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    Pro Action Replay Codes (JP) by Peas On Earth / Muni Shinobu

    Version: 7.00 | Updated: 10/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pro Action Replay 2 Codes
    Version 7.00 (10.20.01)
    Compiled by Peas On Earth (peas-on-earth@rocketmail.com)
    Organized by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    These codes are for and works only on the Japanese Pro Action Replay 2
    (PAR2) together with the Japanese version of the game Final Fantasy X.
    For numeric calculation, use the PAR2 Numeric Calculator:
    Must be on code
    EC883B04 1431D444
    Debug Mode (Nakazawa-san Test Map, Camera Test Map, all else freezes)
    4CA75C4E 1456E7A6
    Ending right after starting game
    4CA75C4E 1456E623
    Max Gil
    1CA898E0 17E9C70C
    Al Bhed dialogue translated
    1CA898A8 15DFB00C
    Thunder Plains Lightning 200 times avoided after avoiding once
    4CA76198 1456E7DD
    Change Present Map
    4CA75C4E 1456XXXX
    All Monsters in Spira Captured
    1CA89FA2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FA6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FAA 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FAE 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FB2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FB6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FBA 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FBE 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FC2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FC6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FCA 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FCE 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FD2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FD6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FDA 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FDE 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FE2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FE6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FEA 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FEE 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FF2 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FF6 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89FFA 0E4CDD9F
    4CA89FFE 1456DD9F
    4CA89F00 1456DD9F
    1CA89F02 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F06 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F0A 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F0E 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F12 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F16 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F1A 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F1E 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F22 0E4CDD9F
    1CA89F26 0E4CDD9F
    3CA89F2A 1456E79F
    4CA89F2C 1456DD9F
    1CA89E28 0E4CDD9F
    3CA89E2A 1456E79F
    4CA89E2C 1456DD9F
    * 9 codes don't require the Must Be On Code
    Gil Max
    9C89E39C B0B3D84D
    * use money once to activate
    All Items 99 Quantity
    9C89F978 0C57553F
    * use or buy each item once to activate
    All Characters Status Max (including summons)
    9C89E498 3855B00C
    9C89E4AC 1474D7C6
    9C89E4B0 B095E799
    9C89E4B8 B095E7B5
    * view status menu to activate
    All Characters S.LV 98
    9C89CFA8 14D6D7BA
    9C89E500 0C5754B7
    All Characters HP MP Limit Broken and Max
    9C89EC70 B118E7A1
    9C89ECB0 B118E79D
    All Characters Break Damage Limit
    9C891E54 204BEC2F
    All Characters Break Damage Limit, Including Enemies
    9C891E4C 1456E7A5
    Add Characters to Party
    3CA8B390 1456E70C
    3CA8B324 1456E70C
    3CA8B54C 1456E70C
    3CA8B5E0 1456E70C
    3CA8B474 1456E70C
    3CA8B2B8 1456E70C
    3CA8B408 1456E70C
    All Overdrives
    1CA89804 61DFB00C
    1CA89808 61DFB00C
    1CA8980C 61DFB00C
    4CA89810 1456B00C
    Overdrive Max
    3CA8B39D 1456E70C
    3CA8B231 1456E70C
    3CA8B2C5 1456E70C
    3CA8B415 1456E70C
    3CA8B559 1456E70C
    3CA8B5ED 1456E70C
    3CA8B481 1456E70C
    Seymour added to the battle party
    3CA8B79C 1456E7A6
    Seymour All Command Abilities
    4CA8B7AA 1456B00C
    1CA8B7AE 61DFB00C
    1CA8B7B2 61DFB00C
    3CA8B7B8 1456E79C
    Seymour overdrive max
    3CA8B7A9 1456E70C
    Seymour S.Lv (useless)
    1CA8B7A7 1456E788
    Rikku in-battle graphic change
    3CA75C69 1456E7xx
    A6 = first costume
    Characters change location on the sphere board
    4CA88C84 1456xxxx - Tidus  (initial location = E7A5)
    4CA88C82 1456xxxx - Yuna   (initial location = E672)
    4CA88C86 1456xxxx - Kimari (initial location = E58A)
    4CA88C8C 1456xxxx - Wakka  (initial location = E7CD)
    4CA88C8A 1456xxxx - Lulu   (initial location = E705)
    4CA88C88 1456xxxx - Auron  (initial location = E5A9)
    4CA88C90 1456xxxx - Rikku  (initial location = E6E5)
    Change Battle Party
    3CA898F0 1456E7xx = first character
    3CA898F1 1456E7xx = second character
    3CA898EE 1456E7xx = third character
    A5 - Tidus
    A6 - Yuna
    A7 - Auron
    A8 - Kimari
    A1 - Wakka
    A2 - Lulu
    A3 - Rikku
    A4 - Seymour
    9D - Valfore
    9E - Ifrit
    9F - Ixion
    A0 - Shiva
    99 - Bahamut
    9A - Anima
    9B - Youjinbou
    9C - Mag
    B5 - Dog
    B6 - Rag
    * If you pick three of the same character, only 1 will show.
