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    Equipment Selling Guide by Rising2Fenix

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X Equipment Selling Guide
    Version 1.3 03/08/02
    By the PlayOnline.com Message Board at www.playonline.com (Squall6Cloud, 
    Rising2Fenix, Sir_Zombie, 
    Serika, Llew42, Evandownie, among others)
    Submitted by Rising2Fenix (Rising2Fenix@aol.com)
    Copyright: Under the United States and International copyright laws, this 
    FAQ has been copyrighted to myself, Rising2Fenix and it's contributors.  Any 
    act attempting to plagerize this work or display it without granted 
    permission will result in legal action.  If you do wish to display this guide 
    on your own FAQ site, contact me first.  Once permission is granted, it may 
    only be allowed for personal use and should not be sold or redistributed.  
    Take note, I am constantly looking around at FAQ sites throughout the web, 
    so be forewarned.  I better not find this FAQ on a site I haven't approved 
    it for.
    Table of Contents:
    I.     Introduction/Version History
    II.    Auto-Abilities and Selling Prices for Equipment
     1. Auto-Abilities for weapons
     2. Auto-Abilities for armor
    III.   Items used for Customizing and sources to find them
    IV.    Fast and easy gil tricks
    1.	Method 1: Mimics in the Omega Ruins
     2. Method 2: "Golden-One-Eye"
     3. Method 3: Regen-erate your profits
       3a. What to do with weak characters
       3b. What to do with spare weapons
    V.     Frequently asked Questions
    VI.    Special Thanks and closing
    I. Introduction
    This history of this guide is actually an interesting one.  It started as 
    a post on the PlayOnline Message Board, yet with the help of several experts 
    on the site, it grew to be a very helpful guide.  It started by people looking 
    for ways to make quick gil in the game, which got many of us thinking about 
    how the sell prices of equipment were determined.  After a bit of math magic, 
    we were able to punch out a few formulas.  So, using the info in this guide, 
    it's possible to become relatively rich as sas you reach Guadosalam.
    1.3: 03/08/02: Decided to change the format of the guide.  Added Monster Arena 
    Requirements for unlocking Creations.
    1.2: 03/08/02: Sent this guide to Neoseeker.
    1.1: 03/07/02: Proofread this thing several times, fixed some mistakes and 
    made a few things I said easier to understand.
    1.0: 03/06/02: Placed Auto-Abilities List, Selling prices, and Gil tricks 
    all into one file.
    II.  Selling equipments with Auto-Abilities
    "My math teacher was right!! You DO need math to survive!!!" - Feonor of the 
    PlayOnline Message Board.
    This took a bit of thinking, but we managed to uncover the means in which 
    the game determines the selling price of equipment.  It all has to due with 
    averages.  Combine the value of each attribute and of each empty slot, throw 
    in certain preset values... Well, I'll let Squall6Cloud explain it.  He's 
    the one who did all the number crunching and cranked out the formulas.
    By Squall6Cloud of the PlayOnline Message Board:
    "Customized Weapon or armor pricing  
    Ability Price = (Price of 1-slot weapon or armor with that ability) - 12  
    Weamor= To simplify things I will call (Weapon or armor) Weamor from now on.  
    Basic Stuff  
    Price of Weamor with 1 Slot and 1 ability = Ability price + 12  
    Price of Weamor with 2 Slot and 1 ability= (Ability price x 1.5) + 18  
    Price of Weamor with 3 Slot and 1 ability= (Ability price x 4.5) + 56  
    Price of Weamor with 4 Slot and 1 ability= (Ability price x 15) + 187  
    Now for the interesting stuff:  
    You have 4-slot weamor with:  
    - 2 abilities:  
    Price of Weamor with 4 Slot and 2 abilities= ((Sum of ability prices on Weamor 
    * 15) + 187)/2  
    - 3 abilities:  
    Price of Weamor with 4 Slot and 3 abilities= ((Sum of ability prices on Weamor 
    * 15) + 187)/3  
    - 4 abilities:  
    Price of Weamor with 4 Slot and 4 abilities= ((Sum of ability prices on Weamor 
    * 15) + 187)/3  
    Calculating price of a 3-slot Weamor  
    - 2 abilities:  
    Price of Weamor with 3 Slot and 2 abilities= ((Sum of ability prices on Weamor 
    * 4.5) + 56)/1.5  
    - 3 abilities:  
    Price of Weamor with 3 Slot and 3 abilities= ((Sum of ability prices on Weamor 
    * 4.5) + 56)/1.5  
    And for the 2-slot 2 ability formula is:  
    Price of Weamor with 2 Slot and 2 abilities= (Sum of ability prices on 
    Weamor*1.5) + 18"
    If the stuff above was too much for some of you, to simplify it all:
    X = Ability Price
    S = Number of Slots
    A = Number of Abilities
    1S/1A = x+12  
    2S/2A = 1.5x+18  
    2S/2A = 1.5x +18  
    3S/1A = 4.5x+56  
    3S/2A = (4.5x+56 )/1.5  
    3S/3A = (4.5x+56)/1.5  
    4S/1A = 15x+187  
    4S/2A = (15x+187)/2  
    4S/3A = (15x+187)/3  
    4S/4A = (15x+187)/3
    Use Squall6Cloud's formulas and substitute X for the value corresponding with 
    each Auto-Ability.  If you have more than ONE ability, ADD them together as 
    the value for X.
