How do I beat the Luca Goers?

  1. What should I do to beat them? Actually, does the strength sphere we receive after winning the game really worth it? Thanks.

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    zhaoyun26 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It will take practice, but here is a summary of one proven approach.

    Use Manual A playing mode. In the first half, pass among Letty, Tidus and Jassu to get them to playing level three or better. At the half, equip Letty with Venom Pass and Tidus with Jecht Shot if you have it. Otherwise Tidus will have Sphere shot equipped. The second half will have two "parts". In the first part of the secong half, stall for about two minutes and then move Tidus to score a goal just before clock time 3:00. In the second part of the second half, keep the ball away from the Goers. Final score 1-0 Aurochs.

    My FAQ covers this approach to winning the championsship game in detail.

    Is winning the game worth the effort?

    Well the sphere is a good one and, if you want to win other good prizes available in Blitzball, you are going to have to learn to play the game anyway. The game with the Goers is good "practice" for future play.

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Other Answers

  1. If anything, what you want to do is keep the score tied for the first half and the first part of the second half
    This is because:
    If the Goers have the ball, they're most likely going to score, because their attackers have a high SH value and Keepa's CA value sucks
    If you have the ball, you're most likely going to lose it because their defenders have a high AT rating

    With a some luck, you may be able to score in the first half

    After the first half, Tidus should reach level 3, allowing him to equip the Jecht Shot (or Sphere Shot)
    If you managed to keep the score tied, you can score easily with the Jecht Shot allowing you to take a one goal lead
    With this, you can afford to give up a goal
    If you trailed by only one goal, you can use the Jecht Shot to quickly tie the game
    But it is going to require great defense in order to keep the tie

    After you pass the 3-minute mark in the 2nd half, Wakka comes into the game, providing great offense
    He has high SH and combined with that, he's equipped with Venom Shot!
    From here on, all you need to do is hold the ball until there's about 20 seconds left and just shoot for a one goal victory!

    If they somehow keep you from scoring and they force OT, just try to score with Wakka as quickly as possible...(you should get the ball first)

    Hope this helps!

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  2. I pass the ball around for a bit, to get everyone experience, then give it to Datto slightly unorthodox, I know, but he has high Endurance and high Speed, so he's able to swim away from the Defenders or take a hit from ONE if he has to... with luck, he can score - but i usually get Tidus to score by drawing everyone away with Datto, then passing to Letty, then Tidus...
    After half time, Repeat. Tidus should have Jecht Shot, so you should get at least one goal, but if you played with Datto a lot in the first, he should have levelled up to 3, and he has Nap Shot (undeniably very very useful)
    When Wakka comes back on, Nap Shot with Datto so that Raudy falls asleep, then just shoot (I use Wakka, wouldnt ya guess lol)
    You should win, but it always needs a bit of luck, so just keep trying :)

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  3. I quote this from alaskafox's faq on blitzball section v-a

    "Globally, the key is to pass the ball around like a madman during the
    first half, especially to Tidus. If you're on your first playthrough,
    you will probably find it quite difficult, though, as you're
    just discovering BB.

    Don't try to score during the first half, unless you have one of
    your forwards out in the clear and close to the goal.

    What helps is switching between Normal and Mark Formations:

    During pre-match setup, have your RF and RD mark their LF and
    your LF and LD mark their RF (MAKE SURE YOU CROSS THE SIDES!!!) and
    your MF mark their MF.

    As soon as you're in posession, hit triangle, first ascertain
    you're playing manual A, and switch to "Normal Formation". When you
    lose the ball, immediately hit triangle again and switch to Mark Formation.
    This will make sure both of the Goers' shooters have two
    people blocking / tackling them at any time.

    This will make it slightly more difficult to score, but
    ensure you won't get scored on.
    At the end of the first half, at least Tidus should have advanced
    to level 3.

    When setting up for the second half, make sure you activate Jecht Shot
    if you have it. Use Tidus to score with Jecht Shot, then use the mark
    mode to prevent any opponent goals.
    Around 2'30", Tidus is replaced by Wakka - if you're lucky, you
    might even score a second time . Again, try to score only if you
    have a clear shot - it is unlikely you'll survive the Goers' defender

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  4. Before the Luca game-
    Beat the Jecht Challenge (when Tidus tried to do a Jecht Shot). Must have so you can make easy points.
    During the Luca game- Idmediately get as close as possible, then when (almost) cornered, pass the ball to Tidus, then have tidus do a Jecht Shot (if surrounded) or a normal shot (when your really close to the goal)
    I hope this helps (which i doubt since i am a god awful blitzball player who barely beat the luca game)

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