Blitzball reset data trick for wakka's reels/jupiter sigil?

  1. I was woundering what the reset data trick does in the aspect of players? does it make the oppenent easier to beat at a blitzball game? and after i get each item attack reels,= reset. status reels =reset. aurouch reels =reset. and then get jupiter sigil. i have fought enough battles to get all items to appear after each reset. should get in 24 to 26 games. and an idea of wich players to require to make it easy i know to recute after each reset data. I just realy hate blitzball it makes the game in my opinion boring. i cant seem to win thats why i want to try the method. thank u dedicated ff fans

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  1. If you use the [Reset] option of the Blitzball menu, all player statistics for every player and all team members for every team will be returned to their starting configuration upon each [Reset]. That is, statistics wise and team structure wise, you will be starting over.

    If Tidus has learned Jecht Shot, he will retain that capability but will not be able to equip it until he accumulates enough "player points" to reach the Level 3 playing capability.

    The [Reset] option will work but you have to know how to play Blitzball well using a Manual Control mode to make it happen.

    It will also be helpful if you know how to manipulate the structure of each tournament to be able to play the opponents you can beat as well as to control the sequence of league and tournament game play.

    Discussion on which players are the "best" have been a historical topic of great interest and opinions vary on which players to use

    There are alternative approaches to getting what you want but you will need to do some reading to understand them. You might start by reviewing the question and answers posting on the Final Fantasy X Blitzball boad for additional ideas.

    Also, consider posting more specific questions on what you wish to do on the Blitzball board to see what "expert" opinions you might get.

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  1. Here's how to determine whether Reset Data is more than you want to deal with:

    1. Save your game at the nearest Save Sphere.
    2. From the Save Sphere, choose Play Blitzball.
    (This option is not immediately available in a new game.)
    3. Choose Reset Data.
    4. Review Team Data.
    5. Play Exhibition matches to review data on another team or two.

    If the result is too much of a loss, then do NOT save your game. Rather, soft reset and reload your game to keep your data just as it was.

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  2. use Tidus as LF, Brother as your MF, Wedge (from Luca) as your LF, Naida (calm lands shop) as your RD, and Ropp (Mihin highroads travel agency) as your LD and Durren (calm lands gorge bottom) or Jumal (luca) as your goalie..when you get the ball switch manual mode and then give the ball to brother and have him swim forward and draw a defender then pass to tidus on the left and stay left to get close to the goal as possible and then jech shot..rinse and repeat..after level 5 or so you should win very easy...durren will stop almost all shots.

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  3. Don't bother resetting your data unless you've just playing for fun. It resets your stats and players and isn't worth doing, really. You can get Wakka's overdrives and the Jupiter Sigil without doing it.

    Also, if you're looking to make playing Blitzball easier from the get go, leave it until you have control of the airship, so that you can scour Spira without having to go through storylines first.

    That said, replace every single one of the Aurochs. Only people who enjoy Blitzball should consider keeping any of them. They take too long to level up to where you need them to be to get the game over quicker.

    If you get the best players possible as soon as you start playing, this will seriously augment your in game progress. If you're not winning, you should review the rules and how to play to refamiliarise yourself.
    Last piece of advice? Avoid the Al Bhed Psyches on your first game. In the only mandatory blitz game the team to beat is the Luca Goers, in the rest of the Tournament/League, it's the Al Bhed Psyches.

    I love them, but they p*ss me off! Oh, and recruit Brother, whatever you do. His skills are far above other players on higher levels, making him a f*ck*ing blitz machine. Worth the small fee.


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  4. If you really need to reset your blitz team, recruit these motherefackers, Nimrook as you goalie, wedge in any position, brother as your left or right mid fielder and wakka as your rd. there, and the rest is anyone you want except for datto, though

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  5. If you want Wakka's goodies ASAP without resorting to Reset Data, once you can get into the Calm Land's gorge, recruit Durren. He's a crusader walking around the gorge enroute to a rusty sword. That's usually all you need to survive and win. Handy save sphere, too. Hunker down and get it done before ascending to Gagazet.

    Takes 44 games without resetting your data. And if you get hit with the Psyches out of the gate, soft reset and check again. Your seeding might change.

    For more low-end tricks:

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