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    AP Trick FAQ by CronoRye

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 07/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By CronoRye (Ryan Charles)- Ryan@vortexonline.com
    Ver 2.4
    I am currently no longer accepting any emails about the AP Trick.
    That includes any emails asking questions on where to get items,
    how to use the trick because you can't get it to work, or new
    methods that you have come up with. There could be some updates
    on the trick soon so cross your fingers.
    Please do not DISTRIBUTE or host this FAQ in any form without my 
    written permission. Do not use this AP TRICK or obvious derivations
    in any PRINT FORMS OF MEDIA. No consent will be given. For 
    example, a magazine such as PSM or GamePro would have no right 
    to imitate, paraprhase, or reprint the intellectual property
    contained in this document.
    I'm a college grad who has written for www.vortexonline.com for several
    years. I'm an avid Square game player and I usually import the best 
    Square has to offer. Thanks for reading this FAQ and be sure to check
    out www.Vortexonline.com to see more of my work.
    Version Updates
    2.4 - (07-23-02) Minor Updates to email rules and other corrections
    2.3 - (01-19-02) Added "run-away" option
    2.2 - (01-16-02) Minor changes
    2.1 - (01-14-02) Added results from testing other Overdrives
    2.0 - (01-13-02) Clarified DT method
    1.9 - (01-09-02) Minor changes
    1.8 - (01-07-02) Minor changes, Updated Alternative 2
    1.7B - (01-07-02) Earliest way to gain mass AP 
    1.7A - (01-07-02) Minor changes
    1.6 - (01-07-02) Clarified Alternative Method 2
    1.5 - (01-04-02) Added new American Method, updated automated method
    1.4 - (12-27-01) Minor changes
    1.3 - (12-26-01) Added American AP trick info
    1.2 - (08-29-01) Added other variations
    1.1 - (08-17-01) Added method of acquiring "Alone" overdrive technique
    1.0 - (08-09-01) First edition
    -Note for US Players (Skip it if you want to just find out the Don
    Tonberry Method for the American FFX)
    -Don Tonberry Method (U.S. FFX Method, Earliest Possible mass AP method)
    -Cactuar King Alternative
    -Alternative 2 (U.S. FFX Method 2)
    -Original Japanese AP Trick (Unaltered from August updates)
    For American game players:
    It is apparent that the Square/EA release of the American Final 
    Fantasy X has an AP limit/cap that has been added. The cap in the 
    Japanese version was so high that you reached the max S. Level of 99
    way before you reached the max. I don't know why Squaresoft purposely
    went and hunted this out when it is only available during the late
    stages of the game and regardless is a legit use of the combination of 
    processes programmed into the game. I never could have foreseen that 
    the localization team would remove a little trick that I found while 
    messing around in late July. Ultimately, we should be grateful that 
    Square has provided us with another excellent Final Fantasy game 
    rather than gripe about the removal of a leveling trick. Please 
    remember that the Cap only limits certain overdrive methods. Because 
    The short answer to the overall question is that the AP Trick as it
    was once known does not work in the American Final Fantasy X. What I 
    will provide are alternative methods. The first alternative is fast.
    The second alternative is slower but is automated so you can sit and 
    let it do the work for you similar to the way the Japanese AP Trick 
    Apparently the cap on the AP Trick was only targeted by Squaresoft
    for my particular AP Trick. The Loner (Solo/Alone) overdrive and the
    Ally overdrive method are the ones that are capped (coincidence? I 
    think not). Apparently Hero is capped as well. 
    With my continued work on the new methods for gaining AP in the 
    post-AP-Trick era, I have discovered that Defender is also capped.
    It created gains of AP that were much lower than any other method anyway.
    The Daredevil mode is also capped (thanks to E_Cubed99@Hotmail.com)
    --------Don Tonberry Method (aka American Alternative 1)---------
    *This method can be done the earliest in the game of any method
    available. It also yields more AP consistently than the Cactaur King
    method. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this has been thoroughly
    tested by myself and contributors.*
    Via this method it is possible to get 99 S. Levels via one battle.
