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    Aeon FAQ by PFriedman

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    Final Fantasy X
    Aeon In-Depth FAQ
    By: Paul Friedman
    Version: FINAL
    NOTE: This FAQ is done. The old e-mail address here is now defunct as of the
    end of September 2002, and questions can no longer be answered. The most of
    what I know about Aeons is covered in these pages.
    Version History
    FINAL - Added Cloister of Trials walkthroughs, even though I said I never
    would. Since this is the last update, I thought it made the FAQ that more
    3.32 - Even more submissions...
    3.31 - More submissions...
    3.3 - Various updates.
    3.2 - Added about 5 cross-references to section 2, questions 5-7 for those who
    (still) don't feel like reading them before sending me e-mails about getting
    Anima. Changed notice above. Removed Fira from Ifrit's skills listing, added 3
    Magus Sister commands. See credits.
    3.0 - Added Attributes subsection (4.2).
    2.6 - Baaj Temple info, question #5 correction, small changes.
    2.1 - Magus Sisters sidequest
    2.0 - Added a couple questions, _many_ Aeon abilities, soul items fixed, small
    1.0 - Initial release.
    =-Ye Olde Table of Contents-=
      1) Introduction
      2) Frequently Asked Questions
      3) Aeons
       3.1  Valefor
       3.2  Ifrit
       3.3  Ixion
       3.4  Shiva
       3.5  Bahamut
       3.6  Yojimbo
       3.7  Anima
       3.8  The Magus Sisters
      4) Cloister of Trials Walkthroughs
       3.1  Besaid
       3.2  Kilika
       3.3  Djose
       3.4  Macalania
       3.5  Bevelle
      5) Abilities/Attributes
      6) Conclusion
       6.1  Contribute
       6.2  Credits
       6.3  Copyright
    (1) Introduction
    Back again in the latest Final Fantasy installment, Aeons trace their roots
    through even the earliest games in the series. First appearing in FF3 as
    "Summoned Beasts" they have come through in most of the series, under different
    names. Some previous FF fans will remember them also as "Guardian Forces" in
    FF8, "Eidolons" in FF9, and "Espers" in FF3.
    (2) Frequently Asked Questions
    [01] - What is an Aeon?
         - An Aeon is a summoned beast. Unlike other FF's once the creature is
    summoned, the other characters will move out of its way, and it can be used
    like a normal character. Each Aeon has unique abilities and attacks as well as
    distinct fighting styles; see below in section 3 for more details.
    [02] - How many Aeons are there?
         - In FFX there is a total of 10 Aeons - Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, and
    Bahamut are gained as part of the storyline and Yojimbo, Anima, Cindy, Sandy,
    and Mindy are acquired through side-quests.
         - Note that Cindy, Sandy and Mindy are all summoned as one Aeon although
    there are 3. See section 3.8 for details.
    [03] - How do you obtain Aeons?
         - Aeons are obtained by following the story and finishing the Cloister of
    Trials. See section 3 for the temple to get each Aeon.
         - If you are having trouble with the Cloister of Trials puzzle, see
    section 4.
    [04] - How do you obtain (secret Aeon name here)?
         - Check their subsection in section 3.
    [05] - I didn't get the Bevelle treasure, am I locked out from Anima?
         - No, you are not, because you already did! It is impossible to miss it,
    as it is vital to the story that you obtain it; that is, you can not go on
    without using the Destruction Sphere.
    [06] - I'm trying to get Anima, and I missed some treasures at the temples. Can
    I go get them?
         - Yes you can. However if you do not visit the Highbridge first you will
    not be granted entry; so head there first.
    [07] - One (or more) of the statues at Baaj won't light!
         - This means that you didn't get the Destruction Sphere treasure from it,
    so just go back and get it AFTER the highbridge. The layout of the temple goes
    like so:
         - Top left: Besaid
         - Middle left: Macalania
         - Bottom left: Zanarkand
         - Top right: Bevelle
         - Middle right: Djose
         - Bottom right: Kilika
    [08] - Highbridge isn't on my NavMap on the airship!
         - Find Yuna near the exit to the top and talk to her (while on the
    airship), then go talk to Cid and the Highbridge location will show.
    [09] - I'm trying to get to Besaid/Macalania temple, but Dark Valefor/Shiva is
    in the way!
         - (Intl. version ONLY) You must defeat this aeon to gain access to the
    [10] - Even after defeating Dark Shiva, Guado guards just get in the way!