    * xx = A5~0C (A5=0, 0C=255)
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B368 1456089C
    1CA8B36C 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B370 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B371 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B36E 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B36F 1456E7xx
    3CA8B374 1456E7xx
    3CA8B375 1456E7xx
    3CA8B372 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B373 1456E7xx
    3CA8B39B 1456E7xx
    3CA8B37C 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B3FC 1456089C
    1CA8B3FE 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B304 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B305 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B302 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B303 1456E7xx
    3CA8B308 1456E7xx
    3CA8B309 1456E7xx
    3CA8B306 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B307 1456E7xx
    3CA8B22F 1456E7xx
    3CA8B310 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B224 1456089C
    1CA8B528 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B52C 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B52D 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B52A 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B52B 1456E7xx
    3CA8B530 1456E7xx
    3CA8B531 1456E7xx
    3CA8B52E 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B52F 1456E7xx
    3CA8B557 1456E7xx
    3CA8B538 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B5B8 1456089C
    1CA8B5BC 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B5C0 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B5C1 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B5BE 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B5BF 1456E7xx
    3CA8B5C4 1456E7xx
    3CA8B5C5 1456E7xx
    3CA8B5C2 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B5C3 1456E7xx
    3CA8B5EB 1456E7xx
    3CA8B5CC 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B44C 1456089C
    1CA8B450 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B454 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B455 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B452 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B453 1456E7xx
    3CA8B458 1456E7xx
    3CA8B459 1456E7xx
    3CA8B456 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B457 1456E7xx
    3CA8B47F 1456E7xx
    3CA8B60 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B290 1456089C
    1CA8B294 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B298 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B299 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B296 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B297 1456E7xx
    3CA8B29C 1456E7xx
    3CA8B29D 1456E7xx
    3CA8B29A 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B29B 1456E7xx
    3CA8B2C3 1456E7xx
    3CA8B2A4 1456xxxx
    HP MP Max
    1CA8B4E0 1456089C
    1CA8B4E4 1456E404
    Attack Power
    3CA8B4E8 1456E7xx
    Physical Defense
    3CA8B4E9 1456E7xx
    Magic Power
    3CA8B4E6 1456E7xx
    Magic Defense
    3CA8B4E7 1456E7xx
    3CA8B4EC 1456E7xx
    3CA8B4ED 1456E7xx
    3CA8B4EA 1456E7xx
    Hit Accuracy
    3CA8B4EB 1456E7xx
    3CA8B413 1456E7xx
    3CA8B4F4 1456xxxx
    Basic Statuses Max (Concise Version)
    1CA8B368 1455692C
    1CA8B36C 1456089C
    1CA8B370 61DFB00C
    1CA8B374 61DFB00C
    * Just change the last 2 lines of Tidus's codes
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B3FC 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B290 1456E7A5
    Kimari Ronzo
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B224 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B5B8 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B44C 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B4E0 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B708 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B69C 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B930 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B9C4 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B858 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8B8EC 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8BB80 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8BB14 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8BAA8 1456E7A5
