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    Overdrive FAQ by PFriedman

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    Final Fantasy X
    Character/Aeon Overdrive In-Depth FAQ
    By: Paul Friedman/Kaze "RayWing" Yagami
    Version: 4.0
    NOTE: This FAQ is in its final version. The e-mail address formerly here is
    defunct as of late September 2002, and no requests to add this to other sites
    will be granted. All I know about overdrives is in this FAQ. I am not 'hiding'
    anything from you. No more information will ever be added.
    Version History
    FINAL - Just sanded off some extra junk and polished it clean for the final
    4.0 - Shaved some Kb of the FAQ and added mucho grande OD mode obtaining info!
    Check the credits. Also added in the changes for modes in Final Fantasy X
    International to subsection 2.2, and changes in Overdrive -> AP auto-ability in
    the bottom of section 5. Made Kaze Yagami a co-author for all of his troubles.
    Changed alot of the OD effects such as extra effects in Auron's and info on
    Lulu's. Spelling errors fixed, also.
    3.7 - Error fix
    3.62 - Changed "Absorb" to "Drain"
    3.61 - Lulu's spells correction, minor fixes.
    3.6 - Updated Aurochs Reels, Wakka clearification, Auron's spheres
    clearification, added "Overdrive Auto-Abilities" section.
    3.2 - Added Mystile's Overdrive history, cleaned the mess up in Lulu's section,
    changed the intro to "Overdrive History/Info" section, added notice at the top.
    3.1 - Fixed Rook mode, added some monsters to learn Kimahri's abilities from.
    3.0 - Numerous "obvious" corrections, Jecht Sphere location update, some
    "benchmark" mixes (ie, good-to-know), added Lulu's Fury spells, corrected
    Yojimbo (again).
    2.7 - Added site to sites list, how to exceed max damage for Aeons, fixed
    obtaining Tidus' Overdrives, added Yojimbo's "Head Chop-off" Overdrive, fixed
    obtaining Jecht Spheres, added the LAST Overdrive mode(!!), I think.
    2.6 - Added 1 Overdrive mode (one left!), more on Wakka's Overdrive, added the
    weapons to help Aeons exceed max damage, fixed Tidus' Energy Rain.
    2.2 - The first minor revision (but it still required two points). Added some
    Overdrive history, more credits, Wakka's Aurochs Reels effects (!!). Also found
    the name of Valefor's 2nd Overdrive (10 or so people responded!). Added a
    "sites" list for sites that can carry this FAQ. Fixed the sequence for Auron's
    Tornado (see credits) Overdrive.
    2.0 - Yes, already a major revision! Added 5 Overdrive modes (Hero, Coward,
    Dancer, Rook, and Sufferer) and renamed (translated) Alone to Solo. Down to 2
    Overdrive modes to go, now! Changed the formatting for the Overdrive modes
    section to match the Character Overdrives section, to make the FAQ look nicer
    in general. Added mucho grande credits, changed some text to be more
    understandable, and made numerous small updates.
    1.0 - Initial release. Has all the character Overdrives, 10 Overdrive modes,
    and all Aeon Overdrives. If you want to see what information I am missing visit
    my bounty list at the bottom (sorry, no rewards except my respect -- and your
    name in the FAQ! Heh...)
    =-Ye Olde Table of Contents-=
      1) Overdrive History/Info
      2) Overdrive Modes
       2.1  Modes
       2.2  Changes in FFX Int.
      3) Character Overdrives
       3.1  Tidus
       3.2  Yuna
       3.3  Wakka
       3.4  Lulu
       3.5  Kimahri
       3.6  Auron
       3.7  Rikku
      4) Aeon Overdrives
       4.1  Valefor
       4.2  Ifrit
       4.3  Ixion
       4.4  Shiva
       4.5  Bahamut
       4.6  Yojimbo
       4.7  Anima
       4.8  The Magus Sisters
      5) Overdrive Auto-Abilities
      6) Conclusion
       6.1  Contribute
       6.2  Credits
       6.3  Copyright
    (1) Overdrive History/Info
    In Final Fantasy X, each character contains a special ability, different from
    any others you will find. It is called an "Overdrive".
