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    Famitsu's Tips and Hints by HJerng

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0 (09/29/01)
    Written by Henry H. Jerng
    E-mail:  hjerng@cns.bcm.tmc.edu
    Website:  www.hhjcollections.com
    **For the latest web version of this FAQ (with appropriate images), please go
    to www.hhjcollections.com and proceed directly to the FAQs/Guides page.**
    TRANSLATOR'S NOTES:  Just when you think that you have discovered everything
    there is to know about FFX, then you come across some really cool information. 
    Below you'll find some stuff translated from Famitsu PS2's May issue, covering
    8/10 to 8/24, on pages 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 31. 
    Famitsu PS2 is copyrighted by Susumu Matsushita Company/ Master Licensor Dream
    Ranch Inc.
    1. Receive Potions to Your Heart's Content
    (Salvage Ship)
    I have good news for players who remember uneasiness in the fight against Toros
    (a squid-like monster you encounter when you return to the ruin's entrance
    after activating the equipment), without only a few potions on hand.  If you
    return to the salvage ship from the ruin on the ocean floor and speak to a man
    on the left side of the ship, you will receive a potion again even after you've
    received it once.  If you repeat this, you can acquire unlimited number of
    2. Something Important
    (Beside Beach)
    On a hidden part of the Beside Beach, there is a strongbox where the moon seal
    is kept.  Beside the moon seal, there are six other seals in the entire Spira: 
    Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, and Sun (representing the seven days of the week for
    the Japanese).  The effects of these seals are realized only after the game has
    gone past certain stage.  In the mean time, try to acquire them without fail.
    3. Before Setting Out...
    (Beside Village)
    If you search inside the village one more time before leaving Beside Village
    behind, you will see that the sales clerk at the secondhand furniture dealer
    changed.  According to what she says, it seems that a kid in the store found
    something.  This something precious has been buried, and this kid will dig it
    up.  I wonder what it is?
    4. Do You Like the Pretty Girl?
    (Evening Celebration at Beside Village Public Square)
    In an event at Beside Village's public square, Wakka asks you about your
    impression of Yuna.  Try to select your option cautiously.  To tell you the
    truth, your choice deeply affects the occurrence condition for events that
    happen during the game.  Importantly, Lulu fans should say, "I don't like her."
    5. Solve the Mystery of the Magic Trunk!
    (Riki, the Ferryboat Connecting Beside and Keerika)
    If you kick a trunk located in the ferryboat's cabin, potions will come out. 
    In fact, the number of potions that come out is the number you get if you
    subtract the number of potions you have then from twenty (20).  So, if you have
    20 potions, you will not get any.  If you have 7 potions, you will get 13
    potions.  In short, you don't need to have more than 20 potions at this stage
    in the game.
    6. What's the Advantage of Investing in Ooaka Store?
    (Riki, the Ferryboat)
    The Ooaka store (Ooakaya) is managed by a trader found in the cabin.  If you
    invest in Ooakaya, the price of merchandises will decrease in proportion to the
    investment amount for the Ooakaya located in the street at Kinoko Reef, just
    before Mihen Session.  Because you cannot yet buy any precious items, there is
    no need to invest too unreasonably.   If you don't invest a single gil and move
    on to the street at Kinoko Reef, the price of merchandises at Ooakaya feels a
    bit high.  If you invest 2000 gils, compared to not investing at all, you can
    buy at considerably discounted prices.  (For example, Magical Ring for Lulu
    drops from 2430 gils to 1417 gils).
    7. Overkill the Ochu!!
    (Keerika Forest)
    The Lost Ochu found here is tough and strong.  If you decide to fight it, this
    is a place where you will want to acquire lots of AP by defeating it with an
    overkill.  However, this cannot be done with the muscles of mere humans. 
    Therefore, what I recommend is this.  First clear the trial room at the Keerika
    shrine up ahead, then come back to destroy it using Ifrit.  Because Ifrit can
    give Lost Ochu damage of more than 1700 with flames of Hell, this will be an
    easy victory.
    8. Try Not to Miss These Events!
    (Wino, the Ferryboat)
    Let me introduce to you an event that you may miss on Wino.  It is the event
    where you hear a conversation between Lulu and Wakka on the upper floor of
    Wino.  In fact, this conversation does not end in just one hearing; it
    continues for 4 hearings.  Furthermore, before heading on to the 'Jecto Shoot
    Challenge', an event with Yuna is also a must-see.  Here, becoming quite
    passionate, Yuna makes objections to the Luca Goers.  It is an event where you
    can see an unexpected, different side of her.  It is priceless.
    9. Get Trained in Jecto Shoot.
    (The deck of Wino)
    After you have heard the conversation between Lulu and Wakka on the upper
    floor, if you go to the forward deck, a mini-game called 'Jecto Shoot
    Challenge' will begin.  This is a game where you make Jecto's words (which pop
    up on the screen) disappear by using the left stick/directional keys and the
    circle button.  In this game, success comes after how many words are made to
    disappear?  The result of my investigation confirms that you will successfully
    train in Jecto Shoot after making 11 of them disappear.  That is the number of
    times you must stay calm and clear those words to clear the shoot.
    10. Useless Check
    (Port of Luca)
    In the town of Luca, there is mother who walks along the ferryboat passageway. 
    Out of concern, I tried to find her son, but that was useless.  Then, I somehow
    tried to destroy the crane that appeared in a later boss fight, and that too
    turned out to be useless.  Jeez.