    IIa. Auto-Abilities for Weapons
    50-----Sensor: Ability Sphere x2
    0------Piercing: Level 2 Key Sphere x1
    1500---First Strike: Return Sphere x1
    1500---Initiative: Chocobo Feather x6
    175----Firestrike: Bomb Fragment x4
    175----Thunderstrike: Electro Marble x4
    175----Waterstrike: Fish Scale x4
    175----Icestrike: Antarctic Wind x 4
    500----Darktouch: Eyedrops x60
    1000---Darkstrike: Smoke Bomb x20
    750----Silencetouch: Echo Screen x60
    2000---Silencestrike: Silence Grenade x20
    250----Sleeptouch: Sleeping Powder x10
    2000---Sleepstrike: Dream Powder x16
    375----Poisontouch: Antidote x99
    2500---Poisonstrike: Poison Fang x24
    1250---Stonetouch: Petrify Grenade x10
    3000---Stonestrike: Petrify Grenade x60
    2000---Deathtouch: Farplane Shadow x30
    5000---Deathstrike: Farplane Wind x60
    2000---Zombietouch: Holy Water x70
    3000---Zombiestrike: Candle of Life x30
    750----Slowtouch: Silver Hourglass x16
    2000---Slowstrike: Gold Hourglass x30
    25-----Str +3%: Power Sphere x3
    125----Str +5%: Stamina Spring x2
    1250---Str +10%: Skill Sphere x1
    2500---Str +20%: Supreme Gem x4
    25-----Magic +3%: Mana Sphere x3
    125----Magic +5%: Mana Spring x2
    1250---Magic +10%: Black Magic Sphere x1
    2500---Magic +20%: Supreme Gem x4
    1000---Counterattack: Friend Sphere x1
    5500---Evade & Counter: Teleport Sphere x1
    6250---Magic Counter: Shining Gem x16
    4250---Magic Booster: Turbo Ether x30
    2000---Alchemy: Healing Water x4
    5000---Half MP Cost: Twin Stars x20
    7500---One MP Cost: Three Stars x20
    10000--Double AP: Megalixir x20
    15000--Triple AP: Wings to Discovery x50
    6250---Overdrive -> AP: Doors to Tomorrow x10
    5000---SOS Overdrive: Gambler's Spirit x20
    7500---Double Overdrive: Underdog's Secret x30
    10000--Triple Overdrive: Winning Formula x30
    0------Gillionaire: Designer Wallet x30
    0------Break Damage Limit: Dark Matter x60
    1500---Capture: Can only be bought at Monster Arena
    1625---No Encounters: Purifying Salt x30
    IIb. Auto-Abilities for Armor
    375----Fire Ward: Bomb Fragment x4
    750----Fireproof: Bomb Core x8
    2500---Fire Eater: Fire Gem x20
    375----Lightning Ward: Electro Marble x4
    750----Lightningproof: Lightning Marble x8
    2500---Lightning Eater: Lightning Gem x20
    375----Water Ward: Fish Scale x4
    750----Waterproof: Dragon Scale x8
    2500---Water Eater: Water Gem x20
    375----Ice Ward: Antarctic Wind x4
    750----Iceproof: Arctic Wind x8
    2500---Ice Eater: Ice Gem x20
    125----Dark Ward: Eyedrops x40
    500----Darkproof: Smoke Bomb x20
    125----Silence Ward: Echo Screen x30
    500----Silenceproof: Silent Grenade x10
    50-----Sleep Ward: Sleeping Powder x6
    200----Sleepproof: Dream Powder x8
    100----Poison Ward: Antidote x40
    375----Poisonproof: Poison Fang x12
    300----Stone Ward: Soft x30
    625----Stoneproof: Petrify Grenade x20
    500----Death Ward: Farplane Shadow x15
    1000---Deathproof: Farplane Wind x60
    500----Zombie Ward: Holy Water x30
    1000---Zombieproof: Candle of Life x10
    250----Slow Ward: Silver Hourglass x10
    750----Slowproof: Gold Hourglass x20
    250----Confuse Ward: Musk x16
    1000---Confuseproof: Musk x48
    250----Berserk Ward: Hypello Potion x8
    1000---Berserkproof: Hypello Potion x32
    2000---Curseproof: Tetra Elemental x12
    125----SOS NulBlaze: Bomb Core x1
    125----SOS NulShock: Lightning Marble x1
    125----SOS NulTide: Dragon Scale x1
    125----SOS NulFrost: Arctic Wind x1
    1000---SOS Shell: Lunar Curtain x8
    1000---SOS Protect: Light Curtain x8
    750----SOS Reflect: Star Curtain x8
    5000---SOS Haste: Chocobo Feather x20
    5000---SOS Regen: Healing Spring x12
    5500---Auto Shell: Lunar Curtain x80
    5500---Auto Protect: Light Curtain x80
    3500---Auto Reflect: Star Curtain x40
    12500--Auto Haste: Chocobo Wing x80
    15000--Auto Regen: Healing Spring x80
    50-----Defense +3%: Power Sphere x3
    125----Defense +5%: Stamina Spring x2
    1250---Defense +10%: Special Sphere x1
    2500---Defense +20%: Blessed Gem x4
    50-----Magic Defense +3%: Mana Sphere x3
    125----Magic Defense +5%: Mana Spring x2
    1250---Magic Defense +10%: White Magic Sphere x1
    2500---Magic Defense +20%: Blessed Gem x4
    25-----HP +5%: X-Potion x5
    250----HP +10%: Soul Spring x3
    1500---HP +20%: Elixir x5
    3750---HP +30%: Stamina Tonic x1
    300----MP +5%: Ether x5
    1500---MP +10%: Soul Spring x3
    2000---MP +20%: Elixir x5
    4500---MP +30%: Mana Tonic x1
    3000---Auto Potion: Stamina Tablet x4
    2500---Auto Med: Remedy x20
    5000---Auto Phoenix: Mega Phoenix x20
    10000--Pickpocket: Amulet x30
    15000--Master Thief: Pendulum x30
    1500---HP Stroll: Stamina Tablet x2
    1500---MP Stroll: Mana Tablet x2
    1625---No Encounters: Purifying Salt x30
    0------Break HP Limit: Wings to Discovery x30
    0------Break MP Limit: Three Stars x30
    Now for actual customizing:
    III. Items used in Customizing:
    In high demand from gamers, they want to know where they can get items to 
    customize certain abilities.  So here it is.  The information used in this 
    portion was compiled from CB!'s FAQs with her permission along with some of 
    my own research.  Special thanks to CB! for her amazing guides:
    Name of item used to customize
       Drop: Item won after being victorious in battle
       Steal: Items stolen from fiends during battle
       Bribe: Items awarded from fiends using Bribe from Rikku's Grid
       Unlock: Items awarded in Capture quests in the Monster Arena
       Other: Sources other than already noted above
       Drop: Stratavis - x2 (common), x4 (overkill)
       Bribe: Tonberry - Amulet x2 for 270,000 gil
    Antarctic Wind
       Steal: Snow Flan - Antarctic Wind x2 (common)
          White Element - Antarctic Wind x1 (common) x2 (rare)
       Steal: Bite Bug - Antidote x1 (common)
          Grat - Antidote x4 (common)
          Killer Bee - Antidote x1 (common)
          Ragora - Antidote x1 (common)
    Artic Wind
       Steal: Chimera A - Arctic Wind x3 (common)
          Chimera B - Arctic Wind x3 (common)
          Ice Flan - Arctic Wind x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Snow Flan - Arctic Wind x2 (rare)
       Bribe: White Element - Arctic Wind x7 for 7,800 (BEST DEAL)
          Snow Flan - Arctic Wind x10 for 12,000 gil
    Blessed Gem
       Drop: Cactuar King Blessed Gem x3 (common) x6 (Overkill)
       Steal: Barbatos - Blessed Gem x1 (rare)
          Coeurl Regina - Blessed Gem x1 (rare)
          One-Eye - Blessed Gem x1 (rare)
    Black Magic Sphere
       Dropped: Evrae
          Evrae Altana
       Bribe: Black Element - Black Magic Sphere x2 for 152,000 gil
    Bomb Core
       Steal: Bomb B - Bomb Core x2 (common) x3 (rare)
       Bribe: Bomb A - Bomb Core x16 for 17,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Red Element - Bomb Core x8 for 9,000 gil
    Bomb Fragment
       Steal: Bomb A - Bomb Fragment x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Red Element - Bomb Fragment x1 (common) x2 (rare)
    Candle of Life
       Steal: Don Tonberry - Candle of Life x2 (common)
          Fallen Monk (both) - Candle of Life x2 (common)
          Pteryx - Candle of Life x1 (rare)
       Unlock: Coeurl Regina for 99 by completing the Mushroom Rock Road 
          Area Conquest.  