    8CA8B368 1456E7B5
    3CA8BD3C 1456E7A5
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B39E 1456B010
    1CA8B3A2 61DFB00C
    1CA8B3A6 61DFB00C
    3CA8B3AC 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B39E 1456B00C
    3CA8B3A4 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B3A2 1456E80C
    4CA8B3A4 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B3AC 1456E79C
    4CA8B3A6 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B3A3 1456E70D
    3CA8B3A6 1456E7A6
    4CA8B3A8 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B3EA 1456E7A6
    3CA8B3EC 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B232 1456B010
    1CA8B236 61DFB00C
    1CA8B23A 61DFB00C
    3CA8B240 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B232 1456B00C
    3CA8B238 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B236 1456E80C
    4CA8B238 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B240 1456E79C
    4CA8B23A 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B237 1456E70D
    3CA8B23A 1456E7A6
    4CA8B23C 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B27E 1456E7A6
    3CA8B280 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B55A 1456B010
    1CA8B55E 61DFB00C
    1CA8B562 61DFB00C
    3CA8B568 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B55A 1456B00C
    3CA8B560 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B55E 1456E80C
    4CA8B560 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B568 1456E79C
    4CA8B562 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B55F 1456E70D
    3CA8B562 1456E7A6
    4CA8B564 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B5A6 1456E7A6
    3CA8B5A8 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B5EE 1456B010
    1CA8B5F2 61DFB00C
    1CA8B5F6 61DFB00C
    3CA8B5FC 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B5EE 1456B00C
    3CA8B5F4 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B5F2 1456E80C
    4CA8B5F4 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B5FC 1456E79C
    4CA8B5F6 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B5F3 1456E70D
    3CA8B5F6 1456E7A6
    4CA8B5F8 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B43A 1456E7A6
    3CA8B43C 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B482 1456B010
    1CA8B486 61DFB00C
    1CA8B48A 61DFB00C
    3CA8B490 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B482 1456B00C
    3CA8B488 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B48A 1456E80C
    4CA8B488 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B490 1456E79C
    4CA8B48A 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B487 1456E70D
    3CA8B48A 1456E7A6
    4CA8B48C 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B4CE 1456E7A6
    3CA8B4D0 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B2C6 1456B010
    1CA8B2CA 61DFB00C
    1CA8B2CE 61DFB00C
    3CA8B2D4 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B2C6 1456B00C
    3CA8B2CC 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B2CA 1456E80C
    4CA8B2CC 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B2D4 1456E79C
    4CA8B2CE 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B2CB 1456E70D
    3CA8B2CE 1456E7A6
    4CA8B2D0 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B212 1456E7A6
    3CA8B214 1456B00C
    All Command Abilities Learned
    4CA8B416 1456B010
    1CA8B41A 61DFB00C
    1CA8B41E 61DFB00C
    3CA8B424 1456E79C
    All Skills Learned
    4CA8B416 1456B00C
    3CA8B41C 1456E7CC
    All Specials Learned
    4CA8B41A 1456E80C
    4CA8B41C 1456B0E5
    All Black Magic Learned
    3CA8B424 1456E79C
    4CA8B41E 1456B00B
    All White Magic Learned
    3CA8B41B 1456E70D
    3CA8B41E 1456E7A6
    4CA8B420 1456B00C
    All Overdrive Types Acquired
    3CA8B762 1456E7A6
    3CA8B764 1456B00C
    3CA8B6C4 1456E7A6
    3CA8B958 1456E7A6
    3CA8B9EC 1456E7A6
    3CA8B880 1456E7A6
    3CA8B814 1456E7A6
    3CA8BBA8 1456E7A6
    Magus 3 Sisters
    3CA8BA3C 1456E7A6 = Mag
    3CA8BAD0 1456E7A6 = Dog
    3CA8BD64 1456E7A6 = Rag
    * Game will freeze if an unacquired summon is summoned during battle,
    except for the final battle.
