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    Chocobo Racing Guide by Kotetsu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X (US) Chocobo Racing Guide
    Written by Kotetsu
    Written for: GameFAQs.com
    Version 1.0 2-19-07
    Table of Contents
    1. History
    2. FAQ
        A. How do I get the Cloudy Mirror?
        B. How do I turn the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror?
        C. How the hell do I get 5 chests in the Remiem Temple race?
        D. What about the 6th chest that's on the map?  Can't you get
           6 chests?
        E. When do I get the airship?
        F. Where can I do this Chocobo racing stuff?
        G. How do I get 0:0.0 on the Catcher Chocobo game?
        H. I can't find the chocobo rider!  Where is she? (Solved?)
        I. Where can I find Morelock's guide?
    3. Remiem Temple Race (*Cloudy Mirror*)
    4. Chocobo Training (Racing games)
        A. Wobbly chocobo
        B. Dodger chocobo
        C. Hyper dodger chocobo
        D. Catcher chocobo
           - E-mailed strategies
    5. Contact Information
    6. Thanks, Credits, Etc.
    1. History
    v0.1 12-26-01  Finally got to this part of FFX.  Started with the
     Remiem Temple.
    v0.2 12-27-01 Finished everything up.  Ready to submit.
    v0.3 12-30-01 Added another question in the FAQ, changed a
    v0.4 1-4-02 Fixed some mistakes.  Decided to update the
    Cloudy Mirror part of the FAQ.
    v0.5 1-20-02 Finally decided to add another question to the
    FAQ.  I've gotten at least 30 people asking me about it. Sorry
    for not responding to those e-mails, my only answer was 'I don't
    v0.6 1-23-02 Decided to add yet another thing to the FAQ.
    v0.7 1-31-02 Added some contributions.
    v0.8 2-7-02 Morelock's guide has been found.  Check out the FAQ
    section of the guide for the link.
    v0.9 2-20-02 New site with my guide on it and I added some info
    to the Remiem Temple section of the guide.
    v1.0 2-19-07 5 years after my last update, I am removing my real
    name, my e-mail address, my screen name, and dead links from the
    guide.  I also no longer care who uses this guide or where they
    use it.
    2. FAQ
    Q. How do I get the Cloudy Mirror?
    A. You have to win a race at the Remiem Temple.  No chests
    are required, and I think you'll still get the mirror if
    you run into a pole.
    Q. How do I turn the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror?
    A. You turn it into the Celestial Mirror by wandering around
    Macalania forest and talking to some people.  You go to the
    Macalania Lake with your airship, go south to the X shaped
    map.  To to the lower-right part of the X and run along
    the shiny path until you see a mother with her child (they
    won't be on the shiny path.)  Talk to them a few times, then
    go near the exit of the Macalania Forest, where you'd end up
    at the Calm Lands.   Go on the Northern Path and talk to all
    the people until one of them runs off.  Go back to where the
    mother and child were.  The child will be gone, but his mother
    and father will be there.  Talk to them a few times, then go
    back on the shiny path until you see a fork in the road.  The
    child should lead you up to a big hemi-sphere type thing.
    That will turn your Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror.
    This is also the place where you power-up ultimate weapons with
    crests and sigils.
    Q. How do I get 5 chests in the Remiem Temple race?
    A. Luck.  Skill.  Patience.  I spent about 2 hours racing
    before I got all 5 chests.  Also, use the D-pad rather than
    the analog stick.  I don't know why, but the D-pad seems
    easier to use.  When you get a chest, hold UP so you run
    as soon as you can.  If you can see the other chocobo on your
    screen while getting the 4th chest, you might as well let
    him win.
    Q. What about the 6th chest that's on the map?  Can't you
    get 6 chests?
    A. Go ahead and try.  If someone does acually manage to do
    this, I'd love to hear what the prize is.
    Q. When do I get the airship? (gamepro2817@aol.com)
    A. Just after the Zanarkand Ruins, after you beat Yunalesca.
    The airship is different from all the Final Fantasy's, but
    this system works fine.
