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    Manual Translation (JP) by HJerng

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    (Ver. 1.0, 07/24/01)
    Written and copyrighted by Henry H. Jerng
    at hjerng@cns.bcm.tmc.edu
         TRANSLATOR'S NOTE:  This FAQ is directed at the brave folks who have
    imported FFX and wanted some basic information from the instruction manual on
    how to play the game.  As such, page numbers have been provided to make it
    easier to find the source of the translations.  While it may be a bit dry, I
    hope that you'll find some of this information useful in your adventure.  Good
    Henry H. Jerng.
    (inside cover; page 1)
    SLPS 25050
    Warning:  In case you're using the PlayStation2 hard disk drive unit, please be
    sure to read its instruction manual before starting the game.
    (page 2)
    Table of Contents
    Summary of Controls...  p. 3
    How to Start the Game...  p. 4
    Character Introduction...  p. 5
    Battle...  p. 7
    Ability...  p. 10
    Summon Beast...  p. 11
    Character Development System...  p. 13
    Introduction to Mini-games...  p. 15
    About the Supplement DVD:  Other Side of the Final Fantasy...  p. 16
    (page 3)
         Controls for Final Fantasy X (FFX) change depending on the three scenarios
    described below.  While playing the game, the LED display is red for the usual
    analog mode (left stick enabled).  Moreover, you can go to "Config" on the menu
    screen to set the vibration on or off.
         Please note that we cannot guarantee the operations of controllers other
    than the DUALSHOCK2 analog controllers.  (Descriptions in the following order: 
    Movement Screen, Menu Screen, and Battle Screen)
    Movement: Character movement
    Menu:  Cursor movement
    Battle:  Cursor movement/ Change command window with left and right
    Movement:  Character movement
    Menu:  Cursor movement
    Battle:  Cursor movement/ change command window with left and right
    Movement:  Speak/ Investigate/ Decide
    Menu:  Decide
    Battle:  Decide
    Movement:  Walk, with the button down/ Cancel
    Menu:  Cancel
    Battle:  Cancel
    Movement:  Open menu
    Battle:  Defend (Skip)
    L1 BUTTON:
    Menu:  Change character
    Battle:  Display switch window/ select switch character
    L2 BUTTON:
    Menu:  Return to item rail
    Battle:  Select switch character
    R1 BUTTON:
    Menu:  Change character
    Battle:  Scroll CTB window
    R2 BUTTON:
    Menu:  Send item rail
    Battle:  Scroll CTB window
    Movement:  Pause*
    (*You can soft reset by pressing the L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, and Select buttons
    all at the same time.)
    (*There are times when you cannot soft reset.)
    (page 4)
    Start Menu
         After the demo screen ends, or if you press the start button during the
    demo, the start menu screen appears.  Please select "New Game" if you're
    playing from the beginning or "Load" if starting from saved data.  If you're
    using the PS2 hard disk drive unit, select "Install" and start after you've
    installed the game by following screen directions.  Installation is a set-up
    that you perform only once to play.  Moreover, please note that, even after
    installation, you cannot play the game without setting the FFX game disc in
    your PS2.
    About the PS2 Hard Disk Drive Unit
         FFX utilizes the PS2 Hard Disk Drive Unit.  By using the hard disk drive,
    screen changes become smooth, and you can play the game more comfortably. 
    Furthermore, when using the hard disk drive, you can choose the medium you will
    read the data from under the "Config" option of the menu screen.
    About Save Data
         This game's save data use more than 64 Kb of your PS2 memory card (8 Mb). 
    Since there are 8 Mb, you can save 99 files.
    About Dolby Digital 5.1
         With FFX, you can enjoy the sound with Dolby Digital 5.1 when you use the
    "Image Sphere", an equipment known as "Luka=Shutter" inside the game.  Dolby
    Digital 5.1 is active when your PS2 is connected to the proper system.  You'll
    get high-quality sound effects by using the Dolby Digital 5.1 EX system.
    (page 5)
         FFX is a story about summoner Yuna's journey to destroy "Sin".  The player
    controls the hero Tidus and will come to experience various events.  Here, I
    will introduce the enchanting characters who will travel with Tidus and protect
    Yuna.  Please pay attention to each character's strong points.
    TIDUS:  A cheerful sportsman who lives day by day.  A player in a water
    competitive ballgame called Blitzball.  He dislikes his name because his father
    was a famous player of Blitzball.  Good against agile opponents.
    YUNA:  A descendent of the great summoner Blaska.  She is pure and has a
    whole-hearted personality.  She becomes a summoner like her father in order to
    defeat "Sin" and embarks on a journey to gain extreme summons.  She can control
    summon beasts.
    (page 6)
    WAKKA:  Coach of the Blitzball team "Beside Auraka".  He decides to take the
    opportunity at this year's conference to retire from Blitzball in order to
    concentrate on guarding Yuna.