    ** To take out a summon, put in 1456E7A5 after the summon code.
    Summons Overdrive Gage Max
    3CA8B63D 1456E70C = Valfore
    3CA8B6D1 1456E70C = Ifrit
    3CA8B965 1456E70C = Ixion
    3CA8B9F9 1456E70C = Shiva
    3CA8B88D 1456E70C = Bahamut
    3CA8B821 1456E70C = Anima
    3CA8BBB5 1456E70C = Youjinbou
    3CA8BA49 1456E70C = Mag
    3CA8BADD 1456E70C = Dog
    3CA8BD71 1456E70C = Rag
    All Important Items
    3CA8A026 1456E79C
    4CA8A028 1456B010
    1CA8A124 61DFB00C
    Stot 1 quantity 99
    3CA89A64 1456E7xx
    3CA89C64 1456E788
    Slot 2
    3CA89A62 1456E7xx
    3CA89C65 1456E788
    Slot 3
    3CA89A68 1456E7xx
    3CA89C62 1456E788
    Slot 4
    3CA89A66 1456E7xx
    3CA89A63 1456E788
    Slot 5
    3CA89A6C 1456E7xx
    3CA89A68 1456E788
    Slot 6
    3CA89A6A 1456E7xx
    3CA89C69 1456E788
    Slot 7
    3CA89A70 1456E7xx
    3CA89C66 1456E788
    Slot 8
    3CA89A6E 1456E7xx
    3CA89C67 1456E788
    Slot 9
    3CA89A74 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6C 1456E788
    Slot 10
    3CA89A72 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6D 1456E788
    Slot 11
    3CA89A78 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6A 1456E788
    Slot 12
    3CA89A76 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6B 1456E788
    Slot 13
    3CA89A7C 1456E7xx
    3CA89C70 1456E788
    Slot 14
    3CA89A7A 1456E7xx
    3CA89C71 1456E788
    Slot 15
    3CA89A80 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6E 1456E788
    Slot 16
    3CA89A7E 1456E7xx
    3CA89C6F 1456E788
    Slot 17
    3CA89A84 1456E7xx
    3CA89C74 1456E788
    Slot 18
    3CA89A82 1456E7xx
    3CA89C75 1456E788
    Slot 19
    3CA89A88 1456E7xx
    3CA89C72 1456E788
    Slot 20
    3CA89A86 1456E7xx
    3CA89C73 1456E788
    Slot 21
    3CA89A8C 1456E7xx
    3CA89C78 1456E788
    Slot 22
    3CA89A8A 1456E7xx
    3CA89C79 1456E788
    Slot 23
    3CA89A90 1456E7xx
    3CA89C76 1456E788
    Slot 24
    3CA89A8E 1456E7xx
    3CA89C77 1456E788
    Slot 25
    3CA89A94 1456E7xx
    3CA89C7C 1456E788
    Slot 26
    3CA89A92 1456E7xx
    3CA89C7D 1456E788
    Slot 27
    3CA89A98 1456E7xx
    3CA89C7A 1456E788
    Slot 28
    3CA89A96 1456E7xx
    3CA89C7B 1456E788
    Slot 29
    3CA89A9C 1456E7xx
    3CA89C80 1456E788
    Slot 30
    3CA89A9A 1456E7xx
    3CA89C81 1456E788
    xx = item
    5A - skill sphere
    5B - white magic sphere
    5C - black magic sphere
    5D - speed sphere
    5E - ability sphere
    5F - lucky sphere
    60 - parameter sphere
    61 - maryoku no hiyaku (magic strength secret medicine)
    62 - three stars
    63 - power sphere
    64 - magic sphere
    65 - tairyoku medicine (body strength medicine)
    66 - maryoku medicine
    67 - twin stars
    68 - tairyoku no hiyaku
    69 - avoid sphere
    6A - hit accuracy sphere
    6B - luck sphere
    6C - clear sphere
    6D - physical guard sphere
    6E - magic strength sphere
    6F - magic guard sphere
    70 - subayasa sphere (speed value sphere)
    71 - Lv.4 sphere
    72 - HP sphere
    73 - MP sphere
    74 - attack strength sphere
    75 - master sphere
    76 - Lv.1 sphere
    77 - Lv.2 sphere
    78 - Lv.3 sphere
    79 - wing toward the unknown
    7A - shoubushi's spirit (gambler's spirit)
    7B - reverse key