    Chocobo Feather
       Steal: Cactuar - Chocobo Feather x1 (common)
          Fenrir - Chocobo Feather x2 (common)
          Qactuar - Chocobo Feather x1 (common)
       Unlock: Fenrir for 99 by capturing 3 of each fiend wolf species.
    Chocobo Wing
       Steal: Cactuar - Chocobo Wing x1 (rare)
          Cactuar King - Chocobo Wing x2 (common)
          Fenrir - Chocobo Wing x1 (rare)
          Ornitholestes - Chocobo Wing x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Machea - Chocobo Wing x60 for 360,000 gil
       Unlock: Cactuar King for 99 by Thunder Plains Area Conquest.  
    Dark Matter
       Drop: All Monster Arenas Bosses drop as rare item. x1 for a regular kill.  
    x2 for Overkill.
       Bribe: Land Worm - Dark Matter x2 for 1,600,000 gil
       Unlock: Ultima Buster for 99 by capturing 5 all fiends in the game.
    Designer Wallet
       Drop: Catastrophe - Designer Wallet x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Cactuar King - Designer Wallet x1 (rare)
          Don Tonberry - Designer Wallet x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Defender Zero - Designer Wallet x5 for 846,000 gil
       Unlock: Vorban for 60 by completing Omega Ruins Area Conquest.
    Doors to Tomorrow
       Drop: Bomb King - Doors to Tomorrow x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Ultima Weapon - Door to Tomorrow x10 (common) x20 (rare)
       Bribe: Mech Scouter - Door to Tomorrow x1 for 55,000 gil
          Mech Leader - Door to Tomorrow x2 for 74,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
       Unlock: Catastrophe for 99 by completing 6 Area Conquests.
    Dragon Scale
       Steal: Aqua Flan - Dragon Scale x2 (rare)
          Maze Larva - Dragon Scale x2 (rare)
          Octopus - Dragon Scale x2 (common)
          Phlegyas - Dragon Scale x2 (common)
          Remora - Dragon Scale x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Sahagin B - Dragon Scale x2 (rare)
          Sahagin C - Dragon Scale x1 (rare)
          Water Flan - Dragon Scale x2 (rare)
       Bribe: Splasher - Dragon Scale x4 for 4,000 gil
    Dream Powder
       Steal: Bandersnatch - Dream Powder x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Skoll - Dream Powder x1 (common) x2 (rare)
       Bribe: Skoll - Dream Powder x12 for 20,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Bandersnatch - Dream Powder x20 for 36,000 gil
    Echo Screen
       Steal: Floating Death - Echo Screen x1 (common)
    Electro Marble
       Steal: Aerouge - Electro Marble x1 (common)
          Gandarewa - Electro Marble x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Gold Element - Electro Marble x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Thunder Flan - Electro Marble x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Yellow Element - Electro Marble x1 (common)
       Dropped: Crawler
       Steal: Seymour - Elixir (rare)
          Seymour Flux - Elixir x1 (common/rare)
          YKT-11 - Elixir x2 (rare)
       Bribe: YKT-63 - Elixir x8 for 84,000 gil
          YKT-11 - Elixir x12 for 124,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
       Other: Remiem Temple chocobo race - One chest and zero poles touched       for 
    1 Elixir.  One time only.
          Thunder Plains - Struck by 80 consecutive bolts for 1. One time only.
          Magic Urn prize (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth).
       Steal: Behemoth - Ether x1 (common)
          Exoray - Ether x1 (rare)
          Funguar - Ether x1 (rare)
          Guado Guardian B - Ether x1 (rare)
          Sin (Overdrive) - Ether x1 (common)
          Spectral Keeper - Ether x1 (common)
          Spherimorph - Ether x1 (common)
          Thorn - Ether x1 (rare)
          YAT-97 - Ether x2 (rare)
          YAT-99 - Ether x1 (rare)
          YKT-63 - Ether x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Guado Guard A - Ether x10 for 40,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          YAT-99 - Ether x10 for 54,000 gil
          YAT-97 - Ether x16 for 74,000 gil
    Farplane Shadow
       Steal: Anima - Farplane Shadow x1 (rare)
          Espada - Farplane Shadow x4 (common)
          Ghost - Farplane Shadow x1 (rare)
          Master Coeurl - Farplane Shadow x2 (common) x4 (rare)
          Tonberry - Farplane Shadow x1 (rare)
          Wraith - Farplane Shadow x1 (common)
    Farplane Wind
       Drop: Don Tonberry Farplane Wind x3 (common) x6 (overkill)
       Steal: Coeurl Regina - Farplane Wind x2 (common)
          Espada - Farplane Wind x1 (rare)
          Sleep Sprout - Farplane Wind x1 (rare)
          Varuna - Farplane Wind x1 (common)
          Wraith - Farplane Wind x1 (rare)
          Yunalesca - Farplane Wind x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Epaaj - Farplane Wind x25 for 174,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Ahriman - Farplane Wind x6 for 56,000 gil
          Wraith - Farplane Wind x60 for 444,440 gil
       Unlock: Chimerageist for 60 by completing Calm Lands Area Conquest.
    Fire Gem
       Steal: Bomb King - Fire Gem x4 (common)
          Flame Flan - Fire Gem x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Grenade - Fire Gem x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Puroburos - Fire Gem x3 (common) x4 (rare)
       Bribe: Bomb B - Fire Gem x14 for 44,000 gil
          Flame Flan - Fire Gem x10 for 30,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Grenade - Fire Gem x12 for 150,000 gil
    Fish Scale
       Steal: Aqua Flan - Fish Scale x2 (common)
          Blue Element - Fish Scale x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Maze Larva - Fish Scale x2 (common)
          Sahagin B - Fish Scale x2 (common)
          Sahagin C - Fish Scale x2 (common)
          Water Flan - Fish Scale x1 (common)
    Friend Sphere
       Dropped: Biran Ronso - rare
          Master Coeurl - rare
          Spirit - rare
          Yenke Ronso - rare
       Steal: Neslug - Friend Sphere x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Coerl - Friend Sphere x2 for 120,000 gil
    Gambler's Spirit
       Drop: Orintholestes - Gambler's Spirit x2 (common) x4 (Overkill)
       Steal: Catastrophe - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Earth Eater - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Greater Sphere - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Neslug - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Omega Weapon - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Shinryu - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Th'uban - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
          Ultima Buster - Gambler's Spirit x1 (common)
       Bribe: Floating Death - Gambler's Spirit x10 for 134,000 gil
       Unlock Th'uban for 99 by completing 6 Species Conquests.
