Ultima Weapon?

  1. Can you fight ultima weapon again if you didnt bribe him or do i have to reset to get 99x pendulums?

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    wolfwing552 - 5 years ago

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  1. Ultima Weapon can be defeated only once each game. Once you beat it, its gone and will not return. Thus, if you want pendulum from it you will have to reload and try again. Getting 99x pendulum from any given bribe is not a sure thing. You will probably get "a pile" of Pendulum but perhaps not 99 unless you retry several times.

    30x Pendulum can be used to customize the Master Thief capability onto a piece of armor. It is also an ingredient used in several of the Rikku's Mix Overdrive concoctions.

    Personally, I like to operate with at least two Master Thieves - Rikku and Tidus - because of the "standard" piece of four slot armor I use for my characters. (I have used Kimahri as a third Master Thief). To get the armor via customization requires a lot of stealing of rare items which, while tedious with two Master Thieves active, is really a pain with no or one Master Thief active.

    "Standard" Default Armor
    Auto Haste - Steal 80X Chocobo Wings from Cactuar Nation Cactuars in Bikanel Desert
    Auto Protect - Steal 80X Light Curtain from Iron Giant in the Thunder Plains
    Auto Shell - Steal 80X Lunar Curtain from Larva in the Thunder Plains
    Auto Regen - Steal 80X Healing Spring from Achelous in the Mt. Gagazet Flooded Cavern

    There are thirty Pendulum available at the Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands. You must race and defeat the "Champion Chocobo" while opening four treasure chests that appear on the race track and not hitting any of the marker poles that are placed along the raceway. Doing this is not really, really difficult although success will take some practice.

    The trace I use to get 30x Pendulum is as follows. Go through the starting gate and "straight" down the ramp to open the first chest. You will be transported to a lower "intersection". Go up the right hand side ramp and make a quick U-turn to open the second chest. You will be transported back to the "intersection". Go up the right side ramp and bear left to open the third chest. You will be transported to a lower ramp. Now double back along the ramp which will pass back through the "intesection". Continue past the next upward ramp to a second upward ramp (you may meet and pass the opposition Chocobo as you do this). At the second upward ramp make a quick U-Turn to find and open the fourth chest. You will be transported to a position close to the finish area. Make a final, quick U-Turn and move down to the finish area. Collect your Prize!

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  1. You can only fight Ultima weapon once so you would have to reload again for a chance to bribe him. however, you don't need 99x pendulums and thus don't need to bribe away millions of gil to him (so you can use that gil for bribing other things). The only thing Pendulums are used for is to craft the "Master Thief" ability onto armor and you only need one armor for that. having extra master thief armor doesn't really speed up rare stealing all that much so its not really worth the trouble in crafting more than one.

    Master Thief requires 30x Pendulums and the best place to get 30x Pendulums is to win the Chocobo race under Remiem Temple. To earn that as a prize you first need to win the Cloudy mirror, then re-race and win while hitting 4 chests and no poles.

    There are maps for that race (to help find the best route for hitting the needed chests) all over the internet (I quickly found 6 maps by image googling "remiem temple chocobo race")

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  2. Yes, Ultima Weapon is a one-time encounter. Yes, you'd need to reset (before saving) if you wanted to bribe Ultima Weapon instead.

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