How can I get Wakka's Sigil w/out the reset trick?

  1. Do I just play tournaments whenever they come up? I don't want to have to reset my data because I REALLY don't want to have to level them all up again x3 I have Attack Reels, and I know you have be in all those battles against fiends and then you'll get more, but will they be a prize in the league or tournament? And whenever I play leagues I don't get prizes. And don't tell me to look in other FAQs because I have already and that's why I'm asking this!

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    kablay - 8 years ago
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    Whoops, I meant "have TO be in..." I have proofreading XD

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  1. attack reels - 1st place tournament prize
    status reels - 1st place league prize
    aurochs reels - 1st place tournament prize
    jupiter sigil - 1st place league prize

    each of these will show up after you get the one above it. you can keep "soft resetting" until they show up if they arent. 'soft reset' = pressing the R1, L1, R2, L2, start and select buttons *i think, it may only be 4 of those, but i just press them all, and its always worked for me*. most later FF games have this feature. so after you win one of the prizes, don't click "continue playing blitzball". after your taken back to the main game, save, then click on blitzball. if the prize is up as you want it, win it. if not, soft reset and repeat until it is.

    NOTE: that the next prize will only show up assuming you have the one above it.
    2nd NOTE: if u just won one of the prizes, and already have an active tournament/league for the other part, you will have to wait until it ends before trying to make wakka's next overdrive or his sigil appear.

    as for trying not wanting to reset the team after every tournament/league, if your good enough at blitzball, it really doesnt matter, just use the aurochs. blitzball isnt hard, tho you may need some luck against the al bhed (nimrook). if the aurochs arent good enough for you, pick whoever you want, any team works pretty well, as long as their in the spots their stats call for.

    TIP FOR GETTING NIMROOK: i always get attack reels right after luca, then play exhibition matches against the teams that hold players i want. so id play against the al bhed psyches 22(i think?) games until nimrook's contract is up, then use the soft reset function if they dont release him. then i pick him up after Home while on the airship for the first time.
    TIP: to make exhibition matches go faster, just forfeit as soon as u get the ball. each match only lasts 30-60 seconds then, to pick the team, pick ur lineup, then forfeit.

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  1. Have u gotten the Auroch Reels yet? I think u need those first b4 u get the Sigil.

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  2. ^^
    You're wrong... Right at the start...
    the Status Reels will only show up after Wakka has appeared in more than 249 battles (so thats in 250 or more)
    and the Auroch Reels only show up after 450 or more...

    the Jupiter Sigil will show up randomly after you get the Auroch Reels - just keep playing leagues until it does so

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  3. To get the Jupiter Sigil,play blitzball until you win the other three of Wakka's Overdrive that is:
    1st-Attack Reels
    2nd-Status Reels
    3rd-Auroch's Reels

    For me,i got the Jupiter Sigil by winning the league after winning atleast 43 is not easy...i didn't renew all of the Besaid Auroch's Team Players Contracts but instead signed Bickson and Graav from Luca Goers,Judda and Nimrook from Al Bhed Phyches and Kulukan from Kilika Beasts...

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  4. I Dont No If This Works Go To Tournament League If Not At the screen just go out and re enter

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  5. Finish out the league match your on then instead of "continue to play blitzball" go to "back" save your game go into the blitzball menu look at the prizes if you dont see what you want soft reset your game then check again keep that up till the sigil shows up

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