Where can I find Wakka's World Champion?

  1. I went everywhere to find Wakka's World Champion and I couldn't. When they mean talk to the guy what guy. I try to go to the bar in the middle of luca with the statue and every time I enter there the entire screen turns black. I don't know what to do because I have everyone else's weapons powered up fully except for Wakka and that is why I need someones help

    Thanx People:):):):):)

    User Info: Bissomoneybags

    Bissomoneybags - 8 years ago

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  1. win 5 games of your blitzball career she will give you the world champ (assuming that you have the Celestial Mirror with you)

    User Info: Xynz

    Xynz - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Yes, its in the bar, you know that bar when you previously tried to find Auron when the first time you visit Luca for the blitzball tournament, the one that Khimari met Biran and Yenke and have a fight, then Yuna was kidnap. Yup! that bar.

    Just talk to the bartender and (forgot he / she) will give you the world champion, but to make him/her to do so, you must play blitzball many2 times, I talk to the bartender after I got the aurochs reels, and I got it. Good luck!

    User Info: t3p4

    t3p4 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. t3p4 is right as to the location, but I think I know what you might be having difficulty with. I recently bought a back-up FFX disc used from gamestop, and was using it to play thru that part (the scene at the bar with biran and yenke insulting kimahri). the game screen went black; i could press start and the word pause would show up, but i couldnt continue. I popped open my ps2 *its a slim one* and switched FFX discs, and presto! the cutscene played out on my other disc. So I'm thinking that it's not uncommon for that area to be rendered useless do to wear and tear on the disc. And like t3p4 said, you need to go into there to get world champion; there is no other way.

    Try asking a friend to borrow their disc, or rent/buy another copy, or get disc doctor or have a place clean it (family video does it for cheap, like $2). Good Luck!

    User Info: matthewpfau

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  3. To get one of the things to power it up, good luck. You need to have all of his overdrives(won from blitzball turtoments) which are hard enough by themselves. Then you keep playing blitzball turtoments until the crest or sigul comes up as a prize.( i think my ps2 hates me. I played over 200 games( 20 turtoments) and i still havent found even ONE of his overdrives.)( Again too much written for a dead question.)

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  4. Just an info for icantfindname :

    200 games and still havent found even 1 of wakka's overdrive, so that means havent got attack reels, thats pretty strange. Maybe this could help, what you should do is dont just compete in tournaments, you have to compete in the league also. From my experience, attack reels always shows up in the tournaments, status reels shows up at the league, aurochs reels in the tournaments, and the sigil in the league.

    note : if the tournament is on and you dont participate, it'll eventually change into the new season of tournament, but if the league is on, and you dont participate, it wont change to a new season of league, so like it or not you have to compete in the league (based on my experience). okay hope that helps, good luck!

    User Info: t3p4

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  5. A way to do make the league play more eficient is to save after you complete a season (and before you check the blitzball screen again). Then, you can just keep reloading until you get something good.

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  6. Get the mirror.lay and win 5 or more(5 at the least)blitzball games.Go to the cafe where you went to find Auron in Luca,Talk to the owner,say yes and you got it.The games messin up?borrow/rent a game or go to a shop and get it cleaned.

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  7. You just need to have won more games than you lost examples are:
    2/8 3/11 1/6 etc. etc.

    And then go to the bar where you found Auron. It's also the one where Kimahri met Yenke and biran.

    User Info: ZSNES_MAN

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  8. After winning at least 5 matches of blitzball and having the celestial mirror with you,talk the woman owner of the Luca cafe where people say Auron was there but instead Kimahri pick a fight with Biran and Yenke there...she will be standing in front of the blitzball match screen...Talk to her...there will be a icon that says use celestial mirror....say yes and u will get the World Champion Ball...that is her family heir artifact given by Lord Ohalland and ask you to use it with care...

    User Info: cjnick7

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