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    Yojimbo FAQ by Azure Edge

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              F I N A L  F A N T A S Y  X
                                    Yojimbo FAQ v1.2
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Azure Edge (azure_edge@hotmail.com). It may 
    not be copied without consent of the author, and all sections including this 
    copyright must remain in their full, unaltered content. It may not be used 
    or distributed for any commercial purpose. This FAQ is granted for use 
    solely by GameFAQs or any sites created by the author.
    The information in this FAQ was NOT discovered by myself; it was not a 
    discovery in the first place. It was originally printed in the Official 
    Ultimania Guide, and is of such a complexity that we would not know about it 
    had it not been for Ultimania. A resounding THANKS! to Ultimania. Also, 
    great thanks go to the posters on GameFAQs's FFX message board, specifically 
    Oliver Hague, Dual Zero, and Shinryu, who I would know none of this without, 
    due to a lack of knowledge of Japanese and a lack of ownership of the Brady 
    guide. This FAQ should be under their names, not mine.
    1.0 -=- Introduction
       1.01 - Version History
       1.02 - About Yojimbo
    2.0 -=- Yojimbo
       2.01 - Obtaining Yojimbo
       2.02 - Special Attacks
       2.03 - Attack Mathematics
    3.0 -=- Closing
       3.01 - E-Mail Policy
       3.02 - Credits
                     1 . 0  -  I N T R O D U C T I O N
    1.01 - Version History
    1.2 (7/30/02) - Corrected typographical errors. Added to the Obtaining 
    Yojimbo section.
    1.1 (7/29/02) - Corrected errors in the mathematics and a date error in the 
    version history. Added more information on Yojimbo's attacks. Corrected 
    typographical errors in the mathematics section. Added to Shinryu's section 
    in the Credits section. Added Dual Zero to the Credits section. Corrected 
    errors in the Zanmato Level section.
    1.0 (7/21/02) - First version. Original content placed.
    1.02 - About Yojimbo
    Yojimbo is one of the three secret summons of Final Fantasy X. Some people 
    consider him the most useless of them, because of his randomness - you don't 
    control Yojimbo directly, but instead you pay him Gil and he performs one of 
    four attacks - Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, or Zanmato. Naturally, the more 
    you pay, the better his attack. The attacks Yojimbo uses are named for their 
    weapons, except for Zanmato.
    Yojimbo's name has roots in Japaese histoy. A yojimbo is a hired bodyguard 
    (coincedence? No). From his look and his summon sequence, his Japanese roots 
    are obvious. This is a nice touch, since despite FF's origination in Japan, 
    relatively few of the summons are really based in Japanese history and 
    Please note that all following information is for the NTSC version, and may 
    be different in other versions.
                            2 . 0  -  Y O J I M B O
    2.01 - Obtaining Yojimbo
    Before you can do anything with Yojimbo, you have to obtain him. Go to the 
    Calm Lands and head out through the northeastern exit, where you left when 
    you came through here on the way to Zanarkand. Go across the first bridge, 
    then go around and down the hill under the second. If you recall, when you 
    tried to enter here after you fought Defender X, your other party members 
    told you it was the wrong way and you were not allowed to enter. It only 
    opens after you obtain the airship.
    The entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is on the left. You will have 
    a short scene, then your party will enter the cavern. Make your way to the 
    back of the cave, where you will meet the last summoner Lulu guarded. The 
    summoner will call Yojimbo, and you will do battle.
    -=BOSS BATTLE: Yojimbo=-
    HP: 30,000
    MP: 0
    This is not a very difficult battle. Yojimbo will use his Daigoro attack 
    repeatedly at the beginning of the fight. To finish him off quickly, use 
    your aeons' Overdrives.
    Before you step on the teleport pad in the room, be sure you have at least 
    250,000 gil. You can warp to the left and the right to get a few valuable 
    items, but for now, go straight ahead into the Chamber of the Fayth.
    Now it's time to bid. If you ever triple his asking price, he'll offer two 
    Teleport Spheres as well, so keep that in mind. He'll give you three options 
    at the start; pick the third, as it causes him to give his lowest asking 
    price (250,000 gil). Don't bid the whole lot, yet, however; bid half his 
    asking price, plus one (if you picked the third option, that would be 
    125,001 gil). Raise your offer by one gil each time to lower his asking 
    price. Once his price gets to 205,000 gil, that's about as low as you can 
    reliably take him, so bid around 190k-200k to get him in your party.