    Q. Where can I do this Chocobo racing stuff?
    A. The Calm Lands.  I first started it after I got the airship.
    Go to the Calm Lands, go down a bit, and talk to the stationary
    chocobo rider.  S/he'll have several options for you.
    Q. How do I get 0:0.0 on the Catcher Chocobo game?
    A. If Morelock's guide ever gets posted anywhere, look at it.
    If not, just try to get a good run with the balloons at the
    beginning.  After that, avoid birds and get balloons.
    Q. I can't find the chocobo rider!  Where is she?
    A. If you go back to the airship and then to the Calm Lands, she'll
    probably be just south of the rest area.  If she's not there, she
    might be in the northwestern part of the Calm Lands or maybe
    she'll be in the southern part.  I can't really say for sure, I've
    never had this problem.
    An E-mailed Tip (ddondo@yahoo.com)
    First off, excellent guide.  I think I might be able to add to it
    however.  One of the FAQs was "H. I can't find the chocobo rider!
    Where is she?"  Unlike you I did some chocobo riding before the
    airship and beat the first three training races.  After doing some
    other things and subsequently gaining the airship I came back to the
    calm lands for the express sole purpose of getting Tidus's ultimate
    weapon.  When I got back to the Calm Lands however, the chocobo
    trainer was not in her usual place in the the north west corner
    above the Calm Lands central save point and was actually nowhere to
    be found.  I then searched every square inch of the calm lands to no
    avail.  What I then did was ask the Chocobo rider I could find, the
    rider over by the north east corner that asks you when you talk to
    him, "Are you lost?  Need to get back to Bevelle?  Follow me then."
    (I think this is what he says)  So I follow him.  I kept following
    him even though I got into numerous battles.  Once he led me up the
    incline back to the entrance of Macalania Forest, lo and behold there
    the Chocobo trainer was, straight across from the zone line
    overlooking the calm lands.  I'm not sure if this works everytime as
    I only did it once.
    Another Tip (Penguin2212@cinci.rr.com)
    I was reading your FAQ at gamefaqs.com and I've noticed the question,
    "Help, I can't find the Chocobo Rider, where is she?"  It seems that
    her location changes depending on where you enter the Calm Lands
    from.  I'm lazy as hell so I always enter the calm lands from
    Macalania Forest or Mt. Gagazet (to avoid battles).  It seems that
    whenever I enter from Mt Gagazet, she's right there at the enterance
    of Mt Gagazet or, if I enter from Macalania forest she's right there
    at the other enterance.  If you enter the Calm Lands directly, she's
    usually at the enterance closest to Macalania Forest.  Sorry if I
    screwed up the names of the places but hopefully you get the idea.
    One correction, I went back and found that if you fly directly to
    the calm lands, she's right there by the weapons shop where you land.
    Q. I got 0:0.0 on the Catcher Chocobo race, but I only got a Turbo
    Ether!  Where's the Sun Sigil?
    A.  I've also gotten a lot of e-mails about this one.  It also happened
    to me.  I was hoping that people would figure it out on their own, but
    I guess they didn't.  Here's the explaination:
    You acually have to BEAT 0:0.0 to get the Sun Sigil.  What does this
    Let's say you get the following...
    Time: 0:36.0
    Balloons: 14
    Birds: 2
    You receive: Turbo Ether
    Doing the math, your time will come out to be 0:0.0 exactly.  Now, onto
    example 2...
    Time: 0:35.9
    Balloons: 14
    Birds: 2
    You receive: Sun Sigil
    Why?  The game still shows the time as 0:0.0...However, if you do the
    math yourself, it comes out to be -0:0.1.  Thus, you beat 0:0.0.
    3. Remiem Temple Race
    Getting to the Remiem Temple:
    Here's some information before you do the race:
    You can only get each of the prizes once (except potion)
    Don't hit any poles or else you'll just get a potion
    (Assuming you travelled via airship) Goto the Calm Plains.