    The following was written by Mystile, copied with permission by myself:
    "Overdrives are a conglomeration of unique, powerful techniques from previous
    Final Fantasy games. Each character has his or her own special Overdrive(s)
    that cannot be copied or taught to other characters. They are what makes a
    character truly unique in gameplay. These techniques originate from Final
    Fantasy 3/6j. In FF6, they were a small, almost invisible feature. Called
    Desperation Attacks, a character would randomly perform his or her unique
    attack when his or her health was in critical. These attacks were amplified in
    Final Fantasy 7, when they were changed to Limit Breaks. Here, a character had
    a special meter, and when Limit meters were full, you could opt to use the
    character's Limit Break. Final Fantasy 8 reverted back to the random form seen
    in FF6, with a huge difference. Whereas in FF6 Desperation attacks would appear
    1 out of 20 times with no control, FF8 Limit Breaks would appear randomly as a
    selectable command. Players could skip a character's turn in hopes that the
    next time his or her turn came up, the Limit Break command could be accessed.
    Things took a strange turn in Final Fantasy 9. The Limit meters returned, now
    called Trance meters, but you were no longer allowed to store the technique, as
    you could in FF7, or have a chance of using it consecutively, as in FF6 or FF8.
    When the Trance meter was full, the character would enter Trance mode. In this
    mode, all attacks did twice as much damage, and characters opened up new,
    powerful commands. Trance mode decreased the Trance meter every turn used, and
    when the meter was empty, the character would revert to normal. If you ended a
    battle in Trance, tough luck! The meter would empty itself, and you had to
    continue building it up." I strongly urge you to check out Mystile's
    FAQ/Walkthrough, currently in the making.
    An Overdrive is an attack unique to a single character, that not even through
    the Sphere Grid can anyone else learn. It is sort of like a "charged" mode --
    the character will unleash an attack more powerful than what is normal.
    However, the Overdrive, unlike Trance, will only last for one move.
    Hopefully this guide will teach you the basics of Overdrive and how to utilize
    each one to the maximum efficiency.
    But first of all, and MOST IMPORTANTLY -- this guide contains SPOILERS (in
    small doses). So if you don't want your game ruined (which there probably
    aren't enough here to do that, I don't give away anything BIG) -- steer away.
    But notice, mostly all I mention is place names, nothing that will make you
    hate life for finding out.
    (2) Overdrive Modes
    The Overdrive system in Final Fantasy X is much more expansive than in any
    previous version of the series. This includes various ways of reaching
    Overdrive -- whether it be taking a hit or dealing a hit, every character can
    find one perfect for their -- and your -- fighting style.
    |2.1 - Modes|
    [00] - Example
         - Desc: How and when the gauge will charge.
         - Obtained: How to obtain the overdrive mode. The number is the amt. of
         - Increment: How much the gauge charges.
    [01] - Stoic
         - Desc: Receive damage from enemy.
         - Obtained: Initially availible.
         - Increment: Damage received x 30 / Max HP
    [02] - Warrior
         - Desc: Deal damage to enemy (not including items and Overdrives)
         - Obtained: Deal damage to enemy (not including items and Overdrives)
           - Tidus   - 150 turns
           - Yuna    - 200
           - Wakka   - 160
           - Lulu    - 300
           - Kimahri - 120
           - Auron   - 100
           - Rikku   - 140
         - Increment: Damage inflicted x 10 / Estimated Damage (*3), maximum 16
    [03] - Healer
         - Desc: Healing HP of an ally (not self).
         - Obtained: Healing HP of an ally (not self).
           - Tidus   - 80  turns
           - Yuna    - 60
           - Wakka   - 110
           - Lulu    - 170
           - Kimahri - 100
           - Auron   - 200
           - Rikku   - 170
         - Increment: Healing amt. x 16 / Target's Max HP
    [04] - Comrade
         - Desc: Ally other than self hit by an enemy.
         - Obtained: Ally other than self hit by an enemy.
           - Tidus   - 300 turns
           - Yuna    - 240
           - Wakka   - 100
           - Lulu    - 100
           - Kimahri - 100
           - Auron   - 220
           - Rikku   - 100
         - Increment: Damage received x 20 / Target's Max HP
    [05] - Slayer
         - Desc: Destroying an enemy.
         - Obtained: Destroying an enemy.
           - Tidus   - 100 turns
           - Yuna    - 110
           - Wakka   - 90
           - Lulu    - 130
           - Kimahri - 120
           - Auron   - 80
           - Rikku   - 200
         - Increment: 20%
    [06] - Victor
         - Desc: Win a battle as an included member (front line).