    Quick Summary
    -Overdrive to AP ability 
    -Monsters captured in Cave of the stolen Fayth
    -Comrade overdrive method
    -2x or 3x AP ability  
    -Double/Triple Overdrive Ability
    -Auto-Phoenix ability
    (The easiest way to get the 3x AP Ability is as follows: capture 4 of each 
    flying eye monsters. Omega Ruins, Mi'ihen, Thunder Plains, Gagazet, and 
    Macalania are the 5 regions you should target. You'll unlock One-Eye at the 
    monster arena, and fighting him over and over again should yield weapons 
    already with Triple AP.)
    Start obviously with the overdrive to AP ability. If you don't have 
    it and need to know how to get it, you need to either
    A) Bribe the "mech leader" enemy in the Gagazet mountains. The bribe 
    should be 74,000 gil. Please note that the bribe is slightly randomized
    in the American version, so sometimes you'll need to bribe with a second
    time with a little more money. You should receive 2 Doorways to Tomorrow,
    but on occasion you'll get 1. 10 are needed to activate the Overdrive to 
    AP ability.
    B) Capture at least one of every enemy from any 6 areas (The Monster 
    arena guy will reward you with 99 Doorways to Tomorrow)
    C) Steal them from the Ultima Weapon in the Omega Ruins (one-time event)
    Supplemental abilities such as 2X/3X AP and Triple overdrive are recommended 
    but not necessary. Capture all of the enemies using the capture equipped weapons
    in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. By doing so you will unlock Don 
    Tonberry in the Monster Arena. Don Tonberry is the key to leveling up.
    His counterattack can take 99,999 against your weaker party characters.
    Set your overdrive method to COMRADE.
    Next, fight Don Tonberry in the Monster Arena. Make sure the character 
    you are leveling up has the Overdrive to AP ability. Auto-Phoenix is also 
    very helpful and is necessary if you want to reach 99 S. Levels in just 
    one battle. Have the two characters who have killed THE MOST fiends in 
    battle with the single character you want to level up (ex: Tidus is the one 
    you want to level up, and most likely Auron and Wakka would be the 
    sacrificial characters). If possible, try to make sure the two are 
    semi-fast. His powerful counter Karma is based on your kills and damage 
    inflicted. If possible, try to make sure the two g are semi-fast. Taking 
    them on Tidus' path or giving them the Auto-Haste ability will help.
    Essentially, those "weak" characters will attack and Don Tonberry will 
    counter with up to 99,999 worth of damage. Keep bringing them back to 
    life manually or better yet use auto-phoenix to maximize the amount of 
    turns you'll get before Don Tonberry stops counterattacking. Once he 
    stops counterattacking, just kill him. Enjoy all the AP you get. It 
    is possible given that you are fast enough and have auto-phoenix to 
    reach 99 S. Levels.
    If you are at low levels, then just RUN AWAY after he gets close. Use 
    Tidus' flee ability for best results. You will still get all the AP you 
    earned for the target character with the overdrive-to-AP ability.
    You WILL run out of certain spheres, especially Power Spheres. 
    In the import, you could overkill Kottos in the Monster Arena to get
    something like 40 of any sphere. I think this still works in the
    American version but be advised that you'll need to be fairly
    powerful to beat/overkill it. A sphere distiller (available at some
    item shops), makes it so you can get any sphere type that you want.
    Personally I embark on the capture quests and before you know it,
    your spheres are back up to par.
    I am working on more alternatives right now. Obviously something like 
    Avenger, which gives you AP for every time someone dies, might work 
    well in a similar Don Tonberry (any overpowered enemy) way.
    ****If you are playing FFX and you want to know what method of gaining 
    a lot of AP can be done the EARLIEST IN THE GAME, it is the Don Tonberry 
    method. The Don Tonberry method can be done as soon as you get to Mt. 
    Gagazet for the first time! The Don Tonberry Method is great for people 
    who can't get past Mt. Gagazet Seymour and Yunalesca!****
    ----------------------King Cactuar Trick----------------------------
    *This method is good, but it is not better than the Don Tonberry method.
