How do you get the anima from seymor?

  1. How do you get thhe anima that you fought with seymor?

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    horror3820 - 8 years ago

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  1. First you have to use destruction spheres in the trials in every temple and get the treasure that appears.
    When you've done that and you have the airship, talk to Cid and choose search and press X at the following coordinates, X=11-16, Y=57-63, which unlocks Baaj Temple as a destination for the airship, go there.
    At the temple, jump in the water and you will face the boss Geogaeno (32 767 HP), after defeating it swim around a bit to find the entrance to the temple. Enter the temple, examine the 6 statues and the large seal should break and reveal the entrance to the chamber of the fayth where you will recieve Anima.

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  1. Remeber the old ruins in the very beginning of the game where u fight the underwater boss and meet Rikku? At that place, is Baaj Temple, new home to Anima. This place is only accessible once u get the Airship. When u do, enter the coordinates in for Baaj Temple(look in the cheats section for these) and u'll have access to it. Once ur there, u'll have to fight a boss when u get in the water, who is pretty tough, it's the guy i was talkiing about earlier, remeber? the water boss who tried to eat Tidus in the beginning? anyways, his attacks will stone u. if u beat him, there's a chance he'll drop equipment with No Encounters( skill which allows u to travel safely without ever having to have random enemy encounters with monsters, while equiped that is) (very useful skill) once u beat him, swim around til u find an entrance and go in.u will be in a temple with some glowing staues. all of them must be glowing for u to open the door to Anima. to make a staue glow, u must have aquired the treausre in each other aoen temple via destruction spheres. once all staues glow, u can get anima. kinda long process.

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  2. You have to get all the Destruction Spheres from all the other shrines (including Zanarkand), take them to Baaj Temple, and voila. Easier said than done, though. Baaj Temple is a hidden location (check out a FAQ to find out where exactly), and you have to beat Geostigma. This is the place where you started the game and Rikku saved you. If you have all the spheres, and you beat Geostigma, just walk right in and get Anima.

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  3. I'd just like to point out that the bosses name is geosgeano, and that geostigma is from final fantasy 7 series...

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  4. You cant obtain anima from seymour

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