         - Obtained: Win a battle as an included member (front line).
           - Tidus   - 120 turns
           - Yuna    - 150
           - Wakka   - 160
           - Lulu    - 200
           - Kimahri - 120
           - Auron   - 200
           - Rikku   - 140
         - Increment: 20%
    [07] - Tactician
         - Desc: Inflict negative status  (*1) on an enemy.
         - Obtained: Inflict negative status (*1) on an enemy.
           - Tidus   - 75  turns
           - Yuna    - 100
           - Wakka   - 80
           - Lulu    - 75
           - Kimahri - 60
           - Auron   - 110
           - Rikku   - 90
         - Increment: 16%
    [08] - Hero
         - Desc: Destroy enemy with 20x more HP than estimated damage (*3), or
    10,000+ HP.
         - Obtained: Destroy enemy with HP 3x more HP than estimated damage (*3).
           - Tidus   - 50  turns
           - Yuna    - 50
           - Wakka   - 50
           - Lulu    - 70
           - Kimahri - 45
           - Auron   - 40
           - Rikku   - 50
         - Increment: 20%
    [09] - Ally
         - Desc: Turn reaches self.
         - Obtained: Turn reaches self.
           - Tidus   - 600 turns
           - Yuna    - 500
           - Wakka   - 350
           - Lulu    - 480
           - Kimahri - 300
           - Auron   - 450
           - Rikku   - 320
         - Increment: 4%
    [10] - Daredevil
         - Desc: Turn reaches self and in crisis (HP yellow).
         - Obtained: Turn reaches self and in crisis (HP yellow).
           - Tidus   - 170 turns
           - Yuna    - 90
           - Wakka   - 140
           - Lulu    - 150
           - Kimahri - 200
           - Auron   - 260
           - Rikku   - 110
         - Increment: 16%
    [11] - Solo
         - Desc: Turn reaches self when self is the only member able to battle
         - Obtained: Turn reaches self when self is the only member able to battle
           - Tidus   - 60  turns
           - Yuna    - 180
           - Wakka   - 110
           - Lulu    - 45
           - Kimahri - 90
           - Auron   - 35
           - Rikku   - 170
         - Increment: 16%
    [12] - Coward
         - Desc: Escaping from a battle.
         - Obtained: Escaping from a battle.
           - Tidus   - 600 turns
           - Yuna    - 900
           - Wakka   - 400
           - Lulu    - 980
           - Kimahri - 700
           - Auron   - 1000
           - Rikku   - 450
         - Increment: 10%
    [13] - Dancer
         - Desc: Evading an attack from an enemy.
         - Obtained: Evading an attack from an enemy.
           - Tidus   - 250 turns
           - Yuna    - 200
           - Wakka   - 200
           - Lulu    - 300
           - Kimahri - 130
           - Auron   - 200
           - Rikku   - 200
         - Increment: 16%
    [14] - Rook
         - Desc: Reducing or nullifying an enemy's status/elemental attack (*4).
         - Obtained: Reducing or nullifying an enemy's status/elemental attack
           - Tidus   - 120 turns
           - Yuna    - 110
           - Wakka   - 120
           - Lulu    - 120
           - Kimahri - 120
           - Auron   - 120
           - Rikku   - 120
         - Increment: 10%
    [15] - Sufferer
         - Desc: Hit by negative status (*2) from an enemy.
         - Obtained: Hit by negative status (*2) from an enemy.
           - Tidus   - 100 turns
           - Yuna    - 80
           - Wakka   - 100
           - Lulu    - 110
           - Kimahri - 130
           - Auron   - 120
           - Rikku   - 90
         - Increment: 16%
    [16] - Victim
         - Desc: Turn reaches self under negative status effects (*2).
         - Obtained: Turn reaches self under negative status effects (*2).
           - Tidus   - 120 turns
           - Yuna    - 100
           - Wakka   - 110
           - Lulu    - 130
           - Kimahri - 100
           - Auron   - 160
           - Rikku   - 125
         - Increment: 16%
    [17] - Avenger
         - Desc: Enemy KO's ally other than self.
         - Obtained: Enemy KO's ally other than self.