    7C - equation of victory
    7D - hama no toge (break demon thorn)
    7E - pendulum
    7F - amulet
    80 - doorway to tomorrow
    81 - map
    82 - rename card
    83 - kitsuke medicine (alert medicine)
    84 - haipero medicine
    85 - return sphere
    86 - friend sphere
    87 - teleport sphere
    88 - warp sphere
    99 - eye medicine
    9A - yamabiko grass (unsilence grass)
    9B - holy water
    9C - all purpose medicine
    9D - elixir
    9E - last elixir
    9F - poison cure
    A0 - gold needle
    A1 - edel
    A2 - edel turbo
    A3 - phoenix tail
    A4 - mega phoenix
    A5 - potion
    A6 - high potion
    A7 - ex potion
    A8 - mega potion
    A9 - flame magic stone
    AA - electric ball
    AB - falling thunder ball
    AC - thunder magic stone
    AD - northern wind
    AE - ice magic stone
    AF - bom piece
    B0 - bom spirit
    B1 - al bhed recovery medicine
    B2 - healing water
    B3 - tetra elemental
    B4 - southern wind
    B5 - power memory
    B6 - magic memory
    B7 - speed memory
    B8 - ability memory
    B9 - highest magic stone
    BA - poison tooth
    BB - silver sandclock
    BC - gold sandclock
    BD - smoke bomb
    BE - black magic stone
    BF - light magic stone
    C0 - holy magic stone
    C1 - armor grenade
    C2 - sleep powder
    C3 - dream powder
    C4 - silent mine
    C5 - fish scale
    C6 - dragon scale
    C7 - water magic stone
    C8 - grenade
    C9 - magic strength spring
    CA - body strength spring
    CB - life spring
    CC - cleansing salt
    CD - moon curtain
    CE - light curtain
    CF - star curtain
    D0 - recovery spring
    D1 - rich wallet
    D2 - dark matter
    D3 - chocobo tail
    D4 - chocobo feather
    D5 - life candle
    D6 - stone grenade
    D7 - shadow of ikai
    D8 - wind of ikai
    When using, items don't decrease
    1C89F828 B678E7A5
    1C89F91C 3858E788
    1C89F9E4 3854E781
    Number of items dropped by monster after battle (Maximum of 8)
    3CA8C588 1456E7xx
    1st Item
    4CA8C58C 145607xx - Type
    3CA8C59C 1456E7xx - Amount
    2nd Item
    4CA8C58A 145607xx
    3CA8C59D 1456E7xx
    3rd Item
    4CA8C590 145607xx
    3CA8C59A 1456E7xx
    4th Item
    4CA8C58E 145607xx
    3CA8C59B 1456E7xx
    5th Item
    4CA8C594 145607xx
    3CA8C5A0 1456E7xx
    6th Item
    4CA8C592 145607xx
    3CA8C5A1 1456E7xx
    7th Item
    4CA8C598 145607xx
    3CA8C59E 1456E7xx
    8th Item
    4CA8C596 145607xx
    3CA8C59F 1456E7xx
    * Weapon modifying is a very tricky thing, considering all the
    different possibilities and combinations. One of the reasons why a lot
    of times certain combinations won't work is because it is possible an
    actual weapon name for such a combination in the game system does not
    Most people trying to modify weapons will be trying to give a weapon
    desired attributes that only the ultimate weapons of certain characters
    have. Let me rephrase. Every character's ultimate weapon has different
    qualities, not all ultimate weapons carry the same auto abilities.
    There is the problem, if you try to combine ultimate weapon-only
    abilities in ways that doesn't exist in the game ordinarily, such a
    weapon will not be available.
    Hope that clears up some questions.