         - (Intl. version ONLY) Go to the highbridge before trying to defeat Dark
    Shiva, and the Guado will subside.
    (3) Aeons
    Listed now are the Aeons in the game.
    Note: Weapons listed to let the Aeon exceed Max Damage must be powered up by
    the respective Crest. The Sigil is not needed and the item does not have to be
    |3.1 - Valefor| Obtained: Besaid Island
    [Special Attack]
     - Sonic Wings: Attack & delay enemy's turn
    [Initial Abilities]
    Black Magic:
     - Fire       4 MP
     - Water      4 MP
     - Thunder    4 MP
     - Blizzard   4 MP
     - Energy Ray: Non-elemental damage
     - Energy Blast: Greater non-elemental damage, longer recharge time
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Get Yuna's ultimate weapon, Nirvana.
    |3.2 - Ifrit| Obtained: Kilika Island
    [Special Attack]
     - Meteor Strike:
    [Initial Abilities]
    Black Magic:
     - Fire       4 MP
    White Magic:
     - NulBlaze   2 MP
     - NulFrost   2 MP
     - Hellfire: Massive fire damage.
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Get Wakka's ultimate weapon, World Champion.
    |3.3 - Ixion| Obtained: Temple of Yevon-Djose
    [Special Attack]
     - Aerospark: Attack and negates spell effects.
    [Initial Abilities]
    Black Magic:
     - Thunder    4 MP
     - Thundara   8 MP
    White Magic:
     - NulShock   2 MP
     - NulTide    2 MP
     - Thor's Hammer: Thunder-based damage.
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Get Kimahri's ultimate weapon, Spirit Lance.
    |3.4 - Shiva| Obtained: Macalania Temple
    [Special Attack]
     - Heavenly Strike: Attack and delay enemy's turn.
    [Initial Abilities]
    Black Magic:
     - Blizzard   4 MP
     - Blizzara   4 MP
    White Magic:
     - NulBlaze   2 MP
     - NulFrost   2 MP
     - Diamond Dust: Blizzard-based damage.
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Get Lulu's ultimate weapon, Onion Knight.
    |3.5 - Bahamut| Obtained: Bevelle
    [Special Attack]
     - Impulse: Attack all enemies.
    [Initial Abilities]
    Black Magic:
     - Fire       4 MP
     - Thunder    4 MP
     - Water      4 MP
     - Blizzard   4 MP
     - Fira       8 MP
     - Thundara   8 MP
     - Watera     8 MP
     - Blizzara   8 MP
     - Firaga    16 MP
     - Thundaga  16 MP
     - Waterga   16 MP
     - Blizzaga  16 MP
    White Magic:
     - Scan      1 MP
     - Mega Flare: Non-elemental damage.
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Bahamut can exceed max damage automatically.
    |3.7 - Yojimbo| Obtained: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
    [Special Attack]
     - Daigoro: Yojimbo's dog attacks the opponent.
     - Kozuka: The throwing of a knife.
     - Wakizashi: A giant slash of the sword.
     - Zanmato: The infamous "head chop-off" move.
    Yojimbo has but those 4 attacks. Nothing else. Coming soon is more info on
    these and strategies on how to get him to perform some of these. (other than
    the obvious "pay him alot of gil" one)
    [Side-Quest: Yojimbo]
    [01] - Reach the Calm Lands, and head off to the top right corner past the
    Monster Arena.
    [02] - If this is your first time through, defeat Defender X.
    [03] - Head down the slope to the right.
    [04] - Save if needed, head in the Cavern.
    [05] - Head to the back of the Cavern, and meet Lulu's old summoner.
    [06] - Defeat Yojimbo.
     - BOSS: Yojimbo
     - HP: 30,000
     - MP: 0
     - First of all, I recommend that you wait until after beating Yunalesca to
    come get Yojimbo. This will make the battle alot easier. Chances are that he
    will attack you with Daigoro for the first few turns. Summon Bahamut and have
    him use Boost, and then unleash Mega Flare, hopefully twice if Yoji doesn't
    kill him. Once Bahamut is dead, don't bother attacking him (good defense) but
    rather summon your Aeons, in Overdrive (blah blah blah, what else is new). If
    you got Bahamut to do 2 Overdrives on him this battle should be a breeze.
    [07] - Next, head to the left and right using the warp pad to get some valuable
    items. When you are ready, go forward to the Chamber of the Fayth.
