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    Al Bhed Book Locations FAQ by Muni Shinobu

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Al Bhed Book Locations FAQ
    Version 1.01 (7.27.2001)
    Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    Volume 1: Al Bhed Salvage Ship, deck, right side of screen
    Volume 2: Bisaido Villiage, Patrol Soldiers Quarters, in front of the
    Volume 3: Transport Ship Rikki, Power Room, far side of screen
    Volume 4: Poruto=Kirika, Bar
    Volume 5: Transport Ship Wuino, Control Room
    Volume 6: Ruka, Ruka Stadium, underground Floor B
    Volume 7: Ruka, Ruka Theater, counter
    Volume 8: Mihen Road, Travel Company, receive from Lin
    Volume 9: Mihen Road, New Road North Area
    Volume 10: Kinoko Rock Road, Cliff
    Volume 11: Jyoze Road
    Volume 12: Illusion Light River, North Shore, Shipafu riding port
    Volume 13: Guado Salamu, Resident's House
    Volume 14: Thunder Plains, Travel Company, receive from Lin if you
    answer "MaaMaa"
    Volume 15: Makaraniya Forest, Road to the Lake
    Volume 16: Makaraniya Lake, in front of the Travel Company
    Volume 17: Sanubia Desert, Central Part, aower to the right side of
    "Strong Enemy"(left)
    Volume 18: Sanubia Desert, Central Part, around the bulletin beyond
    "Weak Enemy"(right)
    Volume 19: Al Bhed's Home
    Volume 20: Al Bhed's Home, Resident Area
    Volume 21: Al Bhed's Home, Main Road
    Volume 22: Holy Beberu Temple, Monk's Road
    Volume 23: Nagi Plains, Middle Part, toward the North-west
    Volume 24: Remiamu Temple
    Volume 25: Stolen Inorigo's Cave, reachable from Nagi Plains Valley
    Volume 26: Omega Ruins
    Also of note:
    If you miss volumes 1, 3, 14 because they are limited time items whose
    locations won't appear again because of the storyline, you can get this
    three books again at the Desert Oasis.
    Method of re-gaining volumes 19 ~ 22 is unclear at the present point.
    When Al Bhed people speak, the translated text are the red letters.
    The blue letters are Al Bhed letters that are yet to be translated.
    After getting all 26 books, you can receive "Reverse Key" from Lin
    Using Combine Spheres in inns and other locations, you can turn your
    collected Al Bhed books from your previous save into Al Bhed
    Dictionaries in the present game. It is added to the Important Item
    This document Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu

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