    First Slot
    3CA8A038 1456E7xx - equippable to which character
    3CA8A039 1456E7yy - type (weapon or armor)
    3CA8A03B 1456E7A1 - 4 auto ability slots
    3CA8A03E 1456E7zz - auto ability slot 1
    3CA8A044 1456E7zz - auto ability slot 2
    3CA8A042 1456E7zz - auto ability slot 3
    3CA8A048 1456E7zz - auto ability slot 4
    Second Slot
    3CA8A04A 1456E7xx
    3CA8A04B 1456E7yy
    3CA8A055 1456E7A1
    3CA8A058 1456E7zz
    3CA8A056 1456E7zz
    3CA8A05C 1456E7zz
    3CA8A05A 1456E7zz
    Third Slot
    3CA8A064 1456E7xx
    3CA8A065 1456E7yy
    3CA8A067 1456E7A1
    3CA8A06A 1456E7zz
    3CA8A070 1456E7zz
    3CA8A06E 1456E7zz
    3CA8A074 1456E7zz
    Fourth Slot
    3CA8A076 1456E7xx
    3CA8A077 1456E7yy
    3CA8A081 1456E7A1
    3CA8A084 1456E7zz
    3CA8A082 1456E7zz
    3CA8A088 1456E7zz
    3CA8A086 1456E7zz
    xx = character
    A5 - Tidus
    A6 - Yuna
    A7 - Auron
    A8 - Kimari
    A1 - Wakka
    A2 - Lulu
    A3 - Rikku
    A4 - Seymour (not equip-able)
    yy = type (weapon / armor)
    A5 - weapon
    A6 - armor
    zz = added ability (weapon)
    A5 - see through
    A6 - first to move
    A7 - party move ahead of enemy
    A8 - counter
    A1 - avoid counter
    A2 - magic counter
    A3 - magic booster
    A4 - knowledge of medicine
    A0 - penetrate
    99 - MP usage 1/2
    9A - MP usage 1
    9B - double drive
    9C - triple drive
    B5 - drive when pinch (critical)
    B6 - drive into AP
    B7 - AP double
    B8 - AP triple
    AF - gil double
    AB - flame attack
    C7 - ice attack
    C3 - thunder attack
    BF - water attack
    BB - instant death attack change
    BC - instant death attack
    D7 - zombie attack change
    D8 - zombie attack
    D3 - stone attack change
    D4 - stone attack
    CF - poison attack change
    D0 - poison attack
    CB - sleep attack change
    CC - sleep attack
    67 - silence attack change
    68 - silence attack
    63 - blind attack change
    64 - blind attack
    5F - slow attack change
    60 - slow attack
    87 - physical attack + 3%
    88 - physical attack + 5%
    81 - physical attack + 10%
    82 - physical attack + 20%
    83 - magic attack + 3%
    84 - magic attack + 5%
    7D - magic attack + 10%
    7E - magic attack + 20%
    8F - capture
    B1 - no AP
    AE - break damage limit
    89 - dark sword
    8A - magic sword
    8B - drain sword
    8C - aspire sword (MP drain)
    zz = added ability (armor)
    9D - auto potion
    9E - auto status recovery
    9F - auto phoenix
    B2 - rare item get
    B3 - rare item only
    B0 - walk and HP recover
    A9 - walk and MP recover
    AA - no encounter
    AC - flame reduced by half
    C5 - flame no effect
    C6 - flame absorb
    C8 - ice reduced by half
    C1 - ice no effect
    C2 - ice absorb
    C4 - thunder reduced by half
    BD - thunder no effect
    BE - thunder absorb
    C0 - water reduced by half
    B9 - water no effect
    BA - water absorb
    D5 - completely avoid instant death
    D6 - avoid instant death
    D1 - completely avoid zombie
    D2 - avoid zombie
    CD - completely avoid stone
    CE - avoid stone
    C9 - completely avoid poison
    CA - avoid poison
    65 - completely avoid sleep
    66 - avoid sleep
    61 - completely avoid silence
    62 - avoid silence
    5D - completely avoid blind
    5E - avoid blind
    59 - completely avoid slow
    5A - avoid slow
    5B - completely avoid confuse
    5C - avoid confuse
    75 - completely avoid berserk
    76 - avoid berserk
    77 - completely avoid curse
    78 - avoid curse
    71 - auto shell
    72 - auto protes
    73 - auto haste
    74 - auto regen
    6D - auto reflect
    6E - shell when pinch
    6F - protes when pinch