    Gold Hourglass
       Steal: Fafnir - Gold Hourglass x2 (common)
          Mushussu - Gold Hourglass x1 (rare)
          Nidhogg - Gold Hourglass x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Mushussu - Gold Hourglass x5 for 13,600 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Nidhogg - Gold Hourglass x12 for 40,000 gil
       Unlock: Tanket for 99 by capturing 3 of each armored fiend species.
    Healing Spring
       Drop: Kottos - Healing Spring x20 (Common) x40 (Overkill)
       Steal: Achelous - Healing Spring x1 (rare)
          Catoblepas - Healing Spring x3 (common)
          Vorban - Healing Spring x2 (common)
       Bribe: Octopus - Healing Spring x20 for 90,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Phlegyas - Healing Spring x6 for 33,600 gil
          Achelous - Healing Spring x16 for 102,000 gil
       Unlock: Sleep Sprout for 99 by capturing 5 of each fungus species.
    Healing Water
       Steal: Adamantoise - Healing Water x1 (common)
          Behemoth King - Healing Water x1 (common)
       Bribe: Anacondaur - Healing Water x16 for 116,000 gil
    Holy Water
       Steal: YAT-97 - Holy Water x3 (common)
          YKT-11 - Holy Water x3 (common)
    Hypello Potion
       Steal: Bunyip - Hypello Potion x1 (rare)
          Halma - Hypello Potion x3 (common)
          Mafdet - Hypello Potion x1 (rare)
          Murussu - Hypello Potion x1 (rare)
          Raldo - Hypello Potion x1 (rare)
          Shred - Hypello Potion x1 (common) x2 (rare)
       Bribe: Raldo - Hypello Potion x10 for 4,800 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Bunyip - Hypello Potion x16 for 8,000 gil
          Mulfushu - Hypello Potion x24 for 11,600 gil (2nd BEST DEAL)
          Mafdet - Hypello Potion x28 for 14,200 gil
          Shred - Hypello Potion x50 for 39,000 gil
    Ice Gem
       Steal: Chimera Brain - Ice Gem x1 (common)
       Bribe: Ice Flan - Ice Gem x9 for 27,000 gil
    Light Curtain
       Drop: Fafnir x 20 (common) x40 (overkill)
       Steal: Gemini - Light Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Iron Giant - Light Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Ironclad - Light Curtain x4 (common)
          Tanket - Light Curtain x4 (common)
       Unlock: Juggernaut for 99 by capturing 5 of each horned fiend.
    Lightning Gem
       Steal: Chimera Brain - Lightning Gem x2 (rare)
          Imp - Lightning Gem x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Vidatu - Lightning Gem x4 (common)
    Lightning Marble
       Steal: Aerouge - Lightning Marble x1 (rare)
          Chimera A - Lightning Marble x3 (rare)
          Chimera B - Lightning Marble x3 (common)
          Yellow Element - Lightning Marble x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Yellow Element - Lightning Marble x6 for 6,000 gil
          Thunder Flan - Lightning Marble x8 for 9,600 gil
          Gandarewa - Lightning Marble x3 for 2,960 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Aerouge - Lightning Marble x4 for 4,000 gil
          Gold Element - Lightning Marble x20 for 24,000 gil
    Lunar Curtain
       Steal: Crawler - Lunar Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Defender - Lunar Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Defender X - Lunar Curtain x4 (common/rare)
          Defender Z - Lunar Curtain x2 (common/rare)
          Juggernaut - Lunar Curtain x4 (common)
          Jumbo Flan - Lunar Curtain x4 (common)
          Larva - Lunar Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          One-Eye - Lunar Curtain x3 (common)
          Tanket - Lunar Curtain x4 (rare)
       Unlock: Abadon for 99 by completing the Inside Sin Area Conquest.
       Other: Magic Urn prize (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth).
    Lv. 2 Key Sphere
       Dropped: Chocobo Eater - rare
          Defender X
          Defender Z
          Seymour Natus (x2)
          Tonberry - rare
          Varuna - rare
       Steal: Catastrophe - Level 2 Key Sphere x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Behemoth - Level 2 Key Sphere x30 for 460,000 gil
    Mana Spring
       Steal: Chimerageist - Mana Spring x2 (common)
          Coeurl - Mana Spring x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Marlboro Menace - Mana Spring x2 (rare)
          Master Tonberry - Mana Spring x1 (common)
       Unlock: Vidatu for 99 by capturing 4 of each imp fiend species.
    Mana Tablet
       Drop: Abadon - Mana Tablet x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Behemoth - Mana Tablet x1 (rare)
          Jumbo Flan 1 rare
       Bribe: Chimera A - Mana Tablet x10 for 105,000 gil
       Unlock: Ironclad for 60 by capturing 10 of each iron giant fiend 
    Mana Tonic
       Drop: Marlboro Menace - Mana Tonic x2 (common) x4 (overkill)
       Steal: Great Marlboro - Mana Tonic x1 (rare)
          Jumbo Flan - Mana Tonic x1 (rare)
          Vidatu - Mana Tonic x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Gemini (Blue) - Mana Tonic x10 for 720,000 gil
       Unlock: Hornet for 60 by capturing 4 of each bee fiend species.
    Mega Phoenix
       Dropped: Extractor
          Mech Hunter - rare
          Mech Defender - rare
          YAT - 97 - rare
          YAT - 99 - rare
       Bribe: Alcyone - Mega Phoenix x2 for 8,600 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Ghost - Mega Phoenix x38 for 199,980 gil
       Unlock: Pteryx for 99 by capturing 4 of each bird fiend species.
       Bribe: Xiphos - Mega Elixir x1 for 54,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Varuna - Mega Elixir x20 for 1,120,000 gil
       Unlock: Shinryu for 30 by capturing all underwater fiend species.
       Other: Remiem Temple Chocobo Race - Two chest and zero poles for 2. One 
    time only.
       Thunder Plains - 150 consecutive bolts dodged for 4 Megaelixirs.
       Steal: Ahriman - Musk x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Buer - Musk x1 (rare)
          Evil Eye A - Musk x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Evil Eye B - Musk x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Floating Death - Musk x4 (common) x5 (rare)
          Floating Eye - Musk x1 (rare)
          Sandragora - Musk x10 (rare)
       Bribe: Floating Eye - Musk x1 for 2,800 gil
          Buer - Musk x2 for 4,600 gil
          Evil Eye A - Musk x3 for 6,200 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Evil Eye B - Musk x4 for 8,600 gil
       Drop: Neslug x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Bribe: Master Tonberry - Pendulum x3 for 960,000 gil
          Ultima Weapon - Pendulum x99 for 1,400,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Other: Remiem Temple chocobo race - 4 Chests and zero poles touched 
    for 30 Pendulums.  One time only.