    LULU:  A woman has overseen Yuna's development along with Wakka.  She thinks of
    Yuna as a little sister.  With her calm composure, she is certain to give
    impression that her tone can be occasionally cold.  She uses black magic.
    KIMAHRI RONSO:  A youngman from the extremely reticent tribe known as Ronso. 
    He has protected Yuna since her youth, but no one knows why.  He can learn and
    use enemy techniques.
    AURON:  A legendary guard who defeated "Sin" alongside the great summoner
    Blaska.  For ten years, his whereabouts were unknown.  As for his skill, he
    holds the sharpness of a sword that few enemy can match.
    RIKKU:  A young girl from the Albed tribe.  With her clearly forward-looking
    personality, she has the ability to see through the heart of matters.  She
    wishes from heart the revival of her tribe.  Her forte is mechanical enemies. 
    She can steal items from enemies.
    (page 7)
    Screen set-up
    Lower left corner:  Command menu
    Upper right:  CTB window
    Lower right corner:  Character HP and MP
    Below HP and MP:  Overdrive gauge
    Upper left:  Help window with various explanations
         Battles in FFX use the count time battle (CTB) system.  During battle, the
    upper-right CTB window displays the order by which your characters and enemies
    take action.  The order until your next move can be affected by what you do
    now.  For example, if you use haste (magic that increases your speed), your
    turn will return more quickly.  There are actions other than magic that can
    affect order, so you should try various things to affect order.
    (page 8)
    Change Member
         During battle, the switch window will appear if you press the L1 button,
    and you can change your current member with one waiting in the wings.  The
    member you switched in can act immediately.
    Trigger Command
         During battle, you can sometimes use a special command called "Trigger
    Command".  When it's time, please press the left directional key, select an
    option in the command window, and proceed to use it.
         During battle, once your character fulfills requirements for the type of
    overdrive set for that character (see below), the overdrive gauge will increase
    and eventually fill up.  When that happens, the overdrive label will appear,
    and you can use special attacks.  Use it by pressing the left directional key,
    choosing a command in the command window, and implement it.
    Overdrive Type
         The criteria for increasing the overdrive gauge is known as "overdrive
    type".  Overdrive type can change depending on the "overdrive type" you set on
    the menu screen.  The variety of "overdrive type" increases as you fulfill
    requirements during battle.
    Type:  Criteria for increases in overdrive gauge.
    Fighting Spirit:  Give damage to enemy HP.
    Training:  Your own HP receives damage.
    Affection:  Make an ally character recover HP.
    Splendor:  Dodge enemy's attack
    *There are other various forms of overdrive type.  Try various actions during
    (page 9)
    Abnormal Status, Ways of Recovering
         In battle, your characters' status will change due to attacks by enemies. 
    Because this will become a disadvantage in battle, you should look at the chart
    below and try to alleviate the abnormal status.
    (Type/ Condition/ Main Recovery Method)
    Can't Fight
    You cannot participate in battle
    Use Raise, Araise, Phoenix Tail
    You cannot participate in battle
    Use Ethna, Golden Needle, Panacea
    You will receive damage by recovery magic and items
    Use holy water, Panacea
    You will receive damage with every turn
    Use Ethna, Antidote, Panacea
    You will attack your comrades
    Use Ethna, Panacea, or receive attack
    Your attack ability increases, but attacks are automatic.  No control.
    Use Ethna, Panacea
    You cannot participate in battle
    Use Ethna, Panacea, or receive attack
    You cannot use magic
    Use Ethna, Echo Grass, Panacea
    Your hit rate on physical attacks decreases
    Use Ethna, Eye Drops, Panacea
    Speed decreases, and your turn returns slower
    Use Ethna, Panacea
    Death Sentence
    You cannot fight when the counter turns to zero
    Overdrive is useless, and the gauge is suppressed.
    Use Dispel, Holy Water
    About Game Over
         It's game over when, during battle, all members of your party are dead,
    even if the members in waiting are normal and alive.  Please note.  Even if one
    person is able to escape from the battle, the game over is negated.
    (page 10)
         Ability is the power to increase character actions during battle and
    strengthen weapons and defensive equipments.  There are two types of ability,
    Command Ability and Auto Ability.  The player can use Command Ability in battle
    simply by selecting it because it is displayed in the command window.  You can
    acquire new command abilities other than the ones given at the beginning by
    using the "Sphere Board" (p. 13).
    Command Abilities you can use from the start
    Fight:  Attack using equipped weapon.
    Item:  Use item.
    Escape:  Only the chosen character will escape from battle.
    Change Weapon:  Change equipped weapon.
    Change Defensive Equipment:  Change equipped defensive equipment.
    Auto Ability is the ability added to weapons and defense equipments, and in
    battle they are automatically activated.  For details, please consult the
    "Remodel Weapons and Defensive Equipments" paragraph.
    Remodel Weapons and Defensive Equipments
         During the game, when some event occurs, a tag called "Remodel" appears on
    the menu screen.  With this tag, you can add various effects by remodeling your
    weapons or defensive equipments and equip it as you like.  The added effect is
    called Auto Ability, and while the item is equipped, its effect is activated
    automatically.  Incidentally, you will increase the added effects by obtaining
    special items.
