Where can I find the crests/sigils for all characters?

  1. I know theyre not in the same place but i need to know where to get them and the celestial weapons. And knowing which crest/sigil belongs to who would help too.

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  1. You'd do better to look on an FAQ...
    Tidus (Sun):
    - Crest is in Zanarkand Dome: after beating Yunalesca, go back to where you killed her, and go down the stairs at the far end and then run down em again or summat :)
    - SIgil you get after beating the Chocobo Trainer with a time of better than 0:00:00 (get balloons and avoid birds to do this)

    Wakka (Jupiter):
    - Crest is in a locker in the Aurochs changing rooms in Luca
    - Sigil is a prize in blitzball after Wakka has all 4 Overdrives and has battled in more than 450 fights (or reset data loads)

    Auron (Mars):
    - Crest is at the bottom of the Mii'ghen Lowroad
    - Sigil is given to you by the Arena dude when you score 10 or more Species or Area Conquests

    Khimari (Saturn):
    - Crest is at the top of Mt. Gagazet after you've beaten Seymour Natus (i think thats the third one im not sure, but it is the third seymour you gotta kill)
    - Sigil is in Macalania after doing all the butterfly things

    Lulu (Venus):
    - Crest is in the area where you fight Gaesgano, but its hidden behind some rocks, you'll have to find it
    - Sigil earned by dodging 200 lightning bolts consecutively in the Thunder Plains

    Rikku (Mercury):
    - Crest is in a chest on Bikanel Island, to the left of the Cactuar Village
    - Sigil is earned after doing the Cactuar Miniquest in Bikanel

    Yuna (Moon):
    - Crest is on Besaid Island, where you first appear there; swim to the right around a headland and there'll be a chest on the beach
    - Sigil is earned after beating all of the aeons (except Magus Sisters) at Requiem Temple and then Sending Belgemine --> (all of the aeons means Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, Yojimbo and Anima)

    Have fun U_T666 :)

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  1. BTW this is the FAQ I mentioned earlier :)


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