    Petrify Grenade
       Steal: Anacondaur - Petrify Grenade x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Basilisk - Petrify Grenade x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Cave Iguion - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Demonolith - Petrify Grenade x2 (common/rare)
          Dinonix - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Iguion - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Ipiria - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Jormungand - Petrify Grenade x4 (common)
          Melusine - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Raptor - Petrify Grenade x1 (rare)
          Yowie - Petrify Grenade x2 (rare)
          Zaurus - Petrify Grenade x2 (common) x3 (rare)
       Bribe: Dinonix - Petrify Grenade x2 for 2,800 gil
          Ipiria - Petrify Grenade x3 for 3,600 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Raptor - Petrify Grenade x2 for 4,000 gil
          Basilisk - Petrify Grenade x24 for 40,500 gil
          Melusine - Petrify Grenade x4 for 5,300 gil (2nd BEST DEAL)
          Iguion - Petrify Grenade x5 for 7,400 gil
          Cave Iguion - Petrify Grenade x6 for 11,000 gil
          Yowie - Petrify Grenade x12 for 18,000 gil
       Unlock: Jormungand for 99 by completing Djose Area Conquest.
    Poison Fang
       Steal: Bite Bug - Poison Fang x1 (rare)
          Killer Bee - Poison Fang x1 (rare)
          Hornet - Poison Fang x4 common
          Nebiros - Poison Fang x1 (common) x3 (rare)
          Sleep Sprout - Poison Fang x4 (common)
          Poison Fang - Poison Fang x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Killer Bee - Poison Fang x1 for 2,200 gil 
          Bite Bug - Poison Fang x2 for 4,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Wasp - Poison Fang x3 for 7,200 gil
          Nebiros - Poison Fang x6 for 14,000 gil 
       Unlock: Marlboro Menace for 99 by completing Kilika Area Conquest.
    Purifying Salt
       Steal: Abadon - Purifying Salt x3 (common)
          Fallen Monk (both) - Purifying Salt x1 (rare)
          Warrior Monk (both) - Purifying Salt x1 (rare)
       Unlock: Fafnir for 99 by capturing 4 of each dragon fiend species.
       Steal: Grat - Remedy x3 (rare)
          Great Marlboro - Remedy x1 (common)
          Mandragora - Remedy x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Marlboro - Remedy x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Marlboro Menace - Remedy x4 (common)
          Ochu - Remedy x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Ragora - Remedy x1 (rare)
          Sandragora - Remedy x2 (common)
          YAT-99 - Remedy x1 (common)
       Bribe: Lord Ochu - Remedy x80 for 92,980 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Ragora - Remedy x8 for 15,600 gil (2nd BEST DEAL)
          Ochu - Remedy x70 for 144,000 gil
          Sandragora - Remedy x99 for 255,000 gil
          Grat - Remedy x40 for 80,000 gil
    Return Sphere
       Dropped: Biran Ronso
          Santuary Keeper
          Sinspawn: Genais
          Yenke Ronso
          Chimerageist - Return Sphere x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Greater Sphere - Return Sphere x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Dark Element - Return Sphere x3 for 36,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Mandragora - Return Sphere x24 for 620,000 gil
    Shining Gem
       Drop: Coeurl Regina - Shining Gem x3 (common) x6 (overkill)
       Steal: Abadon - Shining Gem x1 (rare)
          Black Element - Shining Gem x4 (rare)
          Bomb King - Shining Gem x4 (rare)
          Chimera B - Shining Gem x1 (rare)
          Juggernaut - Shining Gem x1 (rare)
          Right Fin of Sin - Shining Gem x1 (rare)
          Seymour Omnis - Shining Gem x1 (common)
          Sinspawn: Genais - Shining Gem (rare)
          Varuna - Shining Gem x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Puroburos - Shining Gem x36 for 400,000 gil
       Unlock: Espada for 60 by completing Macalania Area Conquest.
    Silence Grenade
       Steal: Anima - Silence Grenade x3 (common)
          Bat Eye - Silence Grenade x1 (rare)
          Exoray - Silence Grenade x1 (common)
          Funguar - Silence Grenade x1 (common)
          Thorn - Silence Grenade x2 (common
       Bribe: Bat Eye - Silence Grenade x12 for 7,600 gil
    Silver Hourglass
       Steal: Kusariqqu - Silver Hourglass x1 (rare)
          Lamashtu - Silver Hourglass x1 (rare)
          Vouivre - Silver Hourglass x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Vouivre - Silver Hourglass x10 for 5,100 gil
          Lamashtu - Silver Hourglass x10 for 5,500 gil
          Kusariqqu - Silver Hourglass x20 for 8,900 gil (BEST DEAL)
       Unlock: Don Tonberry for 40 by completing Sunken Cave Area Conquest.
    Skill Sphere: 
       Bribe: Zuu - Skill Sphere x2 for 360,000 gil
    Sleeping Powder
       Steal: Dingo - Sleeping Powder x1 (rare)
          Garm - Sleeping Powder x1 (rare)
          Mi'ihen Fang - Sleeping Powder x1 (rare)
          Sand Wolf - Sleeping Powder x2 (common) 
          Snow Wolf - Sleeping Powder x1 (common) x2 (rare)
       Bribe: Dingo - Sleeping Powder x4 for 2,500 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Mi'ihen Fang - Sleeping Powder x5 for 3,200 gil (2nd BEST DEAL)
          Garm - Sleeping Powder x7 for 4,800 gil
          Snow Wolf - Sleeping Powder x11 for 8,000 gil 
          Sand Wolf - Sleeping Powder x12 for 9,000 gil
    Smoke Bomb
       Steal: Alcyone - Smoke Bomb x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Condor - Smoke Bomb x1 (rare)
          Garuda C - Smoke Bomb x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Pteryx - Smoke Bomb x4 (common)
          Smoke Bomb - Smoke Bomb x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Stratavis - Smoke Bomb x3 (common)
          Zuu - Smoke Bomb x3 (common) x4 (rare)
       Bribe: Condor - Smoke Bomb x3 for 1,900 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Garuda - Smoke Bomb x99 for 80,000 gil
          Simurgh - Smoke Bomb x5 for 4,000 gil
       Steal: Cave Iguion - Soft x1 (common)
          Dinonix - Soft x1 (common)
          Iguion - Soft x1 (common)
          Ipiria - Soft x1 (common)
          Melusine - Soft x1 (common)
          Raptor - Soft x1 (common)
          Yowie - Soft x1 (common)
    Soul Spring
       Steal: Bashura - Soul Spring x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Kottos - Soul Spring x2 (rare)
       Unlock: Kottos for 99 by completing Mi'ihen Highroad Area Conquest.