    Unlike the other secret aeons, Yojimbo cannot initially break the damage 
    limit. You must acquire and power up Auron's ultimate weapon, the Masamune, 
    to allow Yojimbo to exceed 9,999 damage. To do this, you need three items: 
    The Mars Crest, the Mars Sigil, and the Masamune itself.
    The Mars Crest can be found in the Mi'ihen Oldroad. Head to the end of the 
    Highroad, to the junction before Mushroom Rock road, where you met Seymour 
    for the first time before Operation Mi'ihen. Get a chocobo if you like, and 
    head down the lower path. Follow this path all the way to its end, and there 
    you will find a chest with the Mars Crest.
    To obtain the Mars Sigil, you must unlock any ten Area Creations or Species 
    Creations. Refer to CB!'s excellent Monster Arena guide for help on this.
    The Masamune, the final piece, cannot be obtained directly. First you need 
    the Rusty Sword, which is found on the path just east of the entrance to the 
    Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Once you have this, return to the junction 
    between the Mi'ihen Highroad, Mi'ihen Oldroad, and Mushroom Rock Road. Go 
    into Mushroom Rock, but instead of going left as you did when you came 
    through to Operation Mi'ihen, go straight. You will see a path to the left 
    on your map. Go into it and ride the elevator up to the statue of Lord 
    Mi'ihen standing over a slain Behemoth. Press X in front of the statue and 
    you will place the Rusty Sword. If you have the Celestial Mirror in your 
    inventory, you will receive the Masamune.
    2.02 - Special Attacks
    Yojimbo's repertoire of attacks is far lower than most other aeons - just 
    four. However, they are all quite powerful, especially if you max out his 
    strength. Wakizashi is probably his best attack, when comparing attack 
    strength and gil economics. If you've got the gold, however, Zanmato is an 
    instant kill to anything.
    Yojimbo's dog, named Daigoro, attacks the enemy. This can be done for very 
    little gil, but it is weak.
    This is Yojimbo's 'Three Daggers' attack. He withdraws three small daggers 
    (kozukas) and hurls them at the enemy for moderate to high damage. This is 
    also a fairly cheap attack, and Yojimbo will reliably perform it for 
    anywhere above three hundred or so gil.
    Yojimbo withdraws his sword, ironically called a wakizashi, and slashes the 
    enemy for high damage. This is arguably Yojimbo's best attack, because it 
    can be reliably performed for one thousand or greater gil, and it also 
    reliably does 99,999 damage at full strength.
    The infamous, elusive Zanmato, which roughly means "Demon Edge" in Japanese. 
    Yojimbo calls a sword up to his hands and attacks the enemy at blinding 
    speed, slicing them in half. This is an instant kill to ANY fiend, including 
    ALL bosses, even those immune to instant death. It is also insanely 
    expensive, even if you have high compatibility with Yojimbo. There is a 
    slightly higher chance of Yojimbo performing Zanmato if his overdrive meter 
    is full.
    2.03 - Attack Mathematics
    There is a complex set of mathematics involved with Yojimbo's attacks. They 
    involve five different factors: compatibility, gil paid, Overdrive, the 
    random factor, and Zanmato level. Motivation is the sixth factor, and 
    arguably the most important, because it determines what attack Yojimbo will 
    use. Motivation is a scale of points, starting at 0. The higher the 
    motivation, the better the attack. The five factors are used to calculate 
    the motivation level. After the initial calculations are done, if motivation 
    is 80 or greater, Yojimbo will perform Zanmato. If not, the calculation is 
    made again, this time assuming that the enemy's Zanmato Level is One. So, in 
    essence, first the game finds out if Yojimbo will do Zanmato; if not, then 
    it selects another attack. Motivation resets every turn, so if you pay him 
    5000 gil one turn and another 5000 the next, he will only have the 
    motivation count of one payment for the second turn. The in-game equation 
    rounds by ignoring the decimal, since all motivation numbers are whole.