    King Cactuar has a randomness factor that could result in you dying
    before you even get to anything about 100,000 AP. It consistently yields
    less average AP than the Don Tonberry method*
    Obviously you'll need the Overdrive to AP ability. See the Don Tonberry 
    section to find out how to obtain this. Also make sure you have
    the overdrive method set to Stoic or Comrade. Unlike the Don Tonberry 
    method, having the auto-phoenix ability is essentially a must. This will use
    your phoenix down items so keep that in mind. 2x or 3x AP abilities
    are optional but will help greatly.
    Your objective is to capture King Cactaur. This can be done by capturing
    the fiends on the Thunder Plains. Follow a method similar to Don Tonberry 
    by fighting Cactuar King in the battle arena. Make sure you pay attention
    to keeping people alive, especially keeping an eye on which characters
    are alive and have the auto-phoenix. You'll want to attack and let people
    be brought back to life. Be careful not to get yourself killed. You can
    run away and still get AP thanks to the Overdrive to AP ability. 
    When I was doing this, I found auto-haste to be useful on the "sacrificial"
    characters. I've been told to use hastega but since you don't stay with the
    haste attribute after dying, it's sort of a waste.
    So to summarize:
    Overdrive to AP
    Auto-Phoenix on at least one character
    Capture the fiends at the Thunder Plains (at least it's not avoiding the
    200 lightning strikes!)
    Comrade or Stoic overdrive
    Thanks to some of the AP TRICK FAQ readers submitting this method and helping
    with the FAQ (Chocobo91, Dantonel, etc) and ultimately the Internet users 
    Orca782 and Gamepro2817 whom the King Cactuar method originated from, I'm 
    adding the King Cactuar method (by popular demand). It is very similar
    to the Don Tonberry method. Keep in mind that it can't be done very early
    in the game. You'll definitely need to be late enough in the game to
    travel freely and it doesn't yield as much AP on average.
    --------------Automated AP Trick: American Alternative 2--------------
    This automated trick is listed next for those who want to leave their 
    PS2s to level up for them and get a snack, go out, or otherwise continue 
    with their lives. The closest I can figure as of now to create mass AP 
    generation automatically (like my first Japanese AP Trick) is via the 
    following trick. You'll require a turbo controller and some 
    tape. This works better at later stages of the game when your team 
    is a relative powerhouse in comparison to many of the region's 
    enemies. Simply find an area where you can face a wall and tape 
    down your turbo controller in the direction of where you can 
    continually walk but not actually go anywhere. Right seems to work
    best. On a secondary menu the game will want to move in the direction 
    you have taped down. So to use Yuna's Pray for example (which is 
    semi-important since it gives you HP restoration at no cost to her), 
    you'll want it to be the last skill in her Special menu. Once you 
    get past a certain point on the Sphere Grid, it might not be. At that 
    point, you should be powerful enough to get past these battles without 
    Pray. Obviously, you'll need to tape down the x button so that you'll 
    automatically select commands. If you are powerful enough, the Omega 
    Ruins are ideal. Random battles will ensue simply because you are 
    walking in place. 
    Actually the real key is to find a spot on an angular portion of the
    terrain. You're aiming for a place where the screen starts to shake 
    left and right but you are really technically running in place. Try the 
    Gagazet mountain cave for a couple of those if you are having real trouble
    and want to see it working. Try using an up/right taped down combination 
    for best results for those who can't do it.
    Hopefully you can utilize characters with a strong attack or use a 
    reduced MP ability on Lulu when you get around to using her. I warn you,
    it's a tricky affair for using her since her attack is weak and you'll have
    to use either her first or last magic in her menu list. I would suggest
    using her with two really strong characters to back her weak attack. 
    Ideally you would want a region that maximizes AP but enemies inflict 
    little damage. Once you have reached a certain level of statistics, feel 
    free to move on to the next hardest region that you can kill people rather 
    quickly with the amount of AP you can get maximized. 
    When you're doing this for a while, another problem that pops up is
    that you will run out of inventory space if you do it for too
    long of a time (thanks to ianmajor@hotmail.com for using Alternative 2 
    for a long enough period of time). Keep that in mind and try to clear
    up inventory space. The game will ask you which item you want to keep
    or remove, thus messing up the trick.