    Special Sphere
       Dropped: Seymour - rare
       Bribe: Adamantoise - Special Sphere x6 for 1,088,000 gil
    Stamina Spring
       Steal: Chimerageist - Stamina Spring x2 (rare)
          Evrae Altana - Stamina Spring x1 (rare)
          Fafnir - Stamina Spring x2 (rare)
          Kottos - Stamina Spring x4 (common)
          Land Worm - Stamina Spring x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Ogre - Stamina Sprimg x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Sand Worm - Stamina Spring x2 (rare)
          Sin's Core - Stamina Spring x3 (common) x4 (rare)
          Spirit - Stamina Spring x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Stratavis - Stamina Spring x2 (rare)
       Bribe: Bashura - Stamina Spring x80 for 340,000 gil
       Unlock: Orintholestes for 99 by capturing 1 of each lizard fiend 
    Stamina Tablet
       Steal: Abyss Worm - Stamina Tablet x1 (rare)
          Adamantoise - Stamina Tablet x1 (rare)
          Ironclad - Stamina Tablet x1 (rare)
          Vorban - Stamina Tablet x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Ogre - Stamina Tablet x50 for 188,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Defender - Stamina Tablet x20 for 240,000 gil
       Unlock: One-Eye for 60 by capturing 4 of each eyeball fiend species.
    Stamina Tonic
       Drop: Abyss Worm x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Catoblepas - Stamina Tonic x1 (rare)
          Machea - Stamina Tonic x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Iron Giant - Stamina Tonic x1 for 72,000 gil (TIE)
          Gemini (Red) - Stamina Tonic x10 for 720,000 gil (TIE)
       Unlock: Stratavis for 99 by completing Besaid Area Conquest.
    Star Curtain
       Steal: Barbatos - Star Curtain x1 (common)
          Dark Flan - Star Curtain x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Nega Elemental - Star Curtain x4 (common)
          Sinspawn: Genais - Star Curtain x1 (common)
       Unlock: Nega Elemental for 99 by capturing 3 of each elemental fiend 
       Other: Remiem Temple - Defeat Belgemine's Shiva at least twice for 6 at 
    a time.
    Supreme Gem
       Drop: Jormungand - Supreme Gem x2 (Common) x4 (Overkill)
       Steal: Left Fin of Sin - Supreme Gem x1 (rare)
          Seymour Omnis - Supreme Gem x1 (rare)
          Sin (Overdrive) - Supreme Gem x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Halma - Supreme Gem x20 for 260,000 gil
       Unlock: Greater Sphere for 60 by completing 2 Species Conquests.
    Teleport Sphere
       Dropped: Master Tonberry - Teleport Sphere x1 (rare)
          Sleep Sprout - Teleport Sphere x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Th'uban - Teleport Sphere x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Barbatos - Teleport Sphere x20 for 1,900,000 gil
    Tetra Elemental
       Steal: Master Tonberry - Tetra Elemental x1 (rare)
          Seymour Natus - Tetra Elemental x2 (common) x3 (rare)
    Three Stars
       Drop: Catoblepas x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Steal: Jormungand - Three Stars x1 (rare)
          Shinryu - Three Stars x1(rare)
       Bribe: Behemoth King - Three Stars x14 for 1,350,000 gil
       Unlock Earth Eater for 60 by completing 2 Area Conquests.
       Other: Remiem Temple chocobo race - Five chests and zero poles touched 
    for 60 Three Stars.  One time only.
    Turbo Ether
       Steal: Sanctuary Keeper - Turbo Ether x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Seymour - Turbo Ether x1 (common)
          Spectral Keeper - Turbo Ether x1 (rare)
          Spherimorph - Turbo Ether x1 (rare)
       Unlock: Bomb King for 60 by capturing 5 of each bomb fiend species.
    Twin Stars
       Drop: Nega Elemental - Twin Stars x2 (common) x4 (overkill)
       Steal: Behemoth King - Twin Stars x2 (rare)
          Nega Elemental - Twin Stars x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Spirit - Twin Stars x10 for 200,000 gil
       Unlock: Jumbo Flan for 60 by capturing 3 of each flan fiend species.
    Underdog's Secret
       Drop: Th'uban - Underdog's Secret x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Bribe: Chimera B - Underdog's Secret x15 for 180,000 gil
       Other: Collect all 26 Al Bhed Primers and talk to Rin on the Airship to 
    receive 99 Underdog secrets.  
    Water Gem
       Steal: Achelous - Water Gem x2 (common)
          Evrae - Water Gem x1 (common) x2 (rare)
          Evrae Altana - Water Gem x2 (common)
          Maelspike - Water Gem x2 (common) x3 (rare)
          Octopus - Water Gem x2 (rare)
          Phlegyas - Water Gem x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Piranha - Water Gem x1 for 1,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Water Flan - Water Gem x2 for 6,300 gil
          Blue Element - Water Gem x9 for 30,000 gil
          Sahagin B - Water Gem x8 for 27,600 gil 
          Sahagin C - Water Gem x3 for 7,600 gil (2nd BEST DEAL)
          Aqua Flan - Water Gem x15 for 40,500 gil
          Maze Larvae - Water Gem x14 for 44,440 gil
          Remora - Water Gem x20 for 60,000 gil
    White Magic Sphere
       Bribe: Dark Flan - White Magic Sphere x2 for 256,000 gil
    Wings to Discovery
       Drop: Shinryu x1-2 (Monster Arena)
       Bribe: Great Marlboro - Wings to Discovery x8 for 1,280,000 gil
          Marlboro - Wings to Discovery x4 for 540,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
        Other: Remiem Temple chocobo race - 3 chests and zero poles for 30 Wings 
    to Discovery. One time only.
    Winning Formula
       Drop: Ultima Buster - Winning Formula x1 (common) x2 (overkill)
       Bribe: Sand Worm - Winning Formula x15 for 900,000 gil
       Unlock Neslug for 99 by completing all Area Conquests.
       Dropped: Worker - rare
       Steal: Guado Guardian A - X-Potion x1 (rare)
          Guado Guardian C - X-Potion x2 (rare)
          Right Fin of Sin - X-Potion x1 (common)
          Wendigo - X-Potion x1 (rare)
       Bribe: Guado Guardian C - X-Potion x30 for 52,000 gil (BEST DEAL)
          Valaha - X-Potion x60 for 174,000 gil
    IV. Fast and east gil tricks.
    Heh, heh.  This is going to become one of your favorite FAQs because of this 
    section right here.  All this info on customizing can be used to get some 
    fast and easy gil.  The Monster Arena plays a major role in most of the methods, 
    and is accessible as soon as you reach the Calm Lands.  Square perhaps 
    purposely placed in such methods for the more wily gamers.  "You just gotta 
    know how to work it."