    11. Knockout the Goers!  The Way to Certain Victory in the Finals!
    If you start the finals by taking things easy,...... you will never win!  Yes,
    sir.  This final game is extremely difficult.  After all, your opponents are
    the Luca Goers.  And you're the miserable Beside Oaraka.  On top of your lack
    of familiarity, it's too much that there's also the corresponding handicap. 
    But, I want to win, you say!!  Well, this is the strategy column just for you
    and your will power.  Ready to be instructed on the way to certain victory!!
    <First Half of the Game:  Gauge the Level Up by Responding with Passes and Not
    Although it's the finals, the first half of the game is designed for practice. 
    As for formation, use the right side.  At about the first minute, it's best for
    you to align your players like in panel 2.  If you get used to the situation
    with panel 2, the enemy can quickly attack and take a point.  And if it becomes
    a situation like panel 3, where the enemy does not attack, then confine
    yourself to exclusively playing catch ball.  For three (3) minutes, repeatedly
    pass the ball from Tidus to Letty , to Tidus, then to Joshu.  Then with the
    remaining time, pass from Letty to Botsu.  This way, at the minimum, Tidus and
    Letty will reach level 3, where Joshu and Botsu will be at level 2.
    (1) Attract the Enemy
    If the very first ball is passed to Letty, he will superficially cut into the
    enemy position.  If the ball is passed to the enemy, you shall be giving them
    one (1) point because it's hard to steal it back.
    (2) Long Pass from the Enemy Territory
    Once you've entered enemy territory,  pass the ball to LD before you get
    surrounded by two enemy players like in panel 2.  If you mess up and the enemy
    attacks MF, it's possible to just (scream?) and reset to start over.
    (3) Devote Time to Pass Work
    You've succeeded if the Goers do not leave their territory!  As mentioned
    earlier, try to concentrate on some pass work (or work on passing the ball to
    raise levels).  By doing so, the first half of the game can be used to gain the
    strength needed to counteract the Goers.  What you want to watch out for is
    battle with the enemy.  If you give the Goers experience points, they too will
    level up.  In particular, it's trouble later if you allow the Goer's goalkeeper
    to raise his level.  So, try to refrain from shooting in the first half.
    <Second Half of the Gamer:  In Rapid Attacks, You'll Get Points for Shooting
    with Tidus and Later with Wakka>
    When your level is three (3) or above, you can use abilities.  At the
    beginning, Tidus and Letty have Sphere Shoot and Venom Pass, respectively. 
    After being sure to equip these abilities, you will be in an attack posture in
    the second half.  Change to the left side.  With Letty holding the ball and
    Tidus entering enemy territory, pass the ball to Tidus before he gets
    surrounded!  Then, approach the goal as close as you can and perform the Jecto
    or Sphere Shoot.  After you get one point, it'll be useless to try to repeat
    this.  So, set back to the right side and, without overstraining yourself, wait
    until three (3) minutes have passed.  After Wakka substituted for Tidus, use
    the same strategy and get one point with Wakka.
    (1) Move to the Frontline with Letty
    Head for the enemy positions with Letty and Tidus.  Allow Tidus to focus on the
    goalkeeper.  It's even possible to just let Tidus stick around right in front
    of the goal.
    (2) Escape from the Enemy and Shoot!
    If Tidus is above Level 3, he can certainly pass thru another enemy player on
    his own.  Press the square button, purposely take on a one-on-one situation,
    move forward, and shoot!
    Use Your Ability!
    The abilities that you can use upon reaching Level 3 are your headstrong
    allies.  You'll be using Letty's Venom Pass a lot in this competition.
    12. Avoid Annihilation with "Escape"!!
    (In battle)
    With the ability "Tonzura", all members of your party can escape with 100%
    certainty from battles from small fries (non-bosses).  You will still receive
    AP's from monsters you defeated in the battle and items that were dropped. 
    It's a technique that you'll find useful at any rate because, more than
    anything else, it offers safety.  There're lots of players who will say that
    they have never used "escape", thank god.  Certainly, depending on your
    opponent, there's the danger of losing.  As a matter of fact, there's an
    advantage not found in "escape" but found in "tonzura".  An example is when a
    powerful monster shows up.  When you get in a pinch, with "tonzura" you will
    lose both principal and interest.  At such a time, with "escape" only one
    person in the party can escape from the battle, and the remaining two had
    better fight by putting up a desperate effort.  But then even if at worst
    you're completely annihilated, it won't be 'game over' when you use "escape". 
    Try to use it and think of it as an insurance against the worst scenario.
    13. The First Time You Get the Level 1 Key Sphere
    (Lin's Travel Company, Mihen Street)
    A Key Sphere is a special item that unlocks the sphere locks on the Sphere
    Board and allows you to progress toward places unreachable before.  The Level 1
    Key Sphere you get at the travel company on Mihen Street will make a Level 1
    sphere lock disappear.  As for who should use it and its effects, please
    consult the sphere capture section for each character (to be translated in the
    14. A Place Where the Story Diverges!?  Reply with Caution.
    (Suppression Force's Headquarter Entrance)
    In fact, at the headquarter, a part of the story forks.  It won't change the
    general flow of the story, but it will change what happens to some of the
    characters.  As for the precise details, I want you to definitely check it with
    our own eyes.  For a hint, there seems to be something with Gatta who sulks and
    comes out from the headquarter.  Here, when you talk to him, you will be asked
    to make a choice of words......!?
    (To be continued......)
    **This translation is copyrighted 2001 by Henry H. Jerng.  Reproduction and
    distribution of this material without my consent is strictly prohibited. 
    Thanks go out to CJayC for creating and maintaining www.gamefaqs.com as the
    premier website for videogame FAQs and informations.

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