOP your movement and wait until the countdown timer goes to zero. If you are not careful, you can run on out of the maze shortly after you get the final blue butterfly so STOP. Also, if you go looking for the treasure chest prize before the counter reaches zero, you will have to dodge red butterflies to avoid fighting "butterfly battles", so wait. Once you get the "flash", you can take your time looking for the chest for it will remain until you leave the butterfly maze. To find the chest, return back the way you came. The treasure chest will be sitting at the side of the path with a blue butterfly hovering around it. If you have reached the beginning of the maze without finding the chest, do not exit else you will have to redo the maze to get the prize to appear again. Instead, carefully retrace the path to search some more (the chest should not be hard to find as it is obviously located) until you find the chest.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. If the countdown doesn't stop then it means you missed collecting one of the butterflies. Do it again making sure you count 7 butterflies that you actually catch and not run past.

    User Info: Mikey_R

    Mikey_R (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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