    [08] - It's bidding time! First of all, choose the third option, "To defeat the
    most powerful of fiends." If you chose this, his asking price will be 250,000
    gil. For your first bid, offer half of his asking price, plus one gil. So if
    you chose the third option offer 125,001, if he asks for 300,000 give him
    150,001. On your next offer raise your offer by one gil. (ex: 125,002). By the
    time he offers 205,000, don't press your luck, just make an offer of at least
    190k. If at any time you triple or more his asking price, he'll toss in the pot
    2 Teleport Spheres, which let you on the Sphere Grid warp to any node activated
    by an ally.
    [Fighting Style]
    Once you summon Yojimbo during battle, a Pay/Dismiss box will come up. If you
    elect to pay him, you can choose your amount. Obviously, the more you pay him,
    the more damage he'll do. I generally give 1000 gil to receive about 5000-7000
    damage (mostly with his Wakizashi attack).
    If you ever see Zanmato, chances are you blew your wallet on it, and I would
    reset the game (but worth 5 extra minutes to see it in action!)
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Get Auron's ultimate weapon, Masamune.
    |3.8 - Anima| Obtained: Baaj Temple
    [Special Attack]
     - Pain: High chance of instant death.
    [Initial Abilities]
     - Sleep Attack       5 MP
     - Silence Attack     5 MP
     - Blind Attack       5 MP
     - Sleep Buster      10 MP
     - Silence Buster    10 MP
     - Blind Buster      10 MP
     - Zombie Attack     10 MP
    Black Magic:
     - Fire               4 MP
     - Thunder            4 MP
     - Water              4 MP
     - Blizzard           4 MP
     - Fira               8 MP
     - Thundara           8 MP
     - Watera             8 MP
     - Blizzara           8 MP
     - Firaga            16 MP
     - Thundaga          16 MP
     - Waterga           16 MP
     - Blizzaga          16 MP
     - Bio               10 MP
     - Death             20 MP
     - Oblivion: Massive non-elemental damage.
    [Side Quest: Anima]
    [01] - After the Highbride event with Maester Mika, board the airship. Go to
    the "Search" option and enter:
           X: 11 to 16
           Y: 57 to 63
           Z: doesn't matter
    [02] - A new location entitled Baaj Temple appears on the list. Go there.
         - Before you continue, make sure you have collected the Destruction Sphere
    treasures from all of the temples. It doesn't matter if you got the one in
    Bevelle or not, so don't worry.
    [03] - If you haven't already, equip Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka with armor
    protecting against petrification.
    [04] - Go straight and dive in the water.
    [05] - Head towards the green dot on the mini-map, and you will encounter
     - BOSS: Geosgaeno
     - HP: 34,767 (?)
     - MP: ???
     - Remember this guy? The one Tidus encountered in the beginning of the game.
    Anyway, I just had Rikku Mix 2 Door to Tomorrows and this fight went by like a
    breeze. If you don't have these, GO AND GET THEM. You can obtain 99 of them for
    catching all the monsters 6 areas. See CB's Monster Arena FAQ for more info.
    Right now, I don't have any other strategies for this guy.
    [06] - Dive underwater and continue into the temple.
    [07] - Follow the path into the main area.
    [08] - Activate all the statues by standing near them. Don't miss the great
    items near the closest 2, in chests.
    NOTE: If 5 statues do not light, you have missed one or more sphere treasures.
    However, you CAN NOT RETURN TO BEVELLE and there is no need to as that one is
    already lit - it is vital to the storyline (impossible to solve the puzzle
    without). The item is an HP Sphere.
    CROSS-REFERENCE: Please please please, before you send me an e-mail, read
    section 2, questions 5, 6, 7. It says everything you need right there.
    [09] - Chances are your seal didn't break. That's OK - go to the Zanarkand Dome
    Cloister of Trials (the big floor puzzle). In the first room, activate the
    three white squares, and in the second room, activate the four.
         - If you need a map, see Brett Wiese's at gamefaqs.com. It shows the white
    spheres as grey.
    [10] - Grab the destruction sphere from the chamber that opens.
    [11] - Insert it into either of the sphere-shaped recesses in the second area.
    Get the treasure, head out, and get back to Baaj.
    [12] - Approach the statues again, and go through the now defuntional seal.
    [13] - Learn about Seymour from the fayth, and obtain the powerful aeon Anima!