    70 - haste when pinch
    69 - regen when pinch
    6A - reflect when pinch
    6B - ba water when pinch
    6C - ba cold when pinch
    85 - ba thunder when pinch
    86 - ba fire when pinch
    7F - physical defense + 3%
    80 - physical defense + 5%
    79 - physical defense + 10%
    7A - physical defense + 20%
    7B - magic defense + 3%
    7C - magic defense + 5%
    95 - magic defense + 10%
    96 - magic defense + 20%
    97 - HP + 5%
    98 - HP + 10%
    91 - HP + 20%
    92 - HP + 30%
    93 - MP + 5%
    94 - MP + 10%
    8D - MP + 20%
    8E - MP + 30%
    B4 - break HP limit
    AD - break MP limit
    Blitzball Debug Mode
    4CA75C4E 1456E7AD
    Blitzball Game Get 99 Points
    3CA77239 1456E788
    3CA773D2 1456E788
    Blitzball Players Level 99
    3CA7734E 1456E788 - Tidus
    3CA77354 1456E788 - Datto
    3CA77355 1456E788 - Retti
    3CA77352 1456E788 - Jyasshyu
    3CA77353 1456E788 - Bottsu
    3CA77358 1456E788 - Kippa
    Blitzball Players Exp 9999 (same order as above)
    4CA772EC 1456089C
    4CA772F0 1456089C
    4CA772EE 1456089C
    4CA772F4 1456089C
    4CA772F2 1456089C
    4CA772F8 1456089C
    Bisaido Ooraka Team Member Make Up
    3CA773C2 1456E7xx - 1st member
    3CA773C3 1456E7xx - 2nd member
    3CA773C8 1456E7xx - 3rd member
    3CA773C9 1456E7xx - 4th member
    3CA773C6 1456E7xx - 5th member
    3CA773C7 1456E7xx - 6th member
    3CA773CC 1456E7xx - 7th member
    3CA773CD 1456E7xx - 8th member
    * if 7th and 8th member doesn't show up, just play a match
    xx = character
    A5 - Tidus
    A6 - Wakka
    A7 - Datto
    A8 - Retti
    A1 - Jyasshyu
    A2 - Bottsu
    A3 - Kippa
    A4 - Bikuson
    9D - Anbasu
    9E - Guraabu
    9F - Dooramu
    A0 - Barugeruda
    99 - Raudia
    9A - Raabeito
    9B - Isuken
    9C - Vuuroya
    B5 - Kuwarukan
    B6 - Timu
    B7 - Nizaruuto
    B8 - Eigaa
    B1 - Burappa
    B2 - Berikku
    B3 - Yuuda
    B4 - Rakkamu
    AD - Rumunigu
    AE - Bashiku=Ronzo
    AF - Aruge=Ronzo
    B0 - Gazuna=Ronzo
    A9 - Nubei=Ronzo
    AA - Iruga=Ronzo
    AB - Zamuji=Ronzo
    D3 - Zebu=Ronzo
    AC - Giera=Guado
    C5 - Zaji=Guado
    C6 - Nabara=Guado
    C7 - Oode=Guado
    C8 - Pa=Guado
    C1 - Noi=Guado
    D4 - Yuma=Guado
    C2 - Lin
    C3 - Tatsu
    C4 - Kyou
    BD - Shyuu
    BE - Niida
    BF - Bikkusu (Biggs)
    C0 - Wuejji (Wedge)
    B9 - Roppu
    BA - Riina (Lena)
    BB - Meppu
    BC - Zarittsu
    D5 - Needaa
    D6 - Dyuuren
    D7 - Jyumaru
    D8 - Subanda
    D1 - Biruuchya
    D2 - Shyaami
    CD - Kiyuri
    CE - Aniki
    CF - Mifyuure
    D0 - Miyuu
    Tidus can set 5 abilities
    3CA77012 1456E7A2
    Tidus All Blitzball Abilities
    1CA76F84 61DFB00C
    1CA76E74 61DFB00C
    Wakka All Blitzball Abilites
    1CA76F88 61DFB00C
    1CA76E78 61DFB00C
    Following characters just add 4
    There are complete codes for changing the names of weapons and armors,
    but I doubt anyone will need them, so I will not go to the trouble of
    translating and organizing them.
    * Peas On Earth would like to thank Diabolos, Aoya, Yuu!!, kun, D69,
    Tomo, and Mikado for creating the codes.
    ** Peas On Earth would further like to thank Muni Shinobu for all the
    work he put into translating, organizing, and re-typing the very messy
    and unorganized raw data, correcting several calculation errors,
    helping in the numeric calculation of some character ability codes, and
    making the completion of this list possible.
    The Pro Action Replay 2 is a product of Karat Software Corporation.
    This Document Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu & Peas on Earth

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