           - Tidus   - 100 turns
           - Yuna    - 80
           - Wakka   - 100
           - Lulu    - 150
           - Kimahri - 100
           - Auron   - 120
           - Rikku   - 90
         - Increment: 30%
    *1 - Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Poison, Petrify, Slow, Zombie, Power Break,
    Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Doom
    *2 - Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Poison, Slow, Confuse, Zombie, Doom
    *3 - Damage dealt by "Attack" regardless of enemy DEF. When MAG > STR, MAG is
    put in place of STR.
    *4 - NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide, NulFrost, Shell, Protect, Reflect
    *5 - All allies except self Petrified, KOed, Escaped, or Blown Away
    |2.2 - FFX Int. Changes|
    Only pertaining to Overdrives, of course.
    [01] - Daredevil (Crisis) mode increment down from 16% to 4%
    [02] - Ally (Confrontation) mode increment down from 4% to 3%
    (3) Character Overdrives
    Each character has an Overdrive ability that is unique to them, and CAN NOT be
    learned by anyone else, even through the Sphere Grid (so full character
    abilities are not possible, technically). Listed below in each subsection is
    each character's Overdrive abilities, how to gain new ones, et cetera, et
    cetera, et cetera.
    |3.1 - Tidus|
    Ability: Swordplay
    Activation: A cursor will move left -> right on the bar on the screen and then
    reverses direction once it reaches the far end of it. The goal is to press (X)
    at the correct time to try and make the cursor stop in the small white area in
    the middle of the bar. If you miss the cursor will restart at the beginning of
    the bar. The attack will be more powerful depending on the time remaining on
    the timer at the top-right. This becomes harder the more powerful Overdrive you
    [01] - Spiral Cut
         - Damages a single enemy with a slew of acrobatical endeavours followed
    with a deadly swing of the sword.
         - Is initially availible (you start the game with this)
    [02] - Slice & Dice
         - Attacks all enemies with a series of 6 attacks with the sword.
         - Gain by successfully activating Overdrives 10 times (total)
    [03] - Energy Rain
         - Attacks all enemies, only once
         - Gain by successfully activating Overdrives 30 times (total)
    [04] - Blitz Ace
         - 8 slashes, followed by a Jecht Shot on one enemy
         - Gain by successfully activating Overdrives 80 times (total)
    |3.2 - Yuna|
    Ability: Grand Summon
    Activation: Summons any Aeon with a full Overdrive gauge. After the Overdrive
    attack an Aeon will return to its previous Overdrive gauge fulledness.
    Therefore, it is possible to unleash two Overdrive attacks in a row!
    |3.3 - Wakka|
    Ability: Slots
    Activation: A slot machine reel will appear on the screen. Given a long amount
    of time, Wakka must press the (X) button to stop each reel one at a time. The
    first reel will be the type of attack. If all three reels are matched, the
    attack will be extra powerful.
    Also NOTE: The reels control more than just the attack:
    - If you match up 2 of any type, you attack a random enemy with that type.
    - If you match up all 3 of any type, you attack all enemies with that type.
    - If you don't match up anything, you perform a charged attack on an enemy.
    Again, note: In the international version, the reels do more damage based on
    the timer in the right-hand corner.
    [01] - Element Reels
         - Adds elemental (fire, water, thunder, blizzard) effects to attack
         - Is initially availible (you start the game with it)
    [02] - Attack Reels
         - Adds extra hits to attack (the number that lines up is the amount of
         - Win as prize in Blitzball tournaments
    [03] - Status Reels
         - Adds status effects to attack (poison, etc.)
         - Win as prize in Blitzball leagues (must have appeared in 250 battles)
    [04] - Aurochs Reels
         - Combination of elemental attacks and status inflictions. The Aurochs
    symbol represents a massive non-elemental, non-status attack. The number of
    Aurochs logos represents the number of the original Besaid Aurochs on your
    blitz team (ie, if you still have Tidus and Keepa, two logos would be
         - Win as prize in Blitzball tournaments (must have appeared in 450
    One more note: Wakka does NOT have to be on your blitz team in order to obtain
    his Overdrives.
    |3.4 - Lulu|
    Ability: Fury
    Activation: After you choose which spell you would like to cast, just rotate
    the right analog stick as much as you can. For each complete turn registered
    Lulu will cast the spell.
    Note that...