    Go down a bit and talk to the chocobo rider (s/he should be
    standing still.)  Choose the first option (Let me ride
    one!)  Ride your chocobo to the southern-most enterance to
    the Calm Plains.  All the way to the east of that area,
    there will be a broken bridge with a chocobo feather lying
    on the ground.  Examine the chocobo feather while still on
    the chocobo.  It will jump down onto lower ground.  Now,
    follow along the path until you get to a save sphere.
    Inside the temple, Yuna can have a summoning battle with 
    Belgemine, but we're not covering that now.  Anyway, from
    the save sphere, run to the left.  Just beyond the chocobo,
    you'll see a message sphere.  Examine it.  Then go to the
    OTHER side of the temple.  Examine that chocobo.  You can
    now do the Remiem race.
    Why do you want to do this race?  Simple!  For winning this
    race, you can get the Cloudy Mirror along with a bunch of
    other neat items.
    Since I can't draw a map of this in a txt guide, I'll leave
    a link to CB!'s wonderful scanned picture.
    Here are the goals:
    Chest A               - <7 seconds
    Chest B               - <13 seconds
    Chest C (w/o Chest B) - <13 seconds
    Chest C (w/Chest B)   - <18 seconds
    Chest D (w/o Chest B) - <19 seconds
    Chest D (w/Chest B)   - <23 seconds
    Chest E (w/o Chest B) - <28 seconds
    Chest E (w/Chest B)   - <32 seconds (You can get that and
    still lose.  The 5 chests requires a flaming heap of luck)
    0 chests - Potion - Easy
    Skip all the chests.  Go straight to the finish.
    1 chest - Elixir - Easy
    Chest A
    2 Chests - Megalixir - Easy to Moderate
    Chest A
    Chest C
    3 Chests - 30 Wings to Discovery - Easy to Moderate
    Chest A
    Chest B
    Chest C
    Chest A
    Chest C
    Chest D
    (I like the first one better)
    4 chests - 30 Pendulum - Moderate to Hard
    Chest A
    Chest C
    Chest D
    Chest E
    5 chests - 60 Three Stars - Very Very Hard (need lots 'o luck)
    Chest A
    Chest B
    Chest C
    Chest D
    Chest E
    4. Chocobo Training (Racing games)
    To be able to access these mini-games, talk to Cid on the
    airship and go to the Calm Lands.  Go down from the rest area
    a bit and talk to the chocobo rider.  Select the 3rd option to
    be able to play the games.
    If you haven't played the games yet, the first time you go, only
    the Wobbly Chocobo race will be available.  To open up the next
    races, you have to beat the previous one.
    A. Wobbly Chocobo
    Strategy:  Try to keep the chocobo near the middle of the track.
    He likes to turn to the right toward the end, so you might want
    to aim yourself at the chocobo rather than the trainer.
    First Time Prize: Elixir
    Beating Your Record Prize: X-Potion
    B. Dodger Chocobo
    Strategy:  Keep turning!  If you don't, you'll get hit by
    blitzballs and get stopped for a second.  Don't go TOO far out
    to the side, or you might have trouble getting back.  The
    blitzballs tend to come in groups of 3.  Dodge 3 in one
    direction, switch directions, continue dodging, repeat.
    First Time Prize: Lvl 1 Key Sphere
    Beating Your Record Prize: Mega Potion
    C. Hyper Dodger Chocobo
    Strategy:  Swirve like mad.  If you're on the right side and
    you see stuff coming at you, swirve to the left.  If you're
    on the left and see stuff flying at you, swirve to the right.
    Chances are you'll get hit at least once, even if you're good.
    First Time Prize: Lvl 2 Key Sphere
    Beating Your Record Prize: Ether
    D. Catcher Chocobo
    Strategy:  At the beginning, hope for a line of ballons on the
    right.  If the balloons aren't on the right, just stick to the
    inside of the turn.  Attempt to dodge the birds (why the hell
    are they flying at you in the first place?) while collecting
    balloons.  Dodging birds should be priority 1, while collecting
    balloons should be your 2nd priority.
