How can I get the Jupiter Sigil?

  1. I know you get it as a blitz league prize after you get all of wakkas overdrives, iv only got wakkas attack reels as I've heard you need to complete a certain no. of battles/blitz matches i dont know which I dont know how many, please dont send me a link to a faq they dont have he exact information i want, I need to know whether or not its matches or battle, how many to get the status reels, then auroch, then sigil, and i need to know whether or not wakka has to be involved in said battles/matches.
    early thanks :)

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  1. There are a couple of different things that need to be considered. There are "issues" with obtaining Wakka's overdrives via blitzball and there are seperate issues concerning getting Wakka's Celestial Weapon that can involve details about winning blitzball matches. Wakka need not play in any blitzball match for the overdrive prizes to appear or to obtain his Celestial Weapon.

    Overdrives first.

    The blitzball prize progression your will see is Attack Reels (a tournament prize that can appear every other tournament in the early game), Status Reels (a league prize that will appear after Attack Reels is won), Aurochs Reels (a tournament prize that will appear after Status Reels is won) and Jupiter Sigil (a league prize that will appear after Aurochs Reels has been won).

    With respect to Wakka's overdrives. FAQs say (but I have not verified this as yet) that Wakka has to have been involved in a certain number of battles with fiend enemies before some of the blitzball prizes appear. I read (in the posted Overdrive FAQ by PFriedman) that Wakka must have participated in 250 fiend battles for Status Reels to appear as a prize and in 450 battles with fiends for Aurochs Reels to appear as a prize. Any fiend battles will do and they have no connection with blitzball otherwise.

    There is no specific requirement as to a number of blitzball matches that must be won for any of the overdrive prizes or for the Jupiter Sigil to appear. Just win the tournaments and the league games necessary to win each of the prizes and you will have the opportunity to win the next prize of the sequence.

    Second, Celestial Weapon.

    To get Wakka's Celestial Weapon, you will need to get the "weapon blank" from the barkeeper in Luca. The barkeeper will give you the "weapon blank" only when two conditions have been satisfied. First, you must have the Celestial Mirror in your item inventory. Second, you must have played (won?) a certain number of blitzball matches.

    I will assume you know about getting the Cloudy Mirror at Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands and converting it into the Celestial Mirror at the "secret" spot in Macalania woods.

    There does seem to be a possible requirement for a certain number of blitzball matches to be won if one is trying to obtain the Celestial Weapon for Wakka. Here there seems to be a division of opinion in the available FAQs as to how many blitzball matches must be won to "qualify" to get the weapon. One source says five, another says ten so, it seems that some number is required but who knows?

    If you take the time to win one or more of Wakka's overdrives before attempting to get Wakka's Celestial Weapon, the minimum number of blitzball matches required to get the Celestial weapon will probably become a non issue since you will have more than met the requirement for blitzball match participation.

    If you are trying to get the weapon blank before winning many blitzball games, you will just have to keep winning games and revisiting the barkeep until she gives you the weapon blank. I have the feeling that, if you win one tournament (could be as few as two games) that might be enough. I would guess that winning ten blitzball matches is a certain ticket to geting the weapon blank from the barkeep.

    The "exact" requirement is unknown to me and a subject for future research maybe.

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    Wakka-Only Challenge faqs

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  2. I believe you need to be involved in 250+ battles to get the Status reels to show up and 450+ for the Aurochs reels. I am not sure if Wakka needs to actually be in the battles or not.

    Attack reels (which you say you have) appears as a first place prize during League play with no requirements.

    Status reels appear as a first place prize in League play once you have acquired the attack reels and been in the required number of battles (250+).

    Aurochs reels appears as a first prize in Tournament play once you have acquired the status reels and been in the required number of battles (450+).

    Once the Aurochs reels is acquired the Jupiter Sigil will appear as a first place prize in League play.

    Note: Whether the reels or sigil are acquired in league or tournament play may or may not be random. I am unsure.

    Also, if a reel or the sigil doesn't show up and you have the battle requirement met you can reset the blitz data to try to force the reel/sigil to appear as a prize. This of course resets all your player levels to 1 again. If it is late game I recommend reseting the data and acquiring Brother (on the airship), Wedge (In Lucca stadium), and Miryu (On a bench in Moonflow north) as players (MF,LF/RF, Goalie respectively) as they all have amazing stats and after a few levels your opponents will barely ever be in your back field, and you can score like a maniac.

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