    Method 1: Mimics in the Omega Ruins
    This method is the most obvious, and it has the fewest requirements.
    Requires: Airship
    	Steal ability
    	Armor with Stoneproof (Optional, but highly recommended)
    	Weapon with First Strike (Also Optional, but recommended)
    	Weapon with Gillionaire (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    First, you'll need to find the Omega Ruins.  The Omega Ruins are a hidden 
    location on the world map and is one of the better locations if you ever want 
    to beef up.  It's also the lair of Ultima and Omega Weapon, both are pathetic 
    bosses who don't pose much of a challenge at all.  You can Steal 99 Doors 
    to Tomorrow and Bribe 99 Pendulums for 1.4 gil from Ultima, and then have 
    Kimarhi use Lancet on Omega to learn the Nova Ronso Rage for his Overdrive.  
    But, that's not what we're really interested in.  
    The location of the Omega Ruins is around 70 X and 35 Y using the Airship 
    Search command.
    The fiends down here are tough.  Stoneproof is suggested in case you run into 
    Demonoliths, who have an instant Petrification Breath on all frontline 
    characters.  Play it save and have at least one frontline person with 
    Stoneproof on their armor.  As another safety precaution, I suggest First 
    Strike in case you come face to face with Great Marlboros.  Inside Sin, Great 
    Marlboros don't always ambush the party, however, when you battle them in 
    the Omega Ruins the Ambush rate is close to 100%.  Give someone who can take 
    them out First Strike on a weapon.  This will allow you to take an action 
    before the Great Marlboro can use Bad Breath.  You can create a Wind Rod for 
    Yuna and have her summon an Aeon to take the hit.  Another method is giving 
    First Strike with someone who knows Provoke.  By using Provoke, the fiend 
    will squirt something out from somewhere near it's eyes for small damage 
    instead of hitting everyone with status ailments.  If your characters are 
    pretty strong, give First Strike to someone who can take them out with one 
    shot.  If Auron has his Masamune activated with the Mars crest and sigil, 
    First Strike is already on that weapon.
    You'll absolutely need the Steal ability.  Mug won't work.  What you're 
    looking for are treasure chests.  They have only 1HP, so using Mug will inflict 
    damage and destroy the chest altogether while Steal will allow you to 
    effectively open the chest.  In some cases, you'll gain a regular item from 
    the chest, which is okay, but most times the chest will have "Nothing to 
    steal."  When you get this message, it means you've found a Mimic.  These 
    fiends will burst up from the treasure chests as dark spirits.  There are 
    four types with different HP.  Yet all four types will drop 50,000 gil if 
    you manage to kill them.  If you have Gillionaire on a weapon and that 
    character participates in the battle, the amount will be doubled.  I suggest 
    activating Rikku's Godhand, which already has Gillionaire on it.  Remember 
    also, you MUST open the treasure chest before eliminating all other fiends 
    or the battle win end prematurely.
    Method 2: "Golden-One-Eye"
    This method was first figured out by Squall6Cloud of the PlayOnline Message 
    Board.  It's for the more advanced players since One-Eye can be a little hard 
    to beat if you're not strong enough.  Actually, even with high stats, One-Eye 
    can ambush the party and knock everyone out with his Shockwave attack, which 
    inflicts Sleep, Confuse and Silence all at once.  Yet once you get past that, 
    he's very easy.
    Requirements: Unlock One-Eye by capturing at least 4 of each flying 
       eyeball species: Floating Eye (Mi'ihen Highroad)
          Buer (Thunder Plains)
          Evil Eye (Macalania Snowfield)
          Ahriman (Mt. Gagazet or Inside Sin)
          Floating Death (Omega Ruins)
       8000 gil to fight One-Eye
       Pretty beefed-up characters.  HP around 9999, Agility near 90.
       Celestial Weapons are suggested.
       Armor with Sleepproof and Confuseproof-optional.  Don't bother if you 
    think you're strong enough. 
    "how to make between 335k-1.1mill in 10min 
    1- You need to do over 50,000 per hit.  
    2- Quick hit helps, on all characters.  
    3- You need to have released One Eye in monster arena.  
    What to do:  
    Fight One eye. Do quick hit with everyone. If everyone does over 50k, that 
    means he is dead in 3 hits. I tested within 10 minute time period. You get 
    to fight him about 18 times. That means the cost is 144,000. However after 
    selling all the equipment he drops, you will make an average of 479,764. Or 
    a max of 1,216,008. Take the cost of 144,000 out of it and that means in 10 
    minutes you can make on average 335,764 and max 1,072,008 coins."
    First purchase Capture weapons from the man at the Monster Arena and capture 
    the necessary fiends.  Then return to the Arena with at least 8000+ gil.  Save 
    at the sphere if you so wish.  Choose to battle One-Eye from the Species 
    Hopefully, you won't get ambushed.  One-Eye is actually one of the easiest 
    Bosses of the Arena.  He only has 150000 HP, so he'll go down in a few hits 
    of 99999 from your characters.  Once you get past his Shockwave attack, 
    One-Eye is a pushover.  If you continually have problems with ambushes, I 
    suggest First Strike on a weapon for Yuna so she can call an Aeon.
    After the battle, you'll see why this method works.  As items, he'll drop 
    Dark Matters as a rare item, 1 for a regular kill and 2 for an Overkill (15000 
    damage).  For common items, he'll drop Magic Defense spheres, 1 for a regular 
    kill, 2 for an Overkill.  The Dark Matters can be sold for 7500 gil each!  
    But, that's not the best part.  He'll also drop equipment.  Armor will come 
    with MP+% while Weapons will come with Triple AP.  These Triple AP weapons 
    will sell for 15000+ gil!!!  Keep fighting him until your satisfied and sell 
    all the weapons and armor he dropped for big bucks!
    Method 3: Regen-erate your profit!
    Similar to #2, this method relies on the Monster Arena.  This was discovered 
    by Evandownie of the PlayOnline Message Board.  This method takes a bit more 
    work as far as customizing, but it's very fast with strong characters.  Also, 
    if you have weak characters who aren't strong enough for Omega Ruins, this 
    is the best way to go.
    Requirements: Unlock Kottos by capturing at least 1 of each fiend on Mi'ihen 
       6000 gil to fight Kottos
    Here's evandownie's original post:
    "how to make between 697338 and 940566 gil in 15 minutes. 
    I dont know if this particular strategy has been posted before, but here it 
    is anyways. Thanks to every1 who worked on the prices for items in that post, 
    i cant find it right now. It was mentioned by llew that the price for a 4 
    slotted armor with auto regen is worth 225187, so its worth buying tetra 
    armors, as you still make a profit. This has a better average profit than 
    the One eye method, but if yer really lucky one eye is still better.  