    The amount of time you will need to leave your PS2 on doing this to
    reach S. Level 99 (max amount of S. Levels) depends on if you are 
    using the APx2 or APx3 abilities and the Overdrive-to-AP and the region
    you are fighting in. Essentially, the options are limitless for 
    planning out methods using the Overdrive-to-AP in conjunction with 
    this method. Obviously other overdrive methods will work better 
    than Loner so please experiment. 
    This is the end of the American portion of the AP Trick FAQ. Just in 
    case you didn't know already, the Japanese version would have allowed 
    you to get to S. Level 99 in less than 10 minutes with haste cast upon 
    the intended character. Thankfully the alternative methods provide 
    something very similar and in some cases just as fast (alternative 
    method 1).
    Thanks for reading my FAQ. If the trick works out well for you, please
    feel free to email me.
    This Mini-FAQ is about a method to building up your S. Level to its
    maximum. There are ways to vary this technique so I've listed some of 
    the wildcards within the trick. To help those playing the import
    that do not understand much Japanese, this will be a step-by-step guide.
    The overall purpose of this is to build yourself up to S. Level 99; the
    maximum S. Level you can have at a given time. Final Fantasy X has
    replaced the traditional experience and level system with the AP and S.
    Level system. The S. Level trick will raise your level to 99 after only
    10-20 mins of battle!
    First and foremost you need the following item:
    Doorway to Tomorrow (x10)
    This can be acquired in two methods. The first is a one-time acquisition
    by stealing from the Ultima Weapon boss in the Omega Ruins. You can
    input the airship coordinates for Omega Ruins (X-74 Y-36 Z-doesn't
    matter) through the third option on the airship map screen. The second
    method would be to use the bribe command on Gagazett Mountain. Gagazett
    is the snow-covered mountain just past the Nagi Plains. When you fight
    the three robotic enemies while climbing in the snowy region, the smaller
    one should be Auto Commander. You'll recognize him because he has 3700 HP.
    Bribe him with 20 times that amount (74,000 gil). He'll run away and drop
    Doorway to Tomorrow x2. Repeat as necessary.
    Add Drive to AP:
    With 10 Doorway to Tomorrows, enter the menu screen and find the
    weapon-augmenting screen. Make sure you already have a pretty good weapon
    on Tidus for example. You might want to have more than one slot open on
    the weapon in order to add APx2 or APx3 if you have the items for it.
    We'll use him as the test case. Now find the weapon he has equipped and
    bring up the abilities menu. Near the bottom of that menu should be some
    fairly recognizable abilities such as APx2 and APx3. You should also see
    another one with "AP" clearly in the name. That one is Drive to AP ability.
    It should cost 10 Doorway to Tomorrows. Obviously equip that ability. 
    Change Overdrive Type:
    After that you'll want to move to the overdrive menu from the main menu.
    You'll want to change the method that leads to overdrive. One of these
    methods is the alone method. The second option on the top of the overdrive
    menu screen allows you to change the type. Alone should be near the
    bottom. It is very easy to tell if you have it. The only way your overdrive
    meter will build is when both of the other characters in a battle are
    dead. Obviously the person with the alone overdrive must be alive.
    Then it will build up with your commands.
    Frequently Asked Question:
    "Dear CronoRye, I've tried everything on that menu but I don't see
    the Alone type for a certain character!"
    There's a good chance that Yuna and Lulu won't have the Alone
    overdrive. To teach them it, enter into a battle with a weak
    enemy and kill off everyone else in your party. Obviously you can 
    only do this with one character that needs the overdrive method at a time.
    Then just sit there and keep hitting triangle over and over again.
    Cast curative and defensive spells accordingly. It will take a 
    few minutes of doing this so be patient. Eventually a message
    will show up telling you that you've learned the overdrive 
    technique 'alone.'