     - Does not consume MP
     - Can be activated even if under Silence
     - Low power (about 40% of the normal power)
     - Damage cannot be reduced
     - Attack cannot be reflected
     - The first spins are easy, but after 4 they become gradually harder
     - The higher Lulu's magic stat, the easier revolutions register
    "Fury" Spells, that is, spells that can be used for Lulu's Overdrive.
    NOTE: The spells are not in a particular order.
    [01] - Fire
    [02] - Thunder
    [03] - Water
    [04] - Blizzard
    [05] - Fira
    [06] - Thundara
    [07] - Watera
    [08] - Bizzara
    [09] - Firaga
    [10] - Thundaga
    [11] - Waterga
    [12] - Blizzaga
    [13] - Death
    [14] - Bio
    [15] - Drain
    [16] - Osmose
    [17] - Flare
    [18] - Ultima
    |3.5 - Kimahri|
    Ability: Ronso Rage
    Activation: No activation is required. Kimahri's Overdrive is the skills he
    learned using his Lancet technique on an enemy that has a learnable ability.
    Below is a list of all the skills he can learn along with the fiends he can
    learn them from. NOTE: If you do not know some of these abilities by Mt.
    Gagazet, you can learn them from Yenke Ronso and Biran Ronso, as listed below.
    Also, Kimahri's Overdrive gauge fills up automatically when you learn a new
    [01] - Jump
         - Damages one enemy
         - Is initially availible (you start the game with it)
    [02] - Fire Breath
         - Fire damage to all enemies
         - Learn from: Dual Horn, Grendel, Valaha, Yenke Ronso
    [03] - Seed Cannon
         - Non-elemental damage to single enemy
         - Learn from: Grat, Ragora, Sandragora
    [04] - Self-Destruct
         - Sacrifice self (not KO, you disappear from battle) to deal extreme
    amount of damage
         - Learn from: Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, Biran Ronso
    [05] - Thrust Kick
         - Non-elemental damage to single enemy, blow-away effect
         - Learn from: YKT-11, YKT-63, Biran Ronso
    [06] - Stone Breath
         - Induces petrification status
         - Learn from: Basilisk, Anacondaur, Yenke Ronso
    [07] - Aqua Breath
         - Water damage to all enemies
         - Learn from: Chimera, Chimera Brain, Chimerageist*, Yenke Ronso
    [08] - Doom
         - Gradual death to a single enemy
         - Learn from: Ghost, Wraith, Biran Ronso
    [09] - White Wind
         - Heals whole party 1/2 of Kimahri's current HP
         - Learn from: Spirit, Dark Flan, Yenke Ronso
    [10] - Bad Breath
         - Inflicts random status abnormalities
         - Learn from: Malboro, Great Malboro
    [11] - Mighty Guard
         - Casts Shell, Protect, and all Nul- spells on party
         - Learn from: Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran Ronso
    [12] - Nova
         - MAJOR damage to all enemies
         - Learn from: Omega Weapon, Nemesis*
    * - This enemy is created by the Monster Arena guy (once certain requirements
    are met). Check out CB's Monster Arena FAQ for more info.
    |3.6 - Auron|
    Ability: Bushido
    Activation: Press the buttons that appear on the screen as fast as you can. The
    more time that is on the timer at the top-right shows how powerful the attack
    will be (the more time, the more powerful). Also, if an incorrect button is
    pressed, you must start the sequence over. To gain new Overdrives, see below.
    NOTE: For directional controls, using the D-Pad is easier than the Analog
    [01] - Dragon Fang
         - Sequence: Left, Down, Up, Right, (L1), (R1), (X), (O)
         - Attacks all enemies , adds weak Delay effect (254%)
         - Initially availible (you start the game with it)
    [02] - Shooting Star
         - Sequence: (Tri), (O), (Sq), (X), Left, Right, (X)
         - Attacks one enemy, adds Blow Away effect (254%)
         - Collect 1 Sphere
    [03] - Banishing Blade
         - Sequence: Up, (L1), Down, (R1), Right, Left, (Tri)
         - Damages one enemy, adds Power Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, and
    Magic Break effects
         - Collect 3 Spheres
    [04] - Tornado
         - Sequence: (X), Right, (R1), Left, (L1), (Tri)
         - Damages all enemies for MAJOR damage
         - Collect 10 Spheres
    Effects only are applied when sequence is entered correctly.