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    Anima can exceed max damage automatically.
    |3.8 - The Magus Sisters| Obtained: Remiem Temple
    Since the Magus Sisters are a complex piece of work, I am dedicating a
    sub-subsection to each of them. But first, the combined stuff.
    [Side Quest: The Magus Sisters]
    [01] - First of all, get Yojimbo and Anima.
    [02] - Go to the Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands.
         - To get there, mount a Chocobo, go to the entrance of the area and to the
         - Examine the Chocobo Feather to jump to the temple entrance
    [03] - Enter and defeat Belgemine's Aeons
         - Only required ones are Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, and Bahamut
    [04] - Receive the Flower Scepter after Bahamut.
    [05] - Go to Mt. Gagazet and capture the following fiends:
         - Bandersnatch, Bashura, Grat, Behemoth, Grenade, Dark Flan, Ahriman,
    Mandragora, Achelous, Splasher, Maelspike, and Grendel.
    [06] - Receive the Blossom Crown from the Monster Arena guy.
    [07] - Go to the Remiem Temple and use the 2 key items to break the seal.
    [08] - Receive the Magus Sisters!
     - Do as you will.       | Lets the sister decide.
     - Fight!                | Attack with physical or special attack.
     - Help each other!      | Casts supportive magic.
     - Go, go!               | Attack with magic/skills.
     - Offense!              | Attack or use magic attacks.
     - Defense!              | Defensive skills.
     - What happened to you? | Use Drain.
     - Combine powers!       | Sisters combine for an Overdrive attack.
     - Dismiss               | Send the aeons away.
     - Delta Attack: WOW! This is quite the graphical sequence. Does alot of
    damage, too, of the non-elemental variety.
    [Exceed Max Damage]
    The Sisters can exceed max damage automatically.
    -=3.8a - Cindy
    [Special Attack]
     - Camisade
     - The main healer of the 3 Sisters, generally she will cast Auto-Life at the
    beginning of the battle as an added bonus.
    -=3.8b - Sandy
    [Special Attack]
     - Razzia
     - Mostly to attack enemies physically.
    -=3.8c - Mindy
    [Special Attack]
     - Passado
     - Mostly Passado (I'm serious). She attacks with magic well also.
    (4) Cloisters of Trials
    In this section, by popular demand, I will try my best to define the easiest
    ways to get through the Cloisters of Trials whilst obtaining the Destruction
    Sphere treasures, in order to get Anima and the Magus Sisters. These
    walkthroughs are completely original, as I used no guide to bring me through
    the areas the first time, and never mean to. Here goes!
    |4.1 - Besaid|
    [01] - As you enter the room, go forward to the wall and press X.
    [02] - Go to the new glyph on the right, and press X. Select to touch the
    [03] - Go down the stairs that appear behind the wall.
    [04] - Approach the glyph between stairs on the far wall. Pick up the sphere
    from it.
    [05] - Go down the other set of stairs.
    [06] - Head to the door and press X. Choose to insert the sphere.
    [07] - Go inside the newly opened door and remove the sphere from it.
    [08] - Follow the hallway until you see a glyph and sphere-shaped recess on the
    [09] - Insert the sphere into the recess.
    [10] - Remove the destruction sphere from this room.
    [11] - Insert the destruction sphere into the pedistal.
    [12] - Touch the symbols across from the pedistal, and enter the new room.
    [13] - Remove the Besaid sphere,  and put it on the door at the entrance to the
    [14] - Take the destruction sphere out of the pedistal and insert it in the
    room where the Besaid sphere was.
    [15] - Go to the end of the hallway and collect your treasure!
    [16] - Now, take the Besaid sphere out of the door.
    [17] - Put the Besaid sphere in the pedistal.
    [18] - Push the pedistal forward until it turns into a circle-ish thing. If you
    screw up, walk onto the flashing light to reset the pedistal's position.
    [19] - Let the lift take you down!
    If this is your first time, just let the game take over.
    If you are returning to the temple, be sure to collect the treasure boxes after
    the scene!
    |4.2 - Kilika|
    [01] - As you enter, go down the lift and through the doors. If this is your
    first time through, just let the game take over for you.
    [02] - Take the Kilika Sphere out of the pedistal, and put it into the right of
    the door.
    [03] - Remove the sphere, and enter the next room.
    [04] - Insert the Kilika Sphere into the door. Take it out, and put it on
    either side.
    [05] - With no sphere in hand, touch the glyph.