    First Time Prize: Lvl 3 Key Sphere
    Beating Your Record Prize: Turbo Ether
    Beating 0.0.0: Sun Sigil
    Morelock's Guide:
    From rleeson42@hotmail.com
    I was just bored and wanted to tell you what I'd figured out
    about the actual chocobo race for the Sun Sigil.  The trick to
    beating it is really straightforward and simple, just hard to
    maintain.  You must get out in front of the trainer going around
    the bend from the plateau to the plain. Following this follow the
    path of balloons exactly in order. You'll notice if you look
    close enough no two balloons are exactly across from each other,
    so if you run staight to the side with one that looks like it's
    directly across you'll actually get the next one. When you follow
    this path, the crazy zig-zag, not only can you get most of the
    balloons, but the birds will miss you.  They'll pull up just at
    the last second assuming you stay on this path. If you stray from
    it you might get hit.  I beat it this way getting 17 balloons and
    1 hit, ending up with about -6 seconds. It seemed to work every
    time I used it but I'd usually screw up right before the end, so
    people will have to practice it and be careful.  All right well
    that's enough, hope this helped.
    From saintly@innocent.com
    I believe the purpose of the chocobo race (and making it
    required in order to attain the main characters ultimate weapon) is
    part of an evil plot by Square to make everyone truly hate and
    despise Chocobos forever.
    That said... tips to beating the %7(*&# game:
    - Expect to put in around 3-5 hours playing the game over
      and over.
    - If you don't get at least 4 balloons on your side at the
      beginning, just let the game play itself and go do
      something else.  Rationale: Losing the game is frustrating
      and uses up some of your concentration.  Take a 30-second
      break (to read a book, or do something else while the
      game plays itself) when you know you can't win.  Even when
      you just let the chocobo run on it's own, I've still seen
      it beat the trainer (it zig-zags across the field, bouncing
      off the sides - it only usually gets hit with 2-3 birds too!)
    - You NEED the 12-15 second bonus from the first balloons,
      the rest are much harder to get.
    - Do NOT head directly for the next balloon, unless you are
      doing it at at a very sharp angle in relation to the
      direction you are supposed to be heading.  The birds do
      adjust course to intercept you, but they can't change
      course fast enough if you are heading sharply to the right
      or left.
    - The birds come in pairs, and alternate.  Two come for you,
      then two come for the trainer.  Once you dodge your two,
      you can head straight (and collect balloons) for a while
      until you see the two for the trainer go by, then
      immediately start to dodge to the left or right.
    - For some reason, your Chocobo becomes "Wobbly chocobo" when
      you try to steer hard to the right (especially on the third
      part of the track).  Either *tap* the Right direction in
      hopes that it will go that way, or do NOT try to go right
      to dodge.  It works best if you head right to give yourself
      room when the trainer's birds are on screen, then start
      dodging left just when your own come on.
    - If you find yourself already at the far left of the screen
      when your birds show up, head into the wall (to bounce off
      of it), then immediately press Right.  Heading into the wall
      makes you go right at a good angle, and pressing Right will
      make the turn sharp enough to hopefully dodge the birds.
    - The birds are MUCH worse than the balloons.  Forget the
      balloons entirely when your birds are on the screen (only try
      to collect them when it's the trainers turn to get birds
      thrown at them) and focus on dodging the birds.  Getting hit
      with a bird does three nasty things:
      a) Adds 3 seconds to your time at the end (cancels a balloon)
      b) Stuns you on the field for an additional 1.5 seconds
      c) Lets the trainer get ahead of you to eat precious balloons
    - For that reason, when the birds are about to appear, the only
      thing you should be doing is pressing HARD to the left (or
      possibly the right, if you bounced off the left side).
    - You have two "free" dodges, one at each turn in the course.
