How Do You Unlock Nemisis In Area?

  1. I Tried What Everyone Said But Did Not Work

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  1. To unlock Nemesis, you need to catch 10 of all capture-able fiends,that mean 10 of all the fiends in; Besaid, Kilika, Mi'hen(sp?) Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Highroad(thats the area after operation mi'hen, and the road from djose temple to the moonflow), Thunder Plains, Macalania Woods(includes enemies in the lake area), The Calm Lands, Cavern of the Stolen Fayth(called 'Sunken Cave' in the Monster Arena Menu), Mt. Gagazet, Omega Ruins and Inside Sin.

    Once you capture 10 of all the fiends in all the areas, you must defeat every single enemy the Monster Arena guy creates, thats all of the Area Creations, Species Creations and all of the Original Creations(except Nemesis himself of course), then after doing ALL OF THAT...Go into the Original Creations menu and go to second page, if you did everything I said then..tada! Nemesis will be there available to fight for 25 000 gil.
    Beware he has 10 000 000hp I think(10million).

    Hope thats what ya wanted!

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  1. Well inorder to unlcok Nemesis in the Monser Arena you first have to capture 10 of every monster in Spira. That means you have to capture 10 of every monster from Besaid,Kilika Island,Mihen HighRoad,Mushroom Rock,Thunder Plains, Bikanel Island,Omega Ruins, Inside Sin, and there are more so just check your list. Once your done with that you should have every Area and Species Creation Unlocked. When that happens you have to defeat every single one of the Area and Species Creations at least ONCE. Then when you do that you should have everything but Nemesis unlocked in the Original Creation. So once you have that you have to fight every single Original Creation at least ONCE. BUT BE WARNED MOST OF THESE ARE EXTREMELY TOUGH AND AT LOW LEVELS I CONSIDER YOU USE YOUR AEONS TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU. Then once you have done everything I have listed you should've unlocked Nemesis. He will appear in the Second Page of the Original Creations and can be fought for 25,000 gil. Hopefully that is helpful and good luck with your game loottree:):):):):)

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  2. first u must capture 10 of every fiend in all area in spira(u can find how many area exist and the number of monster that area has from monster arena so dont confuse)for doing this u unlocked area creation bosses for capturing 1number of each monster and unlocked species creation for capturing all monster from one type for example all malbaro that include malbaro,great malbaro,.....and for capturing 10 of every monster u ulocked original creation then u must defeat all bosses that unlocked for atleast once then nemesis unlocked& surely he is tough with10 milion hp but compared to penance and dark bahamut its much easier.GOODLUCK WITH ALL OF THEM

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