    [06] - Go to the next room. Remove the Kilika sphere from the right.
    [07] - Go back the previous room and put the sphere in the other slot on the
    [08] - Go forward to the next room again, and stand on the flashing light.
    [09] - The pedistal appeared in the middle! Remove the glyph sphere from it,
    and put it in the wall to the right.
    [11] - Go back to the previous room, and fetch a Kilika sphere. Put it in the
    [12] - Push the pedistal on to the flashing light. Push by getting behind the
    pedistal and hold the direction you want to move it.
    [13] - Go down and remove the Kilika sphere from the recess. Place it in the
    previous room.
    [14] - Get the destruction sphere, and put it in the new recess.
    [15] - Collect your treasure!
    [16] - Take a Kilika sphere and put it in the far door.
    [17] - Head in to the Chamber of Fayth!
    If you are returning to this temple, don't forget the treasures in the Chamber!
    |4.3 - Djose|
    [01] - In the first room, remove the Djose spheres from the wall and put them
    in the door.
    [02] - Now, in the 2nd room, take both spheres from the far wall and insert
    them in the two slots on the right.
    [03] - Push the pedistal over to the right until it's under the upside-down
    [04] - Keep track of the sphere in the pedistal! It has been charged up now, so
    I will call it the charged sphere.
    [05] - Take the charged sphere from the pedistal and place it on the far wall,
    in the right slot. The far door will open.
    [06] - Remove the 2 spheres from the wall on the right and put them in the
    [07] - Run all the way to the left and step on the flashing light.
    [08] - Push the pedistal forward, into the electricity.
    [09] - Keep pressing forward until you jump onto the stand, and eventually to
    the other side.
    [10] - Press X to push the pedistal forward and activate the light!
    [11] - Go back, and step on the flashing light.
    [12] - Take a sphere out of the pedistal, and run all the way back to the 1st
    [13] - Place the sphere on either side of the room, in the recesses.
    [14] - Repeat with the other sphere!
    [15] - Remove the charged sphere from the far wall on the right, and place it
    on the left.
    [16] - Get on the lift to go to the 2nd floor.
    [17] - Press X at all 5 pedistals to push them in.
    [18] - Head downstairs, and go to where the flashy light is. Touch the faint
    glowing circle.
    [19] - Grab the destruction sphere from the new room.
    [20] - Go back upstairs and place the destruction sphere in the new pedistal.
    [21] - Collect the treasure!
    [22] - Go up the stairs on the left to get to the Chamber of the Fayth.
    If this is your second time through here, don't forget the treasures!
    |4.4 - Macalania|
    [01] - Go down the path and take the Glyph sphere from the center hole, and put
    it in the stand beside it.
    [02] - push the sphere stand toward the right until it slides and breaks the
    ice, and then straight up so it slides down the path
    [03] - take the Macalania sphere from the wall on the right
    [04] - put the sphere you just took in the pole to the right on the bottom
    [05] - take the Glyph sphere from the stand on the bottom level and put it in
    the hole on the far left
    [06] - go up and take the Macalania sphere from the new platform
    [07] - go down and put that sphere in the stand, and push the stand to the
    [08] - go back up to the middle level, and take the Macalania sphere from the
    top of the path down
    [09] - put the Macalania sphere in the center pole
    [10] - Go to the top level and step on the shining spot, and the sphere stand
    will appear next to you.
    [11] - Take the Macalania sphere from the sphere stand.
    [12] - Push the sphere stand down and remove the Macalania sphere.
    [13] - Place that sphere on the top of the slope to the lower level.
    [14] - Step on the sphere stand reset spot on the middle level to bring the
    sphere stand to you.
    [15] - Take the Destruction Sphere from that stand.
    [16] - Go down to the bottom level, and put the destruction sphere in the slot
    closest to the path on the left.
    [17] - Collect your treasure!
    [18] - Remove the Macalania sphere from the path's top and place it on the
    right, which should create ice.
    [19] - Push the sphere stand to the right, and remove the Macalania sphere from
    the right.
    [20] - Put that sphere at the slope's starting point, and push the sphere stand
    down the path.
    [21] - Take the Macalania sphere from the middle pole and place it in the
    sphere stand at the bottom level.
    [22] - Push the sphere stand to the right to activate the final part of the
    above path.
    [23] - Go up to the middle level and take the Macalania sphere from the path's
    [24] - Place it in the middle pole to complete the path.