    Here is a chart of attacks and the motivation required to perform them in 
    the second calculation:
    If Motivation Is | Attack Performed
    0 to 31          |           Daigoro
    32 to 47         |            Kozuka
    48 to 63         |Wakizashi (single)
    64 or greater    |   Wakizashi (all)
    The five factors of compatibilty, gil paid, random, Overdrive, and Zanmato 
    Level all add up to create Yojimbo's final motivation, thus determining his 
    attack. The following are the calculations that are made to determine those 
    This is the second largest factor in Yojimbo's attack calculations. Paying 
    Yojimbo certain amounts of gil will add to his motivation. Gil can add up to 
    56 points to Yojimbo's overall motivation stat. The following lists the 
    minimums and maximums to gain any certain amount of motivation on Yojimbo's 
    Gil Paid               |     Motivation
    1 to 3                 |              0
    4 to 7                 |              2
    8 to 15                |              4
    16 to 31               |              6
    32 to 63               |              8
    64 to 127              |             10
    128 to 255             |             12
    256 to 511             |             14
    512 to 1023            |             16
    1024 to 2047           |             18
    2048 to 4095           |             20
    4096 to 8191           |             22
    8129 to 16383          |             24
    16384 to 32767         |             26
    32768 to 65535         |             28
    65536 to 131071        |             30
    131072 to 262143       |             32
    262144 to 524287       |             34
    524288 to 1048575      |             36
    1048576 to 2097151     |             38
    2097152 to 4194303     |             40
    4194304 to 83886007    |             42
    83886008 to 16777215   |             44
    16777216 to 33554431   |             46
    33554432 to 67108863   |             48
    67108864 to 134217727  |             50
    134217728 to 268435455 |             52
    268435456 to 536870911 |             54
    536870912 to 999999999 |             56
    Yojimbo has a hidden compatibility meter when he joins you. It starts at 50, 
    and can increase up to 255. Compatibility adds an amount to Yojimbo's 
    motivation depending on its value. If c = compatibility and m = motivation, 
    then the equation for the compatibility factor is (c / 30 = m). So, if 
    Yojimbo's compatibility was 50, then it would be divided by 30 in this part 
    of the calculation, adding 1 to his motivation. As you can see, even 255 
    compatibility will not add much to his motivation. The two following factors 
    are much greater influences.
    You can raise and lower Yojimbo's compatibility by performing certain 
    actions. The chart lists these and the amount of compatibility gained or 
    Action                  |               C. Change
    Pay 0 Gil               |                     -20
    Yojimbo dies            |                     -10
    Dismiss w/out paying    |                      -3
    Uses Daigoro            |                      -1
    Uses Kozuka             |               No Change
    Uses Wakizashi (single) |                      +1
    Uses Wakizashi (all)    |                      +3
    Uses Zanmato            |                      +4
    -Zanmato Level-
    There are five Zanmato Levels, and each fiend is assigned to one, even the 
    underwater, non-Zanmatoable (is that a word?) ones. These levels effect the 
    rate of Zanmato use on a particular fiend; the higher the Zanmato Level, the 
    lower the Zanmato rate becomes. This is also tied in with the answer you 
    gave when you hired him, and the motivation from his compatibility. To find 
    out the effect of Zanmato Level on Yojimbo's motivation, take the motivation 
    added from his compatibility and apply it to the below formula. For this 
    equation, c = motivation from compatibility, p = the amount you paid for the 
    attack, and t = your total amount of gil.
    c * (0.75 + [{p * 0.5} / t])
    Now, take the solution from the above formula and multiply it into the 
    equation below, based on the answer you gave Yojimbo when you hired him.
    If you hired him to help with your training as a summoner, or if you hired 
    him to destroy fiends...
    Level One - * 1
    Level Two - * 0.5
    Level Three - * 0.33
    Level Four - * 0.25
    Level Five - * 0.2
    If you hired him to defeat very strong enemies...
    Level One to Three - * 0.8
    Level Four or Five - * 0.4
    The following is the Zanmato Level listing for ALL fiends and bosses in the 
    .Level One..
