How do i beat Lady Yunalesca?

  1. I get to her 3rd change and i run out of Holy Water.
    I just need help trying to defend myself.

    when do i get the airship?

    where is the best place to train?

    I want to get Yojimbo but when it says 'hire' does that mean i only get to use him once? and i read on here somewhere that in order to get him you have to like half his asking price plus 1.
    What should be his final asking price?

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  1. Yep the key is the mix of two wings to discovory.
    you can get in the remiem temple chocobo race.mix it by rikku's overdrive and toss just fire gems to finis the deal,you can use it in any other battle after calm seymore,sanctury keeper,spectural keeper.

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  1. In her third form she uses mega death frequently so don't use holy water.

    Funny you should ask because you get the airship just after this fight.

    Training before Yunalesca? I'd just fight the monsters in Zanarkand dome to level up.
    When you get the airship you should go to Omega ruins (check the FAQS on how to get there).

    Yojimbo's asking price varies pending on what you want him for. If you pick the... smart answer is first asking price will be 240000. Pick wrong and it'll be 300000. The other answer will make 270000 as his first asking price.
    Do the math and you should get him. He is used as many times as you like but there's a price. Check the yojimbo FAQ for everything you could possibly want to know about Yojimbo and then some.

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  2. you get the airship after you beat Yunalesca.

    What I suggest is having everyone equiped with their strongest weapons then go and fight her.once you get in there cast reflect and protect on everyone.I had Wakka,Rikku, and the main character in my party.She has an attack that make's everyone have zombie casted on have remadies or holy water.Also have megalixers to heal everyone in one turn.when an overdrive comes use it imediatly.If your losing bring out Yuna and use the aeons

    Good Luck XD

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  3. Wantz sells Holy Waters on Gagazet (on the snowy path you went before you fought Seymour). Just combine this backtracking with your level-grinding and you should be ok. If you want to get Yojimbo now you will meet him anyway.

    For Yunalesca, if you attack her with a physical attack, she will counter with blind on that character, mute if you attack with magic and sleep if you try to steal something. Protection from these ailments are helpful in this battle (not too necessary, however).
    For the 3rd form I usually try to keep everyone except for 1 or 2 party members NOT in zombie status.
    If she casts regen on your zombies, just cast dispel on them. This will get rid of the regen, but not of the zombie status. And don't cure the zombie status to heal their HP. Just revive them when they get killed and replace them with another few zombies you keep in the back up to then.
    The problem with aeons here is that Yunalesca will only attack them with HP draining attacks, so don't bother using them if you can't use an overdrive right after you summoned them.
    The 3rd form has 60000 HP by the way. The airship will await you after the battle.
    Oh, and don't forget to pick up the Sun Crest after the battle in a chest in the back of this area or you will probably regret it.

    For Yojimbo, I always "buy" him for 203.000 gil. It's not the best price, but here is how I do it:
    1. Tell him "to defeat the true enemies" or something like that, resulting in his first offer: 250.000 gil
    2. Offer 125.001, then 150.002, then 175.003 gil. He should offer you to "buy" him for 203.000 gil (I heard it will not work every time, saving beforehand recommended)
    I don't know, what the lowest price is, but you will not get him much cheaper. If you triple his offer (609.000 gil in this case), you will get an additional 2 Teleport-Spheroids.

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  4. To beat yunalesca after her second form keep at least 1 or 2 members in zombie and do not cure them. Doing this will mean her mega death has no effect on your characters in zombie. all her other attacks are either on one person or extremely weak so just keep attacking her with everything you got. neva remove the people from zombie unless they die coz mega death is un predictable and you dont know when it is coming. If a character dies revive them and heal them asap so they are at full health before she uses hell biter. I also recommend having Lulu double Cast Holy or just have Yuna single cast it and also use Bahamuts overdrive for over 10,000 - 20,000 damage :D

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  5. Have yuna and lulu use holy and have your other party member be someone like tidus who has high agility for healing

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  6. Noone suggested the easiest method.

    If you're playing the game without worrying about maxing out your stats and have no problem using the rare items - then you want to go to Remiem Temple in the calm lands.

    Step 1 - Calm Lands: Train A Chocobo (usually you can find the trainer in the NW corner - but beware, the enemies up there are hard especially the Marlboro) - you only have to pass the FIRST training course!
    Step 2 - Calm Lands: Ride A Chocobo (talk to the lady to ride a chocobo) - and take it to the SE corner of Calm Lands (just slightly north and then east of where you entered from Macalania) - there will be a chocobo feather on the ground - step on it (on the chocobo, not on foot) and you'll be taken to a hidden area
    Step 3 - Remiem Temple: Race A Chocobo (you can check out youtube for a video of this - search Chocobo Race: Remiem Temple) - you want to get THREE chests w/no poles. If succeeded, you get 30 Wings Of Tomorrow.
    Step 4 - Return from whence you came and head all the way to Yuna-paininmybutt-lesca - Mix two of the Wings Of Tomorrow for the Trio-of-9999 (Rikku's Overdrive). There are other things you can mix WITH the Wings Of Tomorrow. But if you succeed in doing this, Yunalesca can be down in 5 minutes flat! (and you don't have to worry about zombie mode, holy waters, etc) -

    It's suggested to have Tidus' second overdrive (Slice & Dice) - you can do up to 6 hits
    Lulu's Fury overdrive can do 6-7 hits if you're fast enough
    Wakka's Attack Reels overdrive (if you've gotten it from Blitzball - but not necessary).

    Suggestion would be Tidus, Lulu and Rikku in the main party - have Tidus cast haste, Rikku do the mix and let the magic happen!

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  7. If you're still confused, you should look up an FAQ on this.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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