    [25] - Go to the top and leave the Cloister of Trials. Be sure not to step on
    the shiny spot or you will have to complete some part of this puzzle again, but
    it should not be hard to figure out.
    And remember! If this is your second time, claim your prize at the Chamber of
    |4.5 - Bevelle|
    This one is hard to explain without pictures, but I will try my best. First of
    all, though, the controls:
    At any time you are on "land", push the sphere stand forward to get back on the
    If you want to get off the path, press X while the arrow is pointing at the
    direction you want.
    There is one arrow-set that lets you take your time to choose, however.
    [01] - Press the stand forward to get on the path. Press X at the first
    arrow-set while it is pointing right.
    [02] - Ride this path down to the bottom. Take the Bevelle sphere from the
    "land" and put it in your stand.
    [03] - Go back up to the top by pushing your stand back into the path.
    [04] - At the top, head right. Also go right at the next glyph you see.
    [05] - Take one of your Bevelle spheres and place it in the slot. Go back on
    the path and ride it off the end.
    [06] - Now use the third glyph to turn right. Take this Bevelle sphere and put
    it in your stand.
    [07] - Go back on the path, and ride off the end again.
    [08] - At the first glyph turn right, and when it stops to give you a choice
    choose left.
    [09] - Go to the last glyph (near the edge) and turn right.
    [10] - Take one of your spheres and place it in the slot on the left. This
    action opens up a path.
    [11] - Ignore the new path for now and go back on the main one. Ride off the
    [12] - At the choice go forward, and turn at the 2nd-to-last glyph.
    [13] - This one is shaped like a pool. Run down to the end.
    [14] - Grab the Glyph sphere, and place in on the stand.
    [15] - Get back on the path, and this time go back to the glyph at the end.
    Take out your Glyph sphere.
    [16] - Run to the end of the path you activated earlier, no sphere stand
    [17] - Put the Glyph sphere in the wall.
    [18] - Take your Destruction sphere.
    [19] - Make your way back to the pool-shaped and place the Destruction sphere
    in the slot at the end.
    [20] - Go again to the last "land" area. Take the Bevelle sphere from there.
    [21] - Ride off the edge of the main path. Now use the 2nd glyph.
    [22] - Once you reach land, continue and push the stand forward. This takes you
    up to a new area.
    [23] - Go up the stairs and go to the right. Take the treasure (NOTE: THIS is
    the destruction sphere treasure, you can tell by the glyph that appears for a
    moment). Now step on the shiny spot.
    [24] - If you have two spheres in your stand take one and put it at the head of
    the stairs.
    [25] - Push your stand to the right and collect another treasure.
    [26] - Ride back to the stairs area, keep going to the right and you have
    finished the most difficult puzzle in the game!
    (5) Abilities/Attributes
    In Final Fantasy X, with the help of special items, you can make your Aeons
    even stronger than the start out by teaching them Abilities and raising their
    current Attributes. Below it is shown how this is possible.
    |5.1 - Soul Items|
    In order to raise your Aeons powers, you must first acquire the Soul items from
    the summoner Belgemine. The list below shows how to get these.
    | Item            | First Location  | Second Location | Usage           |
    | --------------------------------------------------------------------- |
    | Summoner's Soul | Moonflow S. Bank| Remeim Temple*  | Teach abilities |
    | Aeon's Soul     | Calm Lands      | Remeim Temple** | Raise attributes|
    * - defeat Belgemine's Valefor
    ** - defeat Belgemine's Ifrit, or Valefor if you already have Sum. Soul
    Note: The second location is where to get it if you missed it the first time.
    |5.2 - Attributes|
    This section is hard to make, because the number of items required to raise an
    Aeon's attributes differs depending on their current level of proficiency. So
    don't blame me if you find an error, just submit.
    |           KEY          |
    | ---------------------- |
    | HP      | Hit Points   |
    | MP      | Magic Points |
    | Str.    | Strength     |
    | Def.    | Defense      |
    | Mag.    | Magic        |
    | MagDef  | Magic Defense|
    | Agl.    | Agility      |
    | Luck    | Luck         |
    | Eva.    | Evasion      |
    | Acc.    | Accuracy     |
    | curr.   | current      |
    Att.   | Required       | Amount Req'd       | Effect
    HP     | Power Sphere   | see below          | +100 HP
    MP     | Mana Sphere    | 1/4 of curr. MP    | +10 MP
    Str.   | Power Sphere   | 1/2 of curr. Str.  | +1 Str.