    Aqua Flan
    Bat Eye
    Bite Bug
    Black Element
    Blue Element
    Cave Iguion
    Chimera Brain
    Dark Element
    Dark Flan
    Defender X
    Defender Z
    Dual Horn
    Evil Eye
    Fallen Monk
    Flame Flan
    Floating Death
    Floating Eye
    Gold Element
    Great Malboro
    Guado Guardian (Sometimes Level 4)
    Ice Flan
    Iron Giant
    Killer Bee
    Land Worm
    Lord Ochu
    Magic Urn
    Master Coeurl
    Master Tonberry
    Maze Larva
    Mech Defender
    Mech Guard
    Mech Gunner
    Mech Hunter
    Mech Leader
    Mech Scouter
    Mi'ihen Fang
    Red Element
    Sahagin Chief
    Sand Wolf
    Sand Worm
    Sinscale (Underwater Sinscales are Level 4)
    Sinspawn: Ammes
    Snow Flan
    Snow Wolf
    Swamp Mafdet
    Thunder Flan
    Vouivre (2 Types)
    Warrior Monk (2 Types)
    Water Flan
    White Element
    Yellow Element
    .Level Two..
    Behemoth King
    .Level Three..
    .Level Four..
    Biran Ronso
    Chocobo Eater
    Evrae Altana
    Geneaux's Tentacle
    Guado Guardian (Sometimes Level 1)
    Left Fin
    Omega Weapon
    Right Fin
    Sanctuary Keeper
    Seymour Flux
    Seymour Natus
    Seymour Omnis
    Sin's Fin
    Sin's Core
    Sin's Head
    Sinspawn: Echuilles
    Sinspawn: Genais
    Sinspawn: Geneaux
    Sinspawn Gui
    Spectral Keeper
    Ultima Weapon
    Underwater Sinscale
    Yenke Ronso
    .Level Five..
    All Monster Arena bosses, Dark Aeons, and Penance
    The fourth factor, Overdrive, is very small, but nonetheless adds in. If 
    Yojimbo's Overdrive gauge is full, it will add 2 to his motivation.
    The random factor is exactly that, random. Unfortunately, the random factor 
    always determines whether you get Zanmato or not. It will randomly add 
    anywhere from 0 to 63 to Yojimbo's motivation. Technically, you could pay 
    Yojimbo a measly 1024 gil and have him perform Zanmato, but that is an 
    incredibly rare feat.
    -Attacks For Free-
    There is a small chance that Yojimbo may attack without pay - he will do 
    this automatically. If c = compatibility, the chance is (c / 1024). When he 
    does this, his motivation calculation is much simpler. If c = compatibility, 
    the formula is (c / 4) + a random factor of 0 to 63. The result is as 
    If Motivation Is | Attack Performed
    0 to 31          |           Daigoro
    32 to 47         |            Kozuka
    48 to 63         |Wakizashi (single)
    64 to 79         |   Wakizashi (all)
    80 or greater    |           Zanmato
    Note that Yojimbo will only perform Zanmato for free if the enemy is Zanmato 
    Level One. This is the most economic way of using Yojimbo, though it costs A 
    LOT OF GIL to get him there; if his compatibility is 255, he will attack for 
    free 1 out of 4 times and use either Wakizashi or Zanmato.
    -Executing Zanmato-
    So, what does it take to actually execute Zanmato? Here are a few simple 
    steps that should give you a better chance:
    -Never pay Yojimbo 0 gil.
    -Never let Yojimbo die.
    -Always keep his Overdrive full.
    -Never pay Yojimbo less than 1000 gil.
    -Pay him all your money and hope the random factor is on your side...
    -... or work with him, using VAST amounts of gil, until he has 255 
                         3 . 0  -  C O N C L U S I O N
    3.01 - E-Mail Policy
    I can be contacted at azure_edge@hotmail.com if you have a pressing question 
    that is not addressed in the FAQ. Please check the FAQ thoroughly before 
    sending me an e-mail. Also, do not send me any e-mails saying 'I am bad at 
    math, help me!' or 'I don't get this at all!'. They simply take up space in 
    my inbox, and will be promptly deleted. Please do not contact me by MSN 
    3.02 - Credits
    -The Official Ultimania Guide and the Brady Games guide, from which this 
    information originates
    -Oliver Hague, who posted the information on the FFX board
    -Shinryu, who posted the Zanmato Levels from the Brady Games guide and 
    contributed information about the names of Yojimbo's attacks, corrections to 
    the Brady Zanmato Levels, and small corrections to the mathematics
    -Dual Zero, who posted heaping helpings of topics to gather all of the 
    information in the first place
    -Everybody else who posted topics and foresuch about Yojimbo's attacks. This 
    FAQ should be under their names, not mine!
    -CJayC, for hosting this FAQ, 'cause I'm an annoying little wretch and he 
    happens to like my writing ^_^

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