    Jecht, Auron, and Braska Sphere Locations:
    [01] - After defeating Spherimorph at Macalania Lake
    [02] - Besaid Village, steps near the Temple of Yevon
    [03] - On the S.S. Liki, cabin, board at Besaid
    [04] - Luca Stadium, Basement A (near locker room)
    [05] - Mi'hen Highroad, Oldroad
    [06] - Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice, south of the rising platform
    [07] - Moonflow, South Wharf, near the Shoopuf dock
    [08] - Thunder Plains, south part, near a lightning rod on the right
    [09] - Macalania Forest, South, right at entrance
    [10] - Mt. Gagazet, Mountain Road, side road that dead-ends
    Note: You cannot start collecting spheres until you defeat Spherimorph at
    Macalania Lake, whereafter you automatically gain one.
    |3.7 - Rikku|
    Ability: Mix
    Activation: Select 2 items from your inventory to mix together and create a new
    item. The results are logical: for example, mixing a Potion with another Potion
    will create an Ultra Potion. For this Overdrive I will not list the (seemingly)
    infinite possibilities, but kneel down to CB! for creating one (350+ kb!). You
    can find it at GameFAQs.com.
    Here are some useful mixes, though:
    Potion + Soul Spring = Megalixir
    2 Grenades = Flash Flood
    2 Common Spheres (Power, Mana, Speed, Ability) = Frag Grenade
    2 Elemental Gems of the same kind = powerful elemental attack
    2 Doorway to Tomorrow = Trio of 9999
    (4) Aeon Overdrives
    Since in Final Fantasy X, Aeons (summoned beasts) act as normal party members,
    each comes with his or her own special Overdrive unlike anyone else's. I list
    these and their effects here, for your information and records.
    Please NOTE: Aeon Overdrives DO NOT have to be activated in some sort of
    special way as the character Overdrives do. All that is required is selecting
    the special attack off a list. Also, Aeons do not have a unique Overdrive
    ability the way characters do. All Overdrives are listed on the menu by
    pressing Left, and not having to go into a sub-menu.
    * denotes that you must power up the weapons with either the corresponding
    crest or sigil.
    |4.1 - Valefor|
    Exceed Max Damage: get Yuna's ultimate weapon (Nirvana)*
    [01] - Energy Ray
         - A beam of energy is shot out of Valefor's mouth.
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Initially availible
    [02] - Energy Blast
         - A stronger energy-based attack, but takes a longer recharge time.
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Acquired by finding a dog near the Besaid Temple, after recruiting Yuna
    |4.2 - Ifrit|
    Exceed Max Damage: get Wakka's ultimate weapon (World Champion)*
    [01] - Hellfire
         - Massive fire damage (quite the graphical sequence, good job Square!)
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get Ifrit
    |4.3 - Ixion|
    Exceed Max Damage: get Kimahri's ultimate weapon (Spirit Lance)*
    [01] - Thor's Hammer
         - Massive lightning damage (also some great eye candy)
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get Ixion
    |4.4 - Shiva|
    Exceed Max Damage: get Lulu's ultimate weapon (Onion Knight)*
    [01] - Diamond Dust
         - Massive ice damage at the snap of a finger
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get Shiva (aka ???? the first time you face
    |4.5 - Bahamut|
    Exceed Max Damage: auto-ability (no weapon needed)
    [01] - Mega Flare
         - A breath attack that consistently deals massive damage
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get Bahamut
    |4.6 - Yojimbo|
    Exceed Max Damage: get Auron's ultimate weapon (Masamune)*
    Yojimbo does not have selectable Overdrive attacks.
    His official Overdrive would be the "head chop-off" move, also known as
    |4.7 - Anima|
    Exceed Max Damage: auto-ability
    [01] - Oblivion
         - Inflicts seemingly DEADLY damage, in a string of multiple attacks
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get Anima
    |4.8 - The Magus Sisters|
    Exceed Max Damage: auto-ability
    [01] - Delta Attack
         - In my opinion, the 2nd most powerful Overdrive in the game. Only get
    when ALL 3 Sisters have full Overdrive gauge
         - Attacks all enemies
         - Availible as soon as you get the Magus Sisters
    (5) Overdrive Auto-Abilities
    In my latest daring endeavour into this FAQ, I have added the Overdrive
    Auto-Abilities section. This section relates to any auto-abilities related to
    Keep in mind that all of these abilities are customized on weapons.
