How do I beat Seymour the second time?

  1. I can barely train in that walk way.
    so i cant get any better.

    and idk how to defeat him.

    and i dont want to start over again.
    bc this would be the 3 time starting over.

    please help me.

    User Info: _Cat_Bert_

    _Cat_Bert_ - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you don't have "soft" armor then teach yuna reflect ASAP...train yuna in highbridge if you're not learned yet.Just cast hastega then reflect to everyone. With reflect the "break" spell won't touch you. After that just attack with all you got. I use Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka. Oh yeah, Just use Al bhed potion or mega potion for healing

    User Info: handryspoof

    handryspoof - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Wow starting FFX 3 times?

    Anyway, the second seymour is somewhat dangerous because of the "scoprion thing" that is with him. In my opinion, it is actually better to hit it since when its hp gets near 0 it will absorbs a VERY GOOD AMOUNT of seymour's one, so it's do the 2 things at one time. The only thing you must take care is seymour's constant magics and "Break", which turns anyone in rock. When someone is in "stone" status you must heal them really fast or else the scorpion thing will attack them and they will simply "broke" and then they vanish. In order to prevent that from happen you should rely into anti-stone armor and constantly use "haste" in the group.

    User Info: Persona_4

    Persona_4 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. It might take time, but if you can't beat Seymour, use Aeons to train on the highbridge.
    I'm gonna presume you don;t have anti-stone armour, but it doesn't matter, i didn;t and it was still an ok fight.
    Firstly, get everyone (even Rikku) their overdrives. (stay near the save sphere for out of battle healing if its tough going). Then get all of your aeons, except one, to have their overdrives.
    Secondly, save it, and run down to seymour. if you can get there without any fights, run back to the save point and try again. if you get a few fights and can go through them all without healing, seymour will be easy: spam him with overdrives, and pretty soon you;ll be laughing. use grand summon with bahamut and use mega-flare (this should do about 7k damage minimum by this point in the story)
    he'll banish it, killing it (this sucks, but he does it all the time now) so summon all your other aeons and do the same. by the time you've gone through everyone's overdrive, he shouldn't have much HP left, so bring in tidus and auron and haste-attack to victory :)

    User Info: heavens__cloud

    heavens__cloud - 8 years ago 0 0

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