Underdogs Secret ?

  1. What is it and what do u use it for cause ive just obtained 99 of rin for collecting all the albed preimers and i have no clue as to what they are used for some help plz :p:p

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    pin359 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Underdog's Secret has two uses:

    1. It is an item that can be used to add capability to a weapon by means of customization. If you have a weapon with a "blank" capability slot, you can add the capability "Double Overdrive" to the weapon by using 30 Underdog's Secret and the customization option from the main Menu (Customization becomes available when you reach Guadosalam for the first time).

    2. Each character has a set of overdrives the character can use. In the case of Rikku, her overdrive is based upon the use of a "mix" command. To execute the overdrive, one chooses two items from those avilable in inventory to "mix" and uses the result in battle to produce a "special effect". In the case of Underdog's Secret, many possible "special effects" can be produced dependant upon what other item is "mixed" with the Underdog's Secret. Examples: Final Elixir (mix with High Potion); Freedom X (mix with Ether); Burning Soul (mix with Bomb Fragment); Quartet of 9 (mix with Bomb Core); Supernova (mix with Underdog's Secret) and on and on.

    See the posted "Equipment Remodeling Guide' by CB! for general information on customization and customization options.

    See the posted "Mix List" by CB! for a complete list of Rikku's mixes including all those involving use of Underdog's Secret.

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Other Answers

  1. Use 30 to customize Double Overdrive on a weapon.

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