    [01] - Double Overdrive
         - Req'd: Underdog's Secret x30
         - Desc: Overdrive gauge charges at 2x the regular rate.
    [02] - Triple Overdrive
         - Req'd: Winning Formula x30
         - Desc: Overdrive gauge charges at 3x the regular rate.
    [03] - SOS Overdrive
         - Req'd: Gambler's Spirit x20
         - Desc: Overdrive gauge charges 2x when HP is critically low.
    [04] - Overdrive -> AP
         - Req'd: Door to Tomorrow x10
         - Desc: Earn extra AP rather than charge Overdrive gauge.
         - This ability is a large part of the AP trick. Check out ChronoRye's AP
    Trick FAQ at gamefaqs.com.
         - NOTE: This auto-ability was weakened somewhat in FFX International. When
    the OD gauge is charged to AP, the amount is reduced to 90% of the previous
    increment in the same battle. For example, in one battle, you will get 100%
    effeciency, then 90%, 81%, 72%, etc.
    (6) Conclusion
    Well, thanks for reading my FAQ (if you did); hopefully it educated you in the
    art of Overdriving. This final section is basically just how you can make this
    FAQ better. So, read on!
    |6.1 - Contribute|
    Please, please! This FAQ is far from complete and hopefully you can help make
    it better... So below I have compiled a list of things I am still searching
    for. If you know anything about these, or anything ELSE that has to do with
    Overdrives, please please please, send it in!
    [01] - Just suggestions!
    And remember, anything is welcome!
    |6.2 - Credits|
    The following people helped make this guide possible:
    Top contributer awards go to:
    Mystile - for Valefor's 2nd Overdrive info (and first Overdrive correction),
    Solo tips, Sufferer mode, Fury spells suggestion, clearing up Tidus' Overdrive
    info suggestion, more of Kimahri's Overdrive info, specific Jecht/Auron/Braska
    sphere locations, Yojimbo information, the (extensive) Overdrive history, and
    encouragement! E-mail: zirkaros@hotmail.com
    Kaze "RayWing" Yagami - Solo, Daredevil, Ally, Hero, Slayer, and Stoic OD mode
    corrections, and just about EVERY ounce of the Overdrive mode section. Also,
    changes in FFX International. He would also like you to know that he has
    written a Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara FAQ that can be found at
    GameFAQs and he's Tales freak and and FF fan :).
    Other contributers:
    Myself, of course - for writing this FAQ
    Muni Shinobu - for his Overdrive FAQ, where I got Auron's Overdrive sequences
    Luis Garcia - the effects of Wakka's Aurochs Reels, and an Energy Rain
    correction, email lhg73@hotmail.com
    Jeff Albert - some Overdrive history
    Mark - Auron's Tornado sequence correction
    supersmart - effects of Wakka's Overdrive, Tidus fix, suggestion for exceed max
    damage for Aeons info
    srider - "Victim" Overdrive mode
    Jag_the_cetra - Tidus' Overdrive fix (gaining new ones)
    Cherubael - Jecht Spheres correction, Yojimbo correction
    cloudstrifeffV7 - reminder of the "Head Chop-off" move for Yojimbo (aka
    IMANIX - Avenger and Victim Overdrive modes
    CB! - Kimahri's Overdrive update, Rook mode obtaining information
    Waynec02 - Osmose fix (I confused myself with this -- Drain, Absorb, Osmose, oh
    Matthew "Blackdragon480" Arms - Wakka's Aurochs Reels info
    Isaac Sherman - Kimahri's Thrust Kick "blow away effect" addition
    |6.3 - Copyright|
    I'll keep this short - don't steal this FAQ, don't put this on your site
    without my permission, don't try and sell this (for what reason, I do not
    know), don't... If you have any question as to whether you can do it or not,
    don't do it.
    "Sites" list
    |GameFAQs      | gamefaqs.com       |
    |PSXCodez      | psxcodez.com       |
    |Neoseeker     | neoseeker.com      |
    |Zirkaros      | zirkaros.50megs.com| <- when it's up
    |Final Ultima  | finalultima.emulation-inc.com| <- html format
    If you find this on any site not mentioned above, please alert me!
    Also, if anyone cares, I am known as "nieuwendykguy" on the GameFAQs message
    Copyright (c) 2001-02 Paul Friedman. All rights reserved.
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"
    47.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot
    me -> http://gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/15496.html

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