Where are all the jecht sphere locations?

  1. I want to get tornado for auron and see the life of jecht, auron(10 years ago), and the almighty lord braska. It's probably the only side quest i didnt complete yet, that and collectin all the monster fiends. Oh and defeating all monster arena creations. Oh yea and breaking hp limit/ damage limit/ mp limit. Oh gosh i guess i have a long journey ahead of me.

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    lilwayneisbest - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes you have some things to do if you want to cover everything.

    Some of your questions may have already been answered. There is a search feature that can be used on the "Answered Questions" file. It may save you some time to check them out before posting a seperate question.

    For example if one puts "Jecht Spheres" into the search box,one encounters (among others) the following question, "Can I have a list of where to find -all- the Jecht Spheres?".

    The given answer is:

    There are 10 of them:

    1.Spherimorph battle site.
    2. North of Macalania Woods Save Sphere between Thunder Plains and Bevelle.
    3. Mt. Gagazet - small path leading off to the right after the second S- turn in the main path.
    4. Besaid Village to the right of the temple entryway stairs-on the ground.
    5. On the S.S. Liki in the wheelhouse.
    6. In Luca outside the Besaid Aurochs locker room.
    7. At the far end of the Old Road of the Mi'ihen Highroad.
    8. Mushroom Rock Road at the place where Luzzu got punched.
    9. South Moonflow in the same screen as the Save Sphere.
    10. South Thunder Plains on the right hand side of the path about half way to the Travel Agency.

    When you get to the Monster Arena, use the posted "Monster Areana FAQ" by CB! as a playing guide when you need help.

    From you questions, it sounds like you are on your first playthrough of the game. I am really jealous of your being able to play it for the first time. I wish I could do that again. So much fun!

    Keep asking questions too. I (for one) will certainly be glad to try to answer what ever you can come up with as you continue play.

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Other Answers

  1. ACA's Secret/Sidequests FAQ is an excellent resource and highly recommended. Click FAQs, above, to find it and many other in-depth guides. No waiting for answers required.

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