    Choose your Battle:
    I chose Bisaido Island as the destination because of the weak enemies. You
    can take your airship there or if you are doing this in the middle of the
    game, try to go back to an area with weaker enemies assuming that you can
    acquire the necessary materials. You can compensate for stronger enemies
    by casting shell or augmenting your defense against the type of enemies
    you're most likely to encounter. To continue with Bisaido as the test
    example, you'll need to head towards an area with encounters. Before
    your first battle, make sure this new weapon with the Drive to AP ability
     is NOT equipped. Equip anything else you want. I know you can switch
    weapons in battle but this is the easiest method for any importers with
    little to no knowledge of Japanese. Walk into a battle and proceed to
    kill off your two other allies. Then hit the triangle button to defend
    a few times until your overdrive meter has filled up. Once it is full,
    go ahead and kill the enemies. Next, go to your menu and switch to
    your weapon with the Drive to AP ability. Walk around to encounter
    another battle. Make sure you keep the same characters that died since
    their 1-HP will make them easier to kill for the enemies and yourself.
    Once again, kill your other two allies off. At this point, you'll
    probably find it easiest to leave the Dingo (the orange wolf-like one)
    as the lone enemy. Proceed to cast Haste on yourself and slow on the
    Dingo or enemy of your choice. You should now have several turns in
    a row.
    The Method:
    At this point, the AP trick is up to you. Every time you press triangle
    (defend), you'll accrue a lot of AP. A weak enemy like Dingo won't
    substantially hurt you the few times he'll have a chance to hit you,
    so don't worry about your HP. Just keep hitting triangle to defend.
    Personally I use my old PSOne turbo controller and tape down the
    triangle button. Anyone who remembers the FF3 (6) waterfall leveling up
    trick with Banon will remember doing something similar. If you don't
    have a turbo controller for PS1 or PS2, then it is up to you to manually
    hit triangle over and over again. Regardless, the amount of time you
    leave your controller doing it or you yourself do it is arbitrary. I'd
    say to do it for about 10 minutes at first and see where you end up
    since APx2 or x3 can really speed this whole thing up. 
    After you decide you've had enough, go ahead and kill the enemy. You'll
    see your AP is a ridiculous amount and surely you'll get to S. Level 99.
    Most likely it will take you a few times of doing this to get around the
    entire Sphere Board. 
    Clearly you can do this with every character so have fun. 
    My AP Trick is an extremely effective way to gain AP. You can also mirror this
    method by using the Ally mode against any enemy. It is much slower but the
    benefit is that you can level up three at a time instead of one. Obviously
    repeat the Alone methods set up with overdrive to AP and a turbo controller.
    There are also some small variations with other overdrive but both of these
    are enough to last.
    The biggest problem you'll encounter is running out of regular sphere
    board pieces. You'll be so powerful that you might as well fight several
    random battles in any place you feel will yield the most. 
    The second problem you'll run into is that you'll be at 9xxx HP and
    you'll still have more than half the board left. I suggest consulting
    DokiWaku's excellent Secrets guide. You'll find out how to exceed Max
    HP (up to 99,999) and exceed Max Attack (up to 99,999), etc. Just a note
    though, some of the ultimate weapons have these properties intrinsically.
    For example, Tidus' ultimate weapon already has the exceed Max Attack
    I hope this helps everyone who is playing. Honestly though, I suggest
    not using this until after you've beaten the game and want to explore
    since the regular FFX bosses are rather challenging all the way through
    if you aren't doing every single monster quest, using this trick, or
    using the Magu 3 Sisters. You'll still be no match for some of the
    special monster trainer battles though!
    Credits and Thanks:
    Thanks to John-Luke who sold me his Japanese PS2. 
    Thanks to DokiWaku for the solid tips in the secrets FAQ.
    Thanks to Muni Shinobu for the Steal FAQ (the Ultima Weapon steal)
    Thanks to Rocki for being an angel.
    Thanks to Squaresoft creating another spectacular Final Fantasy.
    This document Copyright 2001/2002 Ryan Charles. Do not reprint this in 
    any form of print media. I will not grant permission for use of any
    text contained in this guide, or the uploading of this guide to any
    website other than gamefaqs.com or www.vortexonline.com. 
    Please do not email me asking for permission. Sorry but if you've
    read earlier versions of this FAQ you'll know what happened and
    why I'm simply not even offering the chance of permission.
    The term "AP Trick" was coined in July 2001 by Ryan Charles during the
    creation of this guide.
    Currently, only www.VortexOnline.Com and www.GAMEFAQS.com are allowed 
    to host this file.

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