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    Blue Magic List by LMagnuz

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BY               : leon_emilio_magnuz@yahoo.com
    WEBSITE          : http://www.rpgplanet.com/ff9/ff10/
    VERSION          : 0.9
    LAST UPDATE      : 02 July 2002
    Please do not email me about gameplay question since this is a 
    blue magic guide,not a walkthrough !!
    How to learn bluemagic ?
    You need to use Kihmari "Lancet" skill on the enemies and if the enemies have the
    blue magic,you'll learn it automatically.To use it,kihmari must be in
    Overdrive mode,press left button (<-) to reveal the overdrive option (Ronso Rage),
    and you can use any blue magic that you've learned before.
    Name           Explanation                                    Enemy to learn 
    Jump           Damage single enemy                          Kimahri begins with this
    Seed Cannon    Damage single enemy                          Grat, Balsam 
    Thrust Kick    Damage single enemy                          YKT-11, YKT-63
    Aqua Breath    Damage by Water to all the enemies           Chimera,Chimera Brain
    White Wind     Recovers half of the HP of all the allies    Dark Flan ,Spirit
    Mighty Guard   Cast Barrier and shield to all allies        Behemoth, King Behemoth
    Fire Breath    Damage by Fire to all the enemies            Grendel, Dual Horn,Valaha
    Self Destruct  Forces suicide on enemies                    Puroboros,Bomb, Grenade
    Stone Breath   Cause the Petrified state to all enemies     Basilisk,Hedge Viper,Anacondaur
    Doom           The enemies die in 5 turns                   Ghost ,Wraith 
    Bad Breath     Causes several altered states to all enemies Marlboro, Marlboro Great
    Nova           Damage to all the enemies                    Omega,Golden Omega/Nemesi
    Note #1:
    You can learn some blue magic from the Ronsos at the Mt.Gagazet.Just use Lancet when 
    they start using the skill (mighty guard,etc).The blue magic you can learn from them is :
    - Yenke Ronso: Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, White Wind (when critical)
    - Biran Ronso: Thrust Kick, Doom, Self-Destruct, Mighty Guard (when critical)
    Note #2:
    If anyone found any other monster that has a blue magic and not listed here,
    please email me at leon_emilio_magnuz@yahoo.com .I'll gladly appreciated it :)
    Also,if you want to use this guide on your website please email me first !
    thanks ! :)
    E-mail Policy :
    Only email me if you want to ask permission to use this faq in your website.
    Any question regarding ff9,ff10,wild arms 2,tod2,whatever, will be ignored,
    because i'm so busy lately and i don't have time to answer all the emails.
    My mailbox almost full anyway and i'm too lazy to deleted it o_O!
    Credits :
    Squaresoft              -> For making this game
    CJAYC                   -> For making the best website in the world !! 
    (gamefaqs webmaster)
    Miko Jang               -> For some blue magic info 
    Muni Shinobu            -> I used his overdrive faq to get the info about "Rotate kick"
    <muni_shinobu@yahoo.com>   "Self Denotate" and "Mighty Guard" blue magic.Thanks ! :)
    XxXThrillhouse@aol.com  -> For telling me about the magic you can learn from the ronsos
    douglas5970@hotmail.com -> For some info about the blue magic.thanks ! ;)
    Dycedarg                -> For the alternate method to get "Nova" blue magic.  
    And to the other people (There's too many of them so i can't list all their names here...)
    that keep emailing me about getting Rotate Kick from the ronsos,thank you ;) 
    This document is copyright Leon Emilio Magnuz (C) 2001.

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