      Since you need to see which birds are coming for you, stay
      away from the trainer when you make the first turn if you
      both make the turn at the same time.  Otherwise, it's hard to
      sort out which of the 4 birds are for you.  When you make the
      first turn, it's easiest if you angle it so you run
      diagonally across the field instead of trying to follow the
      course.  If you press hard to the Left at the end of
      the second part, you will delay the course changing to the
      third section for a bit:
    Course becomes a 90-degree turn:
     3d part      |
    ______   X    |
         |        |
         | 2d pt  |
    What you want to try to do is to be going hard Left in the
    second part and following the left wall of the 3rd without
    the screen shifting to make it so you're heading straight yet.
    The reason is that the birds come at you from the X location
    in the 2nd part, and they will all miss you while you're almost
    a third of the way down the 3rd part already!
    - Use the D-pad!  Everyone says this.  What's the rationale?
      The stick is analog and lets you turn at different degrees
      <------ | ------->
      L    Center      R
      And so it slows down your reactions.  If you were heading R
      and wanted to go hard Left, you lose a second or so going
      through all the degrees of the Right and the low degrees of
      left to get to the Sharp left you want.  PLUS, if you let
      the controller get angled slightly, you may not be heading
      sharp Left at all, you could find yourself heading mostly
      Forward and a little to the left at a crucial time.  Your
      chocobo goes Forward automatically and ignores Forward/Back
      signals.  All you need are either Sharp Left and Sharp Right
      on the D-Pad.  The rest only hurts you.
    - Winning the game is almost entirely luck after you learn the
      few tricks to dodging.  Why?  You need the balloons to be
      in the path you take to dodge birds, and the other ones to
      appear when the trainers birds are on screen so you can
      collect them without getting hassled.  Plus you need 3-4 to
      appear on your side at the beginning and not get eaten by
      the trainer.  This type of random appearance of balloons
      occurs in something like 1 out of 50 games.
    - Using the other rider as a shield is unpredictable.  First,
      it means letting them get ahead of you and eat the easiest
      balloons.  Second, the birds come in pairs.  If the first
      one that is meant for you hits you, the other will fly away.
      If it hits the trainer, the 2nd will still come for you.  If
      you were following too closely to the trainer, it doesn't
      give you that much time to dodge the second unless you have
      a lot of room on the left and start dodging IMMEDIATELY
      after the first hits.
    - A single bird *CAN* hit you both if you're close enough
    - Getting hit near where birds appear is BAD.  VERY BAD.
      Stay away from the center of the course near where the
      birds come in.  Otherwise, you may get hit several times
      before you can move.
    - It's better to be ahead, dodge the two for you, then use the
      "breather" time to snag balloons until the trainers birds go
      by and you have to dodge again.
    - Notes: The best time I've ever seen the trainer get is 3.2,
      and I've also seen the trainer come in at over 1:07
    - There are a few places you can intentionally get stuck and
      run up your own time, and one place where you can do it
      accidentally.  If you just let the chocobo run on it's own
      from the beginning, it sometimes turns a little to the left
      instead of right at the first turn.  Then it will run into
      the wall until you make it move.  You can turn hard to the
      right into the ledge at the first turn and keep it there,
      and turn hard to the left at the last ledge (before the
      finish) to keep it there too.  There's no reason to do so
      unless you want to get a really bad score in several minutes.
    - When you first start playing after a long break, your
      reflexes probably aren't going to be in top shape for a few
      games.  To cut down the time involved in getting your senses
      tuned to play Catcher Chocobo, play Hyper Dodger for a bit.
      It's harder than Catcher (I think) and Catcher will seem much
      easier when you start playing that instead.
    ANYONE Can get 0:0.0...even the trainer! (from Spider)
    I just had a race with the trainer, and he beat 0.0.  Kinda odd, I
    just thought you'd might like to add that.
    5. Contact Information
    6. Thanks, Credits, Etc.
    Major thanks to CB! (http://home.san.rr.com/circe/) for assisting
    me with several things.  She let me know what the prizes were
    for the mini-games, and let me rip off her scanned and translated
    map of the Remiem Temple course.  She's written some great FAQs,
    I'd suggest that you check them out.
    Thanks to the contributers, The Saint (saintly@innocent.com),
    David Dondonan (ddondo@yahoo.com), and Ryan Leeson

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