    So, to put auto-regen on an armor, it requires 80 healing springs, and the 
    cheapest place to get them is Kottos in the monster arena, as he drops 40 
    if u overkill him.
    In 15 minutes, i fought him 12 times, giving me 480 healing springs total, 
    or 6 regen armors worth 225187 gil each.  
    12 x 6000 (cost of fighting Kottos) = 72 000  
    6 x 100000 (tetra armors) = 600 000  
    6 x 225187 = 1351122  
    so the profit from the tetras is Sale - Costs (1351122 - 672000 = 679122)  
    The extra bit of money comes in from the items you recieve, which ranged from 
    1518 gil to 21787 gil.  
    1518 x 12 = 18216  
    21787 x 12 = 261444  
    so we get between 697336 gil and 940566 gil from all this."
    3a. If your characters are rather weak, it might be hard to kill Kottos, but 
    the method will still work.  Here's what you'll need:
       2 Characters with Protect and curative spells.
       Auron with Sentinel or Guard Ability as well as a weapon with Counterattack 
    or Evade and Counter.  If you can't find one, they can be customized with 
    a Friend or Teleport Sphere. If you can't customize one, fight Bashuras. 
    They're those ugly purple ape-looking things. They can be found in the Calm 
    Lands or on Mt. Gagazet.
    Enter a battle with Kottos with Auron and your 2 White magic users in the 
    frontline.  Auron should have the countering weapon already equipped.  Have 
    him use Sentinel (or Guard if you don't have Sentinel yet). Have the other 
    two members cast Protect on him and maybe Regen.  Just do everything you can 
    to keep Auron alive.  Now just wait for Kotto's turn to come up by pressing 
    Triangle, but don't deactivate Sentinel. 
    With Sentinel activated, Kottos will hit Auron no matter who was orginally 
    targeted.  Hopefully Auron is strong enough to survive the hit, and he'll 
    counterattack. Have the healers cast curative magic and heal up Auron. 
    Reactivate Sentinel and keep countering until Kottos falls.  The prizes are 
    now yours for the taking.
    3b.  After so much fighting with One-Eye and Kottos, you'll probably have 
    some extra weapons lying around.  Here's a way to get the most of of extra 
    weapons.  For this to work, you need to have at least one character who can 
    consistently deal 99999 damage. If you don't have this, then customize a 
    weapon with First Strike for Yuna using 6 Chocobo Feathers and place her in 
    the frontline.  
    Now enter a battle with Sleep Sprout, which is unlocked after capturing 5 
    of each funguar species.  
    Funguar on Mushroom Rock Road or southern Djose Highroad 
    Thorn in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth  
    Exoray Inside Sin.  
    Overkill him with 99999 damage.  Celestial Weapons seem to work best in 
    dealing 99999 while Customized weapons might come short.  If your using Yuna, 
    have her summon an Aeon who will be able to take him down.  
    You'll win either 2 Dark Matters as a rare item or 2 Teleport Spheres. Use 
    the Teleport Spheres to customize Evade and Counter onto spare weapons. This 
    attribute alone on a weapon will add 5500 gil to the selling price!
    . Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Where can I get No Encounters?
    - The best way to get No Encounters is to first forget about collecting 30 
    Purifying Salts.  There are several fiends that drop equipment with No 
    Encounters already customed.  Ghosts can be found in the Cavern of the Stolen 
    Fayth, the cave where you meet Yojimbo.  Demonoliths hang out Inside Sin and 
    around the Omega Ruins.  Finally, Geosgaeno, that HUGE fish that almost 
    swallowed Tidus whole at the beginning of the game is waiting for you at Baaj 
    Temple.  Out of the three, Ghosts are the easiest to kill.
    2. I don't understand what the Monster Arena is you keep mentioning.
    - The Monster Arena is on the far right side of the Calm Lands.  You should 
    see a notch in the cliff with light shining from it.  Or you could just look 
    on your map and look for the green dot.  In order to Capture a fiend, the 
    deathblow must be dealt with someone equipped with a weapon with the Capture 
    ability.  These weapons can only be bought at the Monster Arena.  After 
    Capturing several monsters, you may unlock other creations in the Arena.  For 
    more info, see CB!'s FAQ on the Monster Arena.  
    3. I just started a game and looked in the menu, but I can't customize 
    - The ability to Customize comes after Rikku joins you on the Moonflow and 
    she teaches you in Guadosalam.  It's about 1/4 through the game.
    4. What does this ability do?
    - A complete list of Auto-Abilities and their function is available at all 
    times in the Menu screen.  First enter the Menu, and then select Help at the 
    bottom.  I might add in descriptions in a later version.  For more info, check 
    out CB!'s guide.  
    5. I've heard about Celestial Weapons.  Where can I find Legendary Armor?
    - There is no such thing as "Legendary Armor."  Perhaps this is because 
    different armor is better in certain situations.  Consider these examples 
    of "Legendary Armor:"
      ELEMENTAL - Fire Eater/Ice Eater/Water Eater/Lightning Eater
      STATUS AILMENTS - Deathproof/Stoneproof/Confuseproof/Berserkproof
      FIGHTERS - Break HP Limit/Auto-Haste/Auto-Protect or Auto-Regen or HP 
    Stroll/Auto-Phoenix or Auto-Med
      WIZARDS - Break HP Limit/Auto-Haste/Break MP Limit or MP 
    Stroll/Auto-Phoenix or Auto-Med
      THIEVES - Break HP Limit/Auto-Haste/Master Thief or 
    Pickpocket/Auto-Phoenix or Auto-Med
    ***For any other questions, try FAQs already posted at GameFAQs 
    (www.gamefaqs.com) and at CB!'s homepage(http://home.san.rr.com/circe).
    VI. Special Thanks and Closing.
    Argh, this is about twenty pages long.  But at least it's finally done.  I 
    hope people are able to make full use of this FAQ.  This is only the first 
    version, so there may be some later adjustments.  Anyway, I just want to wish 
    all the gamers good luck.  Also, this guide has only been sent to the GameFAQs 
    site and the Neoseeker site.  If you found it somewhere other than 
    www.gamefaqs.com or www.neoseeker.com, please contact me.
    Special thanks to all the folks on the Message Boards at PlayOnline.com!  Our 
    hard work finally paid off.  I hope all you guys can see this.  Peace and 
    love, yall.
    A *VERY* special thanks to CB! (Christine Bomke, 
    http://home.san.rr.com/circe) for her amazing guides.  The information in 
    Section III. was compiled from specifically her Bribe, Steal, Equipment 
    Remodeling, and Monster Arena guides.
    Also thanks to Square for making games so complicated that we need FAQs like 
    this one. (http://www.playonline.com/) 
    Thanks to Sony for all of that kicking technology they come up with.
    And finally, to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for letting people know there is no 
    shame in cheating at a video game.

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