Blitzball team?

  1. Are any of the original team members worth keeping.When i say this i am also talking about wakka and tidus, or teedus, or however you say his name? Thank you , good day, good afternoon, godd night (i really dont care which)

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    icantfindname - 8 years ago

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  1. The originalAurocs team can win as much as you need or want. I have a draft FAQ that covers this. E mail zorro007[AT]pacbell[DOT]net to get a copy.

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  1. If you're starting with Blitzball, Tidus is a good player, the others not so much. Once you reach higher levels and more possible setups, some of the Aurochs are good.

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  2. Letty is a good mf and Jassu is a good defender, kick the rest of the Aurochs out.

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  3. If you play to level 99, keepa's Shot is 99 (the highest in the game), but i don't suggest keeping him. The only "good" player (compared to free agents) is Tidus, just draft a new team. Also, don't play until later in the game, then your players will be at the right level ( if you start early then get new players, they will be lower leveled than everyone else.).

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  4. Datto is a good player... or so i' alwayus found to be true - and keepa (although not too good at the stasrt) gets to be a much better goalie later on

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  5. I always keep Datto and Botta and then get the Al Behd Goalie and the only fast Ronso and then one of the Guado's. Sorry I can't remember the names but the Al Behd can be found on the airship when you get it, I think the fast Ronso is female and I'm not entirely sure but the Guado I normally have is either Yuma(or something very similar) or his name begins with a 'P'( the guado is a male one and so is the Al Behd)

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  6. I use Tidus (default) and Eigaar (on airship) at forward. Brother (on airship) at mid. Ropp (mi'ihen agency) and Kyou (djose road i think) on defense. Nimrook (on airship) on goal. This is one of the best if not the best teams to make. Keep tidus but no other default aurochs

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  7. I am a blitzball expert have won 400 plus without a loss id go with tidus (left offense) wakka (right offense) wedge (center) ropp and irga ronso i believe her name is on defense but of course your blitzball skills have to be good also hope itll help

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  8. I always use the Aurochs, and Rin

    I just kicked out the original LF

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  9. the main 3 i use is Tidus MF Berrick LF and Kyou (Kyou is one of the best 2 start out with tbh)

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  10. The best offensive player in the game is Tidus because you can get Jecht Shot and Jecht Shot 2 (obtained from a tournament, but only able to learn after you have all three of his key techniques) , which knocks people out of the lineup to block, and then you need to have Nimrook (the albhed goalie). He is one of the hardest to get because the Albhed Psyches ALMOST NEVER let him go. Once you have the airship, go down to Nimrook and see how many games he has left. Once he is down to one SAVE!!!! Then play blitzball again (doesn't matter who it is against) and see if they let him go after the game. Most likely they will not the first few times, so if you saved like I suggested you to, load and try again. Eventually you will get him. You can get others, but as long as Tidus is in the MF (middle field) position (with at least Jecht Shot) and Nimrook is in the GL (goalie) position, you should be fine.

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  11. A different answer -- keep them all.
    The team is actually very strong, and as they'll all have the sam ekit on, it look smuch better too ^ - ^
    I play with Wakka LF, Datto RF, LEtty MF, Jassu LD, Botta RD, Keepa GL
    The problem is that you'll definitely fail if you try and introduce Wakka later, so reset your data when you egt the airship if you want to play like this...
    Also, a slight bonis in keeping all the Aurochs.... If you ever use Wakka's Auroch's Reels, the more of the original Auroch's on your blitz team, the more icns for Wakka's "Ultimate" overdrive appear (I put that in inverted commas cause obviously attack reels is better)

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