How do i beat the boss called crawler?

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    monkeydude41 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are various ways.

    I like to use the fact that if you never attack Crawler's Negator companion, it will, at worst, use its Gatling Gun attack on its available turns. No worries about Mana Beam!

    Equip "good" defensive accesories (Darkness protection for your key attacker might be wise if you are short on eyedrops) and have Rikku use a Light Curtain Item to set up a protective defense for characters in your active battle party.

    Then "pound away" with physical weapons to knock down its hit points. Use the "Cheer" capability of Tidus to strengthen the individual character's physical attack for quicker hit point reduction. Crawler is particularly vunerable to Lightning attack so weapons with a Lightningstrike capability and Rikku "Use" of items like Lightning Marble will help cut down its hit points.

    While you are doing that, you can heal your active battle party using curative items and/or by using Yuna's "Pray" capability.

    If you have someone in your party (e.g., Yuna) equipped with the Sensor capability, you can watch the hit points diminish toward zero. When Crawler's hit points get "low", you can finish it off with some effective overdrive (Such as Lulu's Thunder - type Fury or Rikku's Mix) for an overkill victory if you wish.

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