How do I beat dark shiva ?

  1. how do i beat dark shiva without completing my ultimate weapons and only by using yojimbo, cause everytime I try to fight her, she will TOTALLY defeat me first

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    hazimeow99 - 4 years ago

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  1. Take a look at the Dark Aeon introduction part of Section v of the posted Monster Encyclopedia by CB! for some basic suggestions. CB! suggests that Auto Phoenix and/or to Auto Life might be useful capabilities to increase your probability of survival.

    Also, refer to the battle approaches described in the posted "Low-Level Dark Aeon" FAQ by Riverstone30gm for additional ideas.

    CB! notes that all dark Aeons are subject to Yojimbo's Zanmato attack. Given the set up you describe, that may be your only hope. However note that CB! says, "I wasn't able to get Zanmato for less than 2 million gil per Aeon, even with my Yojimbo affection level at maximum. Good luck."

    Yeah, and it probably won't "connect" the first time you try it either!

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  1. Well, there are quite many ways to beat Dark Shiva.

    Actually, it's just the second easiest dark aeon for me after Dark Valefor because she didn't counter attack.

    Well, I suggest that you have at least 3 person that has already gotten through all the Sphere Grid. No additional sphere is needed though.

    You must also have all Celestial weapon for the 3 person who you choose to fight and Auron's Celestial weapon for the First Strike Ability and then switch to the person who you want to use for the batle.

    At least one/two of your person must have Auto-Phoenix ability on the armor because Dark Shiva normal attack will cancel out Auto-Life.

    Other are not very important and it's up for you to choose but the best is you have all Auto-Haste.
    To get Auto-Haste, you need 80 Chocobo Wing. You can either bribe Machea on Omega Dungeon(60 for 360000 gils) or catch all the monster in Thunder Plains for 99 Chocobo Wings. Refer to Monster Arena FAQS and Bribe FAQS by CB!

    Set your Overdrive mode to Comrade.

    After you have all that, just go and battle with her, I used Yuna/Tidus/Lulu. Just swap Auron with Yuna and summon Magus Sister for fighting. After Magus Sister have die, Dark Shiva should have less than 900,000 HP left. Just simply use quick attack on her. You must cast Hastega first if you do not have Auto-Haste on your armor. If your accuracy is low, use Tidus Blitz Ace. it will cause her around 160,000 HP. If her Overdrive is full, simply call an Aeon and use Shield/Overdrive on her. I prefer if Overdrive so taht you can reduce her HP more. Nothing more on her. She will use Heavenly Strike which cause Berserk but doesn't cancel out Auto-life and normal hit which cancel out Auto-Life. Just use Quick Attack on her will do. If you finish all those normal Sphere Grid, you will deal 99,999 damage per hit. Simply 12 hits will kill her.

    Another way is to call out Yojimbo. It is better if you call him using Grand Summon and simply pay him 1,500,000 gils for Zanmato and he will instantly kill Dark Shiva.

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    k07ii - 4 years ago 1 1

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