    (page 11)
         Summon Beasts are sacred creatures that appear when a summoner calls for
    them.  Summon beasts have their individual attributes and powers, and they
    protect the summoner with their powerful strength.  As the summoner develops,
    the summon beast's power increases as well.
         When Yuna summons a summon beast, members other than her will leave the
    screen, and the command window will then belong to the summon beast.  Summon
    beasts have their own HP, and they will disappear if HP reaches zero. 
    Furthermore, summon beasts have their own overdrive, and when the overdrive
    reaches full, they can unleash incredible powers.
    Main Summon Beasts
    Valfarre:  A bird summon beast.  The very first to join.
    Ifrit:  Summon beast of fire.  Has special flame attributes.
    Shiva:  A summon beast in the form of a beautiful woman.  Has ice attribute.
    Ixeon:  A unicorn beast with the power of thunder.
    Development of Summon Beasts
         The development of summon beasts matches with that of the summoner Yuna. 
    Under the title "Summon" on the menu screen, you can verify the status of your
    summon beasts.  If certain criteria are fulfilled in the game, you can begin to
    select the tags "Learn" and "Educate" and raise the summon beasts the way you
         Select "Learn" to allow a summon beast to memorize various command
    abilities.  Depending on the item you use, the summon beast will learn a
    specific command ability.
         Select "Educate" to allow a summon beast to increase its status.  Similar
    to "Learn", you can make your summon beast develop by how you use your spheres.
    (page 13)
    Character Development System:  Sphere Board
         In FFX, character development proceeds on the Sphere Board.  Because it
    does not occur simply from winning battles against enemies, you'll need to have
    a firm grasp of the steps below to make your characters develop fully.
    Flow of Character Development
    1. Whenever an enemy is defeated, ability point (AP) is calculated for the
    character.  Furthermore, depending on the enemy, you can obtain items necessary
    for development called Spheres.
    2. When his/her AP reaches a predetermined level, his/her Sphere Level (S. Lv)
    3. On the Sphere Board, it will then be possible to move the character on the
    board depending on the S. Lv.
    4. You can make your character develop by activating development spheres.
    Sphere Board
         If you select "Sphere Board" on the menu screen, a screen of the board
    will appear.  A picture of the chosen character is shown on the upper left
    corner.  Open, highlighted circle represents the cursor, and the character's
    current position on the board is in red.  If you press the circle button, a
    window appears with the words "Move" or "Use".  Choose "Move" when you want to
    move your character on the board, and "Use" when you want to develop the
    character by using a Sphere.  When you choose to move, areas that you can move
    to will be lit up.
         If you choose "Use", a window of your current Spheres will be displayed. 
    Spheres written in white letters can be used now.  Development Sphere that can
    activate will glow in the Sphere Board.  The one that can activate is the
    neighboring development sphere tied by a line to the development sphere that
    your current character is on.
         Around the development sphere that the character activates, a marker is
    lit showing that character.  The marker will correspond to Tidus (water color),
    Yuna (white), Wakka (yellow), Lulu (purple), Kimahri-Ronso (blue), Auron (red),
    and Rikku (green).  As for development spheres, even if it is already activated
    by another character, it can be activated again.
         For example, let's try to have Tidus to learn "Tonzure".  First, move him
    near "Tonzure", then choose an Ability Sphere.  The cursor will move
    automatically to the neighboring "Tonzure".  Decide with the circle button. 
    You've activated "Tonzure" and learned the command ability.  You can use it in
    the next battle.
    Note:  Spheres are not only won by defeating enemies; they can also be obtained
    in treasure chests.  Among the spheres, some can affect the Sphere Board and
    others can affect movement.  How to develop the characters is entirely up to
    the players, but the Spheres in your possession will need to accommodate all
    the party members.  If you develop your characters in an unbalanced way, there
    may be trouble later.
    Special Controls for the Sphere Board
    Select Button:  Zoom In/Out of the Sphere Board.
    L2 Button, R2 Button:  Tilt the Sphere Board, Return to original.
    Triangle Button:  You can see the status of the selected character.
    (page 15)
         Blitzball is a in-water competitive ballgame widely loved in Spira.  Once
    a year, at the port city of Luka's stadium, teams from cities and villages of
    Spira gather and engage in a big competition.  Under the daily threat of "Sin",
    people are enjoying this Blitzball competition from their hearts.
          In the game, you can play Blitzball.  By trying out, you can gain
    experience and increase your player level.  Please look at the "Tutorial" in
    the game for rules and how to play.  Try to strengthen your team by playing
         At some locations in Spira, many chocobos are living in the wild, and you
    can train to control chocobos.
    Copyrighted 2001 by Square Co., Ltd.
    Character design:  Tetsuya Nomura
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2001 by Henry H. Jerng.

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