How do I beat maester seymour second time????????!!!!!!!!

  1. No matter how hard I try I can't beat him!I can't even train because those robots are way too strong for me I can't even kill one!I can't last about 5 turns without getting pulverized by his multi and that stupid scorpion looking thing won't die and it keeps using magic twice!!! I don't have reflect.I can't even overdrive my aeons becase they slaughter them after I attack!!!DON'T TELL ME I HAVE TO START OVER!!!!!!

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    SilentBeamer - 5 years ago
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    But I don't think I have bio. I have haste for tidus I think, but I,m not really sure if I can get reflect for yuna because I can't find it.If I move everytime I get to on the grid, It would take a very long time.Also with the robots,I try to take out the robots with their legs up first,because if I do the cannon robot first the robot with it's thrust kick will beat my characters.I use power break to every monster.How do I stop them from using all those turns?????

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    SilentBeamer - 5 years ago
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    Finally beat him just needed reflect.Took me a long time to get it though.

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    SilentBeamer - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are answers to this question available in the "Answered Questions" file of this board.

    For example, look at:

    1. How can I beat Seymour at Bevelle?
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    Also, posted FAQs have strategy discussions as well.

    For example:

    1. Boss FAQ by Gesthal/FFXMania - Boss 21: Seymour Natus and Mortibody
    2. FAQ/Walkthrough by sineroth X - Boss: Seymour Natus/Mortibody

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Other Answers

  1. On grinding ("train"), the mechs ("robots") ARE tough.

    Gang up on them, starting with the tall ones that stand on one-leg (if those mechs are last, they kick someone out of your party). Once the front line falls, your party moves closer and the mechs with two cannons then only release one shot instead of two. But before then, Wakka or Lulu can target the ones in back. Mechs are weak to fire and water magic.

    Look up each mech by name (visible at the top of the screen, unless you've toggled help off) in the "monster" or "enemy" FAQs, and some of the walkthroughs describe the mechs when you first run into them.

    This is your best recourse, stuck at that point. Worry about the mech battles one by one. Walk in circles right beside the save sphere, so you can heal up after each battle. It'll go quickly enough.

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  2. Also, if any characters have any "S.Lvls" (other than zero), be sure to explore the sphere grid and spend those S.Lvls. And continue doing so as you grind, immediately after they're earned. Don't wait until you have a bunch of them.

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  3. Make sure and have Lulu cast bio right from the start. Have Tidus cast Haste on everyone. Have Rikku mix lunar curtain and light curtain. Have Auron do magic break. Then just focus on keeping everyone healthy with hi potions, x potions, cura etc and let the poison on seymour do its magic. Lulu can cast focus to increase magic defense and Tidus can cast cheer to increase strength of attacks for auron,wakka, or kimahri. Make sure everyone is equipped with elemental ward/proof shields. Alternative - cast BIO and then just keep hitting defend (triangle) - will take some time but seymour will simply defeat himself if you do nothing

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  4. On the mechs (YAT-99, YKT-63), go offensive rather than defensive. Hit 'em hard and fast. They're immune to Power Break, so trying to make 'em hit you not as hard isn't effective. Look 'em up by name in the posted monster and enemy guides to learn more.

    On working the sphere grid, yes, it will take a little longer. But that IS how you make your party stronger.

    Bio or Reflect won't help you with the mechs.

    Definitely try Gestahl's Boss FAQ (click FAQs, above), because unlike most other advice, Gestahl expects you to be at fairly "normal" levels. If Lulu is nowhere near Bio on her grid and Yuna isn't near Reflect, then ignore those parts. Bio and Reflect aren't required in that boss fight, but those are easy ways to end it faster.

    Dig in for a long boss fight, stay healed, whittle away by attacking Morti. And steal like crazy from Natus, one of the freebie sources of Tetra Elemental items.

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