    Def.   | Power Sphere   | 1/2 of curr. Def.  | +1 Def.
    Mag.   | Mana Sphere    | 1/2 of curr. Mag.  | +1 Mag.
    MagDef | Mana Sphere    | 1/2 of curr. MagDef| +1 MagDef.
    Agl.   | Speed Sphere   | 1/2 of curr. Agl.  | +1 Agl.
    Luck   | Fortune Sphere | 1/2 of curr. Luck  | +1 Luck
    Eva.   | Speed Sphere   | 1/2 of curr. Eva.  | +1 Eva.
    Acc.   | Speed Sphere   | 1/2 of curr. Acc.  | +1 Acc.
     - I have not yet found a pattern to the HP attribute.
     - If at anytime your current MP is not a multiple of 4, it will be rounded.
    The only time it will be rounded UP is when it is 1 before the nearest
    multiple. Otherwise, the rounding will go DOWN.
     - If at anytime one of your stats is an odd number, the game will round it
    DOWN in order to find how many spheres are needed to raise the attribute.
     - Aeon's stats are automattically raised in accordance to those of Yuna's,
    that is, every time one of her stats goes up, all of the Aeon's will.
     - This sent in through e-mail:
     - Hi, I saw you asked a question at the bottom of your FAQ and I think I have
    an answer.  The more battles you win the stronger your Aeons get (I mean any
    battle with or without Yuna). I support this by my little brother, if you
    recall at the beginning of the game on the Al Bhed ship you fight some fish
    with Rikku, my little brother received ninty-nine of each sphere from these
    fish translating to about 500+ battles (the ability spheres are much rarer). 
    After this he went through the storyline and recieved his first aeon starting
    with 2500 HP and was strong enough to attack for 9999 with it's limit (before
    leveling Yuna at all), where as my first aeon only had about 1250 HP and only
    did 5000 damage with it's limit.
     - Maybe also the amt. of spheres in your inventory? Hmm... unlikely.
    |5.3 - Abilities|
    Listed now is the abilities and items needed to teach them to Aeons. Further
    extension will be in the next update(s).
    Ability Name      | Required         | #  | Effect
    Zombie Attack     | Holy Water       | 99 | Inflicts zombie on an enemy
    Armor Break       | Lv. 2 Key Sphere | 2  | Lowers defense, nullifies armored
    Mental Break      | Shining Thorn    | 4  | Lowers magic defense
    Power Break       | Stamina Spring   | 6  | Lowers enemy attack power
    Magic Break       | Mana Spring      | 4  | Lowers enemy magic attack power
    Cheer             | Power Sphere     | 5  | Raises party's attack
    Aim               | Speed Sphere     | 5  | Raises party's accuracy
    Focus             | Mana Sphere      | 5  | Raises party's magic attack
    Reflex            | Speed Sphere     | 5  | Raises party's evasion
    Luck              | Fortune Sphere   | 2  | Raises party's luck
    Jinx              | Fortune Sphere   | 2  | Lowers enemy's luck
    Lancet            | Soul Spring      | 20 | Drains HP and MP from enemy
    Doublecast        | Three Stars      | 5  | Cast 2 black magic spells in a row
    Pray              | Healing Water    | 5  | Small HP recovery for party
    Triple Foul       | Skill Sphere     | 4  | Inflicts sleep, silence, darkness
    Dark Attack       | Smoke Bomb       | 6  | Inflicts dark for 3 turns
    Silence Attack    | Silence Grenade  | 3  | Inflicts silence for 3 turns
    Sleep Attack      | Sleeping Powder  | 3  | Inflicts sleep for 3 turns
    Delay Attack      | Silver Hourglass | 20 | Delays enemy's turn
    Dark Buster       | Smoke Bombs      | 10 | Inflicts dark for a turn, high %
    Silence Buster    | Silence Grenades | 10 | Inflicts silence for a turn, high %
    Sleep Buster      | Sleeping Powders | 10 | Inflicts sleep for a turn, high %
    White Magic:
    Cure              | Hi-Potion        | 99 | Small HP recovery
    Cura              | X-Potion         | 30 | Medium HP recovery
    Curaga            | Mega-Potion      | 60 | Large HP recovery
    Regen             | Healing Spring   | 50 | Small HP recovery every turn
    NulBlaze          | Bomb Fragment    | 2  | Nullifies one fire attack on party
    NulShock          | Electro Marble   | 2  | Nullifies one thun. attack on party
    NulTide           | Fish Scale       | 2  | Nullifies one water attack on party
    NulFrost          | Antarctic Wind   | 2  | Nullifies one bliz. attack on party
    Scan              | Ability Sphere   | 10 | View an enemy's data
    Life              | Elixir           | 8  | Revives a character
    Full-Life         | Megalixir        | 1  | Revive character to max HP
    Dispel            | Purifying Salt   | 3  | Nullifies spell effects
    Shell             | Lunar Curtain    | 4  | Raises a character's magic defense
    Protect           | Light Curtain    | 6  | Raises a character's defense
    Haste             | Chocobo Feather  | 10 | Increases a character's turns
    Hastega           | Chocobo Wing     | 16 | Increases party's turns
    Slow              | Silver Hourglass | 4  | Decreases an enemy's turns
    Slowga            | Gold Hourglass   | 8  | Decreases all enemy's turns
    Holy              | Blessed Gem      | 60 | Deals massive Holy damage
    Black Magic:
    Fire              | Bomb Fragment    | 8  | Deals small fire damage to enemy
    Thunder           | Electro Marble   | 8  | Deals small thun. damage to enemy
    Water             | Fish Scale       | 8  | Deals small water damage to enemy
    Blizzard          | Antarctic Wind   | 8  | Deals small bliz. damage to enemy
    Fira              | Bomb Core        | 2  | Deals medium fire damage to enemy
    Thundara          | Lightning Marble | 2  | Deals medium thun. damage to enemy
    Watera            | Dragon Scale     | 2  | Deals medium water damage to enemy
    Blizzara          | Arctic Wind      | 2  | Deals medium bliz. damage to enemy
    Firaga            | Fire Gem         | 4  | Deals large fire damage to enemy
    Thundaga          | Lightning Gem    | 4  | Deals large thun. damage to enemy
    Waterga           | Water Gem        | 4  | Deals large water damage to enemy
    Blizzaga          | Ice Gem          | 4  | Deals large bliz. damage to enemy
    Bio               | Poison Fang      | 10 | Inflicts poison on an enemy
    Demi              | Shadow Gem       | 8  | Damage 1/4 of enemy's HP
    Drain             | Stamina Spring   | 60 | Drain HP from an enemy
    Osmose            | Mana Spring      | 10 | Drain MP from an enemy
    Death             | Farplane Shadow  | 30 | Low chance of instant death
    Flare             | Shining Gem      | 60 | Non-elemental damage, one enemy
    Ultima            | Supreme Gem      | 99 | Non-elemental damage, all enemies
     - Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters cannot be taught abilities.
     - There is little point in teaching an Aeon Full-Life unless you also give
    them Zombie Attack.
     - This list is near completed.
    (6) Conclusion
    I hoped this FAQ educated you of Aeons, so as usual this final section is about
    how to make this FAQ better for you, the reader (and everyone else).
    |6.1 - Contribute|
    Below is a list of how to contribute, so please do!
    [01] - More suggestions!
    [02] - Any thoeries on HP raising.
    And remember, anything is welcome!
    |6.2 - Credits|
    The following people helped make this guide possible:
    Me - for writing this FAQ
    MysticDrag0n@aol.com - Many abilities, intro fix
    DemIsE - Ability info, attribute section
    CB! - FAQ #5 correction, Baaj Temple info, Magus Sisters info
    KEVN87@aol.com - Magus Sister selections
    mr_buckett@yahoo.com - Aeon powers theory
    To quote a famous FAQ author: "If your name isn't in here, blame the memory and
    not the heart." (Thanks Ceebs!)
    |6.3 - Copyright|
    I'll keep this short - don't steal this FAQ, don't put this on your site
    without my permission, don't try and sell this (for what reason, I do not
    know), don't... If you have any question as to whether you can do it or not,
    don't do it.
    "Sites" list
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    |PSXCodez      | psxcodez.com       |
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    |FFWalkthroughs| ffwalkthroughs.com |
    If you find this on any site not mentioned above, please alert me!
    Also, if anyone cares, I am known as "nieuwendykguy" on the GameFAQs message
    boards. I don't visit much anymore, though...
    Copyright (c) 2002 Paul Friedman. All rights reserved.
    "If wishes were fishes, a